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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

Has the Third World War already begun? 

Turkish-Syrian War: Several Syrian soldiers killed in Turkish attack on military post near border town of Tel Abyad on Thursday ~ link ~ We are now moving from simply artillery shelling to ground action between the Turkish Army and the Syrian Army!!!  Stirling  
Several Syrian soldiers, whose exact number has not been announced, were reportedly killed in an attack by Turkish forces on a military post near the border town of Tel Abyad early on Thursday. 

Israeli forces storm al-Aqra Mosque on the Temple Mount - Attack and disperse Palestine worshipers ~ link ~ That is a very serious major provocation in one of the most sacred and important spots on Earth...a trigger spot for Armageddon!!!     Stirling     

Israeli forces have stormed al-Aqsa Mosque in al-Quds (Jerusalem), dispersing Palestinian worshipers using stun grenades.

Israeli troops stormed the mosque after a group of settlers tried to enter the compound as Palestinians were saying their Friday Prayers, sparking clashes.

At least five people, including two photographers, were injured after Israeli troops intervened and fired stun grenades. Several Palestinians were also arrested.

Hostilities Between Turkey and Syria Resume as the Countries Exchange Fire ~ link ~ It seems like it was only yesterday that crude plunged ahead of the first presidential debate as the escalation between Turkey and Syria hit a fever pitch, with Syria supposedly firing shell into Turkey and Turkey relatiating promptly, as it concurrently summoned NATO and demanded an Article 4 redress while passing a bill allowing its military to conduct cross-border operations in Syria, essentially giving itself a carte blanche to invade Syria without declaring outright war. Today, 48 hours later, Turkey may just get the opportunity to execute on this brand new law.

Reuters reports that "the Turkish military returned fire after a mortar bomb fired from Syria landed in countryside in southern Turkey, the state-run Anatolian news agency reported the governor of Hatay province as saying on Friday. Turkish artillery bombarded Syrian military targets on Wednesday and Thursday in response to shelling by Syrian forces that killed five Turkish civilians further east along the border." Ignore that the official plotline said that Syria "apologized" for its offense, even as "an online video purporting to be from Jabhat al-Nusra, a jihadist group accused of ties to al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility."
So which is it: Syria or Al Qaeda doing everything in its power to incite the full fury of a NATO retaliation which would certainly level Damascus in one campaign, something Syria knows too well. Something which Al Qaeda certainly knows too well, as it knows that all that the developed world needs is an excuse for war, preferably one which is framed as self-defense. Finally, one wonders: just who is funding Al Qaeda these days, a question needing further exploration if this headline from two weeks ago, "Turkish Airline Flying Al-Qaeda from Pakistan to Syrian Borders", before any of the recent escalation, proves true.

Turkey "returns fire" after fresh Syrian shelling ~ link ~ Syria has done everything possible to down play and to contain the crisis.  They do NOT want a war with Turkey/NATO, and they did NOT launch an mortar attack on Turkey...either time.  The Turks are feeding the World pure fact they have earned the dreaded Five BS Flag Award.   Stirling

Here It Comes - The October Surprise ~ link ~ Just a 'little surprise'...World War III.   Stirling     
Reported by, retired General Paul Vallely in an interview said that “President Barack Obama is planning a classic ‘October Surprise’ involving the Mideast;” “…we know the Obama administration is grooming and getting prepared for an October Surprise which we think will be of a military nature probably in the Middle East” 


FEMA to Mobilize for 'Mass Fatality Planning' ~ link ~ The United States Congress has passed a bill which mandates the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to prepare for “mass fatality planning” and funeral homes, cemeteries and mortuaries being “overwhelmed” in the aftermath of a mass terror attack, natural disaster or other crisis.

 The bill, H. R. 6566 or the Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act, was posted on the website this morning having been approved by the House on September 28.

Protesters March Against War in Istanbul as tensions with Syria escalates ~ link 

Turkey's chest thumping to find backdoor to war - RT video ~ link     

Meanwhile in Bahrain ~ link
It appears social unrest is resurgent on the streets of Bahrain once again.  Following the funeral procession earlier in the week (of a young boy who died in earlier street battles with police), protesters are once again gathering and marching to the Pearl Roundabout. Police are active with tear gas and fires are breaking out. 

Turkey attempts to trigger a NATO-led war against Syria ~ link ~After over a year of harboring foreign terrorists and supporting their operations near and across the Turkish-Syrian border, NATO-member Turkey has claimed it has “retaliated” with military force against “targets” inside Syria for an alleged attack on Turkish territory that it has blamed on the Syrian government.

Despite heavily armed listed-terrorist organizations operating in large numbers on both sides of the Turkish border with Turkey’s explicit approval and logistical support, the government in Ankara appears to have excluded the possibility that these terrorist forces, not the Syrian military, were responsible for the attack which consisted of mortar rounds the armed militants are known to widely use.

Turkey ready to "intervene" in Syria ~ link ~ It has not been established that this was fired by Syrian government forces, and as you indicate the fact that there are ragtag groups of insurgents,  we don’t even know the nationality in many instances, but, with different political orientations and different agendas, gives us reason to believe that the mortar shell or the explosion could have been caused by them, by the rebels as well as by the Syrian government.

However, I think it’s imperative that we recall that just the preceding day there were 2 terrorists bombings in the Syrian city of Aleppo that killed as many as 50 people, killed as many as 50 people, wounded as many as 122, by recent accounts I have seen. This is a city very close to the Turkish border. And, ah, you know, it defies logic to, ah, to not take into account the fact that these terrorist atrocities could well have been committed by individuals who have been allowed free passage across the Turkish border.

Cowardly NATO Terrorists Murder Syrian Civilians ~ link ~ Your tax money at work if you are America, British, French, etc.    Stirling     

Aleppo murders are the latest example. Western-recruited death squads ruthlessly target civilians. They're armed and directed to do so. They're merciless cowards.

Innocent men, women and children die. Murdering children, raping women, and beheading men are their specialities. So are other atrocities. Since winter 2011, many thousands of Syrians were slaughtered. Dozens more succumb daily.

That's what terrorism is all about. Imperialism operates that way. Barbarism best describes it. It's longstanding US practice in all its direct and proxy wars. Respect for human life isn't America's long suit. It never was.

West uses terrorists in Turkey to bait Syria - video ~ link  

Nuclear engineer: "This is the worst possible scenario" - I think the melted fuel has already eaten through the concrete at Fukushima plant - audio ~ link ~ This is Chris Harris speaking, along with Dr. Bill Deagle and myself (Lord Stirling).   Stirling    

A Taste of Unleaded Things to Come ~ link In a follow-up to our discussion yesterday - and perhaps a haunting vision of days to come if the tensions that are so rapidly rising in the Middle East actually spill over - is this chart from Bloomberg of the massive spike in California gas prices. How will this impact the California economy? Especially now they can't count on all that Facebook capital gains tax? Think this is only those silly West Coast 'techies' problem? Think again, as news today is discussing the redirection of fuel supplies to the West Coast, which will inevitably mean a rise in broad US fuel costs as the shortage picture equilibrates.


Faber warns: 'Everything Will Collapse' ~ link ~ Famed economist Marc Faber appeared on Bloomberg TV with a harsh, direct warning to investors.
"U.S. monetary policies will destroy the world," he said, referring to the new round of stimulus – QE3, or "QE Forever" – the Fed plans to launch this year.

The 86 million invisible US unemployed ~ link ~ That is a DEPRESSION LEVEL FIGURE!!!   Stirling    

Why they had to stop Ron Paul ~ linkGood One!  Do take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling  

Yes, of course it was the Federal Reserve. Paul wanted to investigate it and audit it thoroughly, and if by some remote chance he became president, he would have had the leverage to go deep and deeper. And then the global banksters would have tumbled out of the woodwork, for all to see.

But Paul also wanted to bring all the American troops home and get them out of foreign wars. That was just as big a deal. He was stepping on some huge toes there.

So let’s explore a few pieces of America’s current military adventurism and see who’s hiding under what rocks.

Once you laugh off the ridiculous idea that the government is promoting democracy through the Arab Spring, strange questions surface.

Who’s running the real op in the Middle East, and what is their goal?


New Four-mile long oil slick near BP's Gulf Oil well ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ I am shocked...NOT!   Stirling     

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