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The shelling of Syria by Turkey has stopped for the time being.  The Turkish Prime Minister having announced that they do not want a war with Syria, only peace.  I believe Hitler said something similar about Poland.  The stage has been set for the next False Flag "attack" on Turkey by Syria.  The war whores just cannot let things alone.  They want their General Middle East War and World War III and they intend to get their new wars.   Stirling   
Correction: It now appears that the shelling HAS NOT STOPPED see the Second Update.  That is really Bad News!!!   Stirling      

Syrian "rebels" down helicopter gunship ~ link Syrian rebels downed a helicopter gunship today in eastern Damascus province, home to some of the rebel Free Syrian Army's fiercest and best organised battalions, a monitoring group said.
"It emerged that the rebels downed a helicopter gunship over the town of Saqba in the Eastern Ghuta area," said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
 Getting Away With Murder ~ link ~ No kidding. But one interesting aspect of Gates’ speech was his statement that “Neither the United States nor Israel is capable of wiping out Iran’s nuclear capability.” Of course the key word here is capability: short of murdering every Iranian nuclear scientist, and/or occupying the country, eliminating all means for Iran to possibly create a nuclear weapon has always been out of the question. Yet this is what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is demanding.

The big foreign policy news is the Syrian-Turkish confrontation: for the second day, the Turks are shelling Syria in retaliation for the accidental bombing of a Turkish town. Of course, there’s nothing accidental about Turkey’s deep involvement with Syrian rebels: they’ve been given a military base, and are being actively aided by Ankara, as well as the Saudis and the Qataris. Indeed, the basing of the rebels inside Turkey is in itself an act of war, but this latest incident gives the Turks – who are looking to expand eastward in their quest to create a “Greater Turkey” – all the excuse they need for all-out hostilities to commence.

Israel Between Eritrea and Iran ~ link ~ If Ahmadinejad didn’t exist, Israel would invent him. Thanks to Israel’s gangster rhetoric of “hold me or I shoot,” international attention is focused on the brutal Muslim dictatorship in Iran, allowing Israel to quietly transform itself into a brutal Jewish dictatorship. Israel’s rollback of democracy is progressing on a daily basis: Netanyahu conducts a fascist, racist orchestra in which the four central players put aside their differences and cooperate to turn Israel each into his own dream, the nightmare of us all. Defense Minister Barak’s vision is that of a militaristic dictatorship ruling the ethnically cleansed Palestinian territories; Foreign Affairs Minister Lieberman envisions an authoritarian Putin-style autocracy; Interior Minister Eli Yishai implements a Jewish version of a Muslim Brotherhood society; and Minister of “Justice” Ne’eman — loyal to Big Money, Lieberman’s authoritarianism, and Yishai’s clericalism alike — acts clandestinely to destroy the independent judicial system and to formalize the legal framework of Israel’s fascism. With a few other vociferous aides — like Minister of Education Gideon Sa’ar working to indoctrinate school children and destroy academic freedom — Netanyahu is orchestrating “an Israeli Spring,” or rather “a Jewish Autumn,” creating a new Israel, alarmingly similar to certain societies in past and present that have been notorious for the persecution of minorities, Jewish or otherwise.

Turkish PM "Deescalates" in Syria as Parliament Pushes for Action ~ link ~ There are more chapters to go in this story.   Stirling     

Turkey: Police fire pepper spray on anti-war protesters ~ link ~ A group holding an anti-war protest attempted to march in front of Parliament in Ankara yesterday, where legislators are debating a bill that would authorize the military to continue conducting cross-border raids.

Living with the Enemy ~ link ~ The stealing of Palestine land, the fascist rule over the Occupied Territories by the IDF, and all the rest that has happened over the last few decades would never have been accepted or allowed by the international community had it been done by any other group or nationality other then the Zionist Jews.  The Israelis now consider it their right to abuse the Palestinians and continue to do so.  More than anything this evil is at the root of the troubles in the Middle East.  It will continue until it ignites the greatest war in human history.   Stirling       

How do Palestinians manage every day? How do they deal with state-sponsored denial of their rights? How do they survive under suffocating conditions?

Where will they live once Israel steals all parts of Judea and Samaria it wants? It’s grabbing it durum by dunum. What Palestinians lived on peacefully for centuries is fast disappearing.

Syria has NOT apologized to Turkey ~ link ~ Besides the fact that Turkey is engaged, every day, in illegal war crimes against Syria under international law, Syria has most likely nothing to apologize for because the mortar rounds fired at Turkish territory from Syria were most likely fired by the NATO terrorists in a False Flag event.   Stirling     

Syria did not sent a letter of apology to Turkey after its shelling killed five people in Turkish territories, Syria's ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Jaafari, told Lebanon daily El Nashra , broadcaster al-Manar reported on its website today.

"The Syrian government is working on investigating the accident and not on apologizing," Ambassador Jaafari reportedly said, although Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Be┼čir Atalay stated yesterday that Syria had admitted its shelling and apologized.

Iranian police clash with protesters over currency plunge ~ link 

Scientists warn that geo-engineering could kill billions of people ~ link ~ That may be the real reason behind the proposals!   Stirling     

Geo-engineering is an umbrella term for deliberate climate intervention that includes spraying the sky with aerosols to reflect solar radiation away from Earth in order to cool the planet and to save the environment and humanity from the effects of supposedly man-made global warming.  There is evidence that this program has already been implemented for many years using unidentified chemical aerosols, known as chemtrails.

A geo-engineering/chemtrails experiment using a balloon to spray sulfur particles into the sky to reflect solar radiation back into space is planned for New Mexico within a year by scientist David Keith.  Keith manages a multimillion dollar research fund for Bill Gates.  Gates has also gathered a team of scientist lobbyists that have been asking governments for hand-outs to for their climate manipulation experiments with taxpayer money.

The US is sending three deadly weapons to the Korean DMZ ~ link 

Warnings that a massive stock market crash is imminent ~ link ~ In the financial world, the month of October is synonymous with stock market crashes.  So will a massive stock market crash happen this year?  You never know. The truth is that our financial system is even more vulnerable than it was back in 2008, and financial experts such as Doug Short, Peter Schiff, Robert Wiedemer and Harry Dent are all warning that the next crash is rapidly approaching.

We are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world and Wall Street has been transformed into a giant casino that is based on a massive web of debt, risk and leverage.  When that web breaks we are going to see a stock market crash that is going to make 2008 look like a Sunday picnic.  Yes, the Federal Reserve has tried to prevent any problems from erupting in the financial markets by initiating another round of quantitative easing, but 40 billion dollars a month will not be nearly enough to stop the massive collapse that is coming.  This will be explained in detail toward the end of the article.  Hopefully we will get through October (and the rest of this year) without seeing a stock market collapse, but without a doubt one is coming at some point.  Those on the wrong end of the coming crash are going to be absolutely wiped out.

Do Western Central Banks have any gold left? ~ link ~ Most likely very little, but you can be sure that the Rothschilds have TRILLIONS in real gold!  Stirling  


World food prices near crisis levels ~ link ~ World food prices rose in September and are moving nearer to levels reached during the 2008 food crisis.

The United Nations food agency reported on Thursday that the worst drought in more than 50 years in the United States had sent corn and soybean prices to record highs over the summer, and, coupled with drought in Russia and other Black Sea exporting countries, raised fears of a renewed crisis.

Study finds Southern Hemisphere becoming drier ~ link 

An alarming two-thirds of all scientific publications and research retracted found to be fraudulent ~ link ~ An astonishing two-thirds of all biomedical and life-science research publications and research articles that have been retracted from the public domain have been retracted because of fraud.

An article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America reviewed more than 2000 scientific articles for reasons why they were retracted from public scrutiny and discovered that 67.4% of retractions were attributed to misconduct, of which includes fraud or suspected fraud (43.4%), duplicate publication (14.2%) and plagiarism (9.8%).

First Rafale fighter with Active Antenna Radar joins French Air Force ~ link ~ The Rafale is one of the best fighters on the market in the World today.  Stirling     

The Rafale is the first device omnirole hunting, that is to say, it may, during the same flight and substantially simultaneously, providing different types of missions, such as ground attack and air defense . Totally versatile, the Rafale provides the full range of tasks assigned to a fighter: superiority and air defense, land attack and maritime, close fire support of ground troops, reconnaissance, nuclear strike. It is also the first aircraft designed from the outset to operate both from a land base since an aircraft carrier. It is implemented by the Air Force and Navy. 

China: Second Z-10 equipped Red Army Aviation Unit ~ link ~ The Chinese are building a very modern 21st Century military machine with all the money from being the manufacturing center for the First World!   Stirling    

Deputy Chief of Royal Malaysian Air Force gives European A400M Thumbs Up ~ linkThe Malaysian Government has ordered four of the A400M. It is expected to take delivery of its first A400M in 2015.

A total of 174 aircraft have so far been ordered by Belgium France, Germany, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

$1 Billion project to drill into the Earth's Mantle ~ link ~ Another example of scientists doing things that they do NOT understand the full dangers of.  Stirling    

This may be about to change with a $1 billion mission to drill 6 km (3.7 miles) beneath the seafloor to reach the Earth's mantle -- a 3000 km-thick layer of slowly deforming rock between the crust and the core which makes up the majority of our planet -- and bring back the first ever fresh samples.

It could help answer some of our biggest questions about the origins and evolution of Earth itself, with almost all of the sea floor and continents that make up the Earth´s surface originating from the mantle.

Are those Spidery Black Things on Mars dangerous? (Maybe) ~ link ~ My guess is that Mars has a number of very exotic life forms and we had better be very careful in exploring it.    Stirling     

What are those things? They were first seen in 1998; they don't look like anything we have here on Earth. To this day, no one is sure what they are, but we now know this: They come, then they go. Every Martian spring, they appear out of nowhere, showing up — 70 percent of the time — where they were the year before. They pop up suddenly, sometimes overnight. When winter comes, they vanish. 

Color of honey startles bee keepers ~ link 

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