Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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The Israelis are being very quite, as is the globalist mainstream news media, lately.  That is a bad sign as the Israelis tend not to signal their intentions.  It is highly like that we will see a global economic collapse this month, we may also see the beginning of WWIII to go alone with it.   Stirling  

NATO Terrorists Mass Slaughter Civilians in Aleppo, Syria ~ link ~ This is YOUR TAX DOLLARS working America, Britain, France, etc.  Shame on you for allowing it!   Stirling    

NATO-backed terrorism swept the northern Syrian city of Aleppo this week, killing and maiming scores of civilians. Al Qaeda-style car bombings targeted public squares throughout the city in a coordinated attack the Western press has attempted to claim was "targeting government forces."
The city of Aleppo has suffered heavily at the hands of NATO-backed terrorists, entire battalions of which consist of Libyan terrorists, not Syrian "freedom fighters" as the Western media attempts to repeatedly state.
Libyan militants from the listed terror organization, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), are stationed, armed, and funded in NATO-member Turkey by Western and the Persian Gulf states of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, before crossing into northern Syria to carry out atrocities against the Syrian people under the guise of the so-called "Free Syrian Army." 

Epitaph: The Late, Great United States - video ~ link ~ Good One!  The evil globalists banksters intend to DESTROY AMERICA SOON!!!   Stirling     
Hilary laughing about an attack on Iran - video ~ link ~ This war whore dike from Hell is intent on serving her master Satan who demands World War III and the death of billions.   Stirling    

This is your Final Warning: The Worst Financial Disaster in 500 Years is Nigh ~ link ~ Get ready folks the 'you know what' is about to hit the fan big time!  Stirling    

1) We have the greatest level of debt to GDP to cancel in 500 years which means we are approaching the greatest Depression in 500 years. That means the greatest levels of Austerity unemployment, wage cuts, defaults, bankruptcies and starvation in 500 years in Europe,  North America and the rest of the world. Of course if we followed Dr Keen’s advice on Debt Cancellation we know for a certainty: ‘This need not be.’
2) The nations which have been deindustrialized (emphasis on America) will face the hardest landing when debts are cancelled and we are forced to face reality. He said he feared for the fate of those people in deindustrialized nations  when the paper Bubble is pierced.

There will be an economic shock within 4 weeks. I believe its purpose will be to stampede the voters into voting for Romney as Obama has outlived his usefulness. Both men are puppets of the New World Order. This period before the elections might well be your last chance to stock up on food before the dollar crashes.

Italian businessman scales St. Peter's in anti-EU protest - with video and photos ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ and ~ link ~ People in Europe are getting desperate.  The political class is totally bought-and-paid-for by the global banksters...the people do not seem to be able to get their voices heard or their living normal lives...taken care of by those in government.   Stirling   

In an unorthodox display of anti-EU sentiment, an Italian restaurateur has spent over 12 hours staging a protest atop St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. He addressed crowds of bemused tourists, decrying PM Monti’s policies as “social butchery”.

Marcello Di Finizio tagged on to a group of ordinary tourists to gain access to the dome on Tuesday, whereupon he abandoned the tour, vaulted the railings and lowered himself on to a window ledge. He has so far spent more than 12 hours ensconced on top of St. Peter’s, refusing to quit his protest. He draped a banner over the dome of the cathedral, reading “Help!!! Enough with [Prime Minister Mario] Monti, Enough with Europe, Enough with multinationals. You are killing us all. Development?”


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Please have an eye on the situation at the Turkish-Syrian border.
NATO might be involved in the next few hours.

Turkey has retaliated a mortar attack from Syria.

This is urgent.

Start praying, get closer to our Lord.

Yours, in Jesus Christ, our saviour,

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...


You are sleeping away the outbreak of WW3.
It has just begun in Turkey and Syria.

Wake up and start watching the world on its way to hell.