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The news that the Turkish artillery barrage is still going on, now into its THIRD DAY, is a strong indication that this is going to totally get out of hand and soon.  We may be saying that the Third World War began this last Wednesday, the 3rd of October 2012.   Stirling     

Prime Minister Erdogan: Turkey not far from War with Syria  as Turkish artillery barrage goes into THIRD DAY  ~ link ~ This evil jerk is going to get one hell of a lot of his people killed in World War III.   Stirling    

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that his country is not far from war with Syria amid intensified tensions fueled by fresh cross-border attacks.

"We are not interested in war, but we're not far from it either," Erdogan told a crowd in Istanbul on Friday.

"Those who attempt to test Turkey's deterrence, its decisiveness, its capacity; I say here they are making a fatal mistake," he warned.

The remarks came as the Turkish military continued pounding targets inside Syria for the third day, claiming the attack was in response to a mortar bomb that crashed into a village of Yayladagi town in the southern province of Hatay.

Ankara launched its military strikes on Syrian targets on Wednesday after mortar shells from the Syrian side of the border killed five civilians in Akcakale of Turkey's southeastern Sanliurfa Province.

On Thursday, the Turkish parliament authorized cross-border military action against Syria “when deemed right.” 
"Defecting" Iranian camerman brings CIA priceless film of secret nuclear sites ~ link ~ Oh I ever smell a really big RAT!!!  This is  a classic Mossad BS operation.  Do not be surprised if this forms the basis of the "proof" that is needed to get America and NATO to attack/bomb/invade Iran!!!   I doubt if the camerman even defected (most likely had a needle stuck in him and he disappeared into a Mossad safe house) and I won't believe any "video" that he has as the digital video stream can be totally created and Israel has a past record of doing this. Remember the large number of Iranians that were denied US visas to attend the UN Meeting with their President.  Many were no doubt security people designed to protect their entourage from such kidnappings.    Stirling    


Why Israel (Assange) Fears David Duke - with video ~ link ~ This is one that you need to view!  Stirling   

Turkey lied about Syria taking responsibility for attack - with video ~ link ~ This was all a False Flag Opt to set things up for the Next Step!  Stirling     

Turkey lied to the United Nations when it claimed that Syria had apologized and taken responsibility for the mortar attack which led to a de facto declaration of war, increasing the likelihood that the shelling was actually carried out by Turkish-backed FSA rebels.

City of Homs - Worst shelling in months ~ link ~ The NATO terrorists are turning up the heat once again.   Stirling  

So What is Iran's Best Option now that sanctions have collapsed the Iranian Economy ~ link ~ Good article, the writer does great work, however what is missed is the top level of the strategic game being played.  That level is the spiritual level and it involves the forces of Satan and God.  Satan's time on this planet is about up, for a long period of time to come, and he seeks to destroy the Human Race in one final giant global war, World War III.  This Armageddon will not be what his followers think, the gateway to their long-sought New World Order but the gateway to Christ's return and the New Earth, New Jerusalem and New Heaven outlined in the Bible.  It is easy to want to dismiss the spiritual side of the battle but in reality it is the dominate side.  It is why people like Netanyahu are so determined to begin a massive war in the Middle East even though it will destroy Israel and why the Global Banking Cartel families, worth countless trillions of dollars, seek the destruction of the planet that they own the most of.   Stirling      

Did Turkey just Declare War on Syria? ~ link  

16 Critical Economic Issues that Obama and Romney avoided during the debate ~ link ~ They are both the puppets of the Global Banking Cartel families and Zionists, so naturally they are not really going to debate the real issues.   Stirling   
Did you watch the presidential debate on Wednesday night?  It is absolutely amazing how they can have an hour and a half debate about the economy and say so little.  It seemed like both candidates were falling all over each other wanting to talk about how much they value education, but will more education really solve our problems?  After all, 53 percent of all Americans with a bachelor's degree under the age of 25 were either unemployed or underemployed in 2011.  So perhaps they should just both agree that education is a good thing and start talking about how to create more jobs for all of us.  If you want to grade the debate from a technical standpoint, clearly Romney was the winner of the debate.  Romney was full of energy and was generally sharp with his answers.  Obama looked like he had just popped a couple of antidepressants and was ready for nap time.  As a result, this might have been the worst blowout in the history of presidential debates.  A CNN/ORC International poll that was taken right after the debate found that 67 percent of all Americans that had watched the debate thought that Romney was the winner.  Never before had any presidential candidate crossed the 60 percent mark in the history of their post-debate polling.  So Romney definitely had a big night.  But the reality is that both candidates were telling the American people what they want to hear.  If either Obama or Romney told the truth about what we are facing they would lose votes, and in a race this tight both of them really want to avoid doing that.  Obama and Romney both desperately want to win this election, and the words that are coming out of their mouths have been carefully crafted to appeal to the "undecided voters" in the swing states.  If you actually believe that they can deliver on everything that they are promising, then you must not have been paying much attention to U.S. politics over the past several decades.

Perhaps the biggest failure on Wednesday night was debate moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS.  His questions were about as far from "hard hitting" as you could get.

The hour and a half debate was almost entirely about the economy, and yet almost all of the critical economic issues were ignored.

Yes, Obama and Romney have slight differences when it comes to tax rates and regulations, but those small differences are not going to do much to change the direction of this country one way or another.

European Union demands further cuts in Greece ~ link ~ Last weekend, representatives of the troika—the European Central Bank (ECB), European Commission (EC) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)—returned to Athens to discuss a third package of budget cuts with the Greek government.

In reality, the work of the troika has less to do with preparing reports on austerity measures already adopted in Greece than on dictating the next package of social cuts. Loans promised by the troika last June will be withheld until the 2013 budget complies fully with EU demands

Barcelona's unemployed details social tragedy engulfing Spain ~ link Since the outbreak of the economic crisis in 2008, unemployment in Spain has risen from 8 percent to nearly 25 percent, over double the European Union average. Amongst young people it has risen from 22 percent to 53 percent. In the poorer regions, including Extremadura, the Canary Islands and southern Andalucia, the unemployment rate is approaching 35 percent.

The number of people emigrating from Spain, mainly to other European Union countries and Latin America, has risen from 400,000 in 2010 to over 500,000 in 2011.

India's stock exchange 'closes' after state bank 'Flash-Crash' ~ link ~ While we have grown accustomed to the daily gyrations on mega-volume in the US equity markets, it seems the HFT-virus has spread as far afield as India this evening. India's National Stock Exchange was halted - with no price dissemination - as State Bank of India plunged over 14% in seconds on massive relative volume (and HDFC and Infosys also fell), dragging the Nifty Index down 3%. Of course, the 'error' is being investigated and SBIN has recovered its losses...

Mass layoffs mount under Socialist Party government in France ~ link ~ The mass destruction of jobs is proceeding rapidly under the French Socialist Party (PS) government of President Fran├žois Hollande.

Gas prices in California are Out-of-Control, more stations now charging $5/gallon ~ link 

Warnings that a Massive Stock Market Crash is Imminent ~ link  

Will the American Dictatorship, the War Machine and the Police State survive a Dollar and Economic Collapse? ~ link ~ Right now our government is going insane. It is not a well thought through response, this is reaction of desperation.  An economic collapse and an economic implosion will be a long term blessing in disguise because we are out from under the banker choke hold on our government or economy. We just have to be aware of carpetbaggers trying to sell a cashless society tricking us to get back into odious debt saying we owe this money when we were put on the hook without our consent.

We can hear all day about it is the end of the world when the dollar collapse and this high tech overlay of tyranny will takeover. Times will be tough and maybe this hardcore police state might be in a few select areas like New York, Chicago and the North East States with a handful of big cities. That might not last for long at all because the US government will not be able to pay it bills because the tax base is not there to pay for all this manpower to suppress the population.

How synthetic biology will change us ~ link ~ Much of this technology is so new it is little understood and that most certainly includes the dangers.  We are already seeing that the evil global elite are using bio-technology to "thin the herd of unnnecessary eaters"...that would be the positive slant of this article is a false view.   Stirling     

The Gut Attacks GMOs and Foreign Invaders - video ~ link

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