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Holy Shroud of Turin

Two crew members and two passengers on Syrian civilian airliner from Moscow were beaten by Turkish officials forcing them to sign false documents - with photo ~ link ~ This is the crap that America, UK, France, NATO, etc. are supporting with YOUR TAX DOLLARS.  Shameful!!!   Stirling    
Passengers onboard the plane intercepted by Turkish jets said that security forces were making the crew and passengers sign fraudulent papers suggesting that the plane made an emergency landing and no Turkish military were involved in the incident.

Hours after Turkish authorities announced that the Syrian Airlines passenger plane intercepted by its F-16s was granted a departure clearance, the aircraft remained on the tarmac in darkness.

“Four people onboard have been beaten up, two crew and two passengers, as they tried to force them to sign documents,” Sherin Azis, a hostess on the plane, told RT by phone. “We don’t know what these papers are about. We are scared for the fate of the captain. He was taken away and threatened with arrest if he does not sign an emergency landing paper.”

Fatima al-Saman, a passenger and a mother of three, also told RT that the captain was being forced to sign a release stating that military planes were not involved and the plane just made an emergency landing.

“If we do not agree to these terms, they will take the captain kind of hostage,” al-Saman said. “They are threatening us. The captain has now returned and said that ‘either I sign the document that I made an emergency landing or they are taking me hostage.’”

The plane has been surrounded by people in masks who have detained all the cargo and were looking through what looked like boxes with documents, passengers said. The Turkish authorities were interested in some spare parts, which a businessman bought in Russia and was transporting to Syria, al-Saman said. She said that as far as she could tell, they were clearly not weapons.

“They started unloading some packages. They opened them, took pictures. There were many people. We all saw what was in there. There were no weapons. You could see it with an untrained eye!” she said. “They just had some spare parts and papers – objects, but there were no rockets.  It is all a lie.”

‘Turkey violated Convention on International Civil Aviation’

Early polls show Netanyahu ahead by far, could increase strength ~ link ~ I feel sorry for the good people in Israel, and yes there are plenty of good people there.  God is apt to allow some really bad things to befall Israel with its support for this evil satanic madman!!!   Stirling     

Turkey denies reports of US troops on Turkish-Syrian border ~ link ~ Speaking on the condition of anonymity, sources denied the claim of British daily The Times that U.S. and French special forces had been at ─░ncirlik airbase in southern Turkey for weeks.

But U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta confirmed on Oct. 10 that Washington had reached out to Turkey on humanitarian, as well as chemical and biological weapons issues: “They’re obviously concerned about the chemical and biological sites as well, so we’ve worked with them to do what we can to monitor that situation.”
Hezbollah admits launching drone over Israel - with video ~ link ~ This is a case of "two can play at that game" as Israel has been using drones over Lebanon for many years, to spy on Hezbollah.  The thing about UAVs (drones) is that they are not really all that complicated to build.  Any reasonably intelligent and educated person could build a crude UAV flying platform and control it with a computer (think of a longer range 'flying model' that hobbyists make/fly.  Making it 'low observable' (stealth) is not too hard either.  Now using satellites to control the UAV and/or to upload/download recon photos is another matter, as are other higher tech "options".   Stirling   
Turkish Prime Minister: Russian-Syrian airplane carried 'ammunition' ~ link ~  I have a couple of points to make: (1) Anybody who would deliberately dive his nation and the world into World War III is NOT exactly trustworthy...I would not take his word on anyting ; (2) It would not matter if the plane did have ammunition.  The actions of Turkey amounted to little more than an Act of War and are indictable as War Crimes.   Stirling     
Syria:  Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan keeps lying over airliner ~ link ~  The Turkish attack on the civilian airliner flying from Moscow to Damascus was not only arguably both an Act of War and a War Crime, but was signaling a coming wide spread crackdown on civilian aviation in the coming Third World War.  If you have a long range aircraft (as I once almost had) you have to ask yourself if you will be able to fly it across national borders and oceans.  Even small private aircraft may be 'locked down'.  Stirling      

"The Turkish prime minister continues to lie in order to justify his government's hostile attitude towards Syria," read a Thursday statement by the Syrian Foreign Ministry, AFP reported.

Turkish F-16 jets intercepted the Syrian Airbus A320 flying over the Turkish airspace late on Wednesday and escorted it to Ankara’s Esenboga Airport. Erdogan has claimed that the plane was carrying "equipment and ammunition [which was being] shipped to the Syrian Defense Ministry."

Damascus has also condemned the move as "hostile and reprehensible" and "another sign of the hostile policies of the Erdogan government, which harbors [anti-Syria insurgents] and bombs Syrian territory."

Challenging the Turkish premier’s remarks, the Syrian Information Ministry has asked him to prove his allegation of weapon seizure."The plane did not carry ammunition or military equipment and Erdogan's comments lack credibility and he must show the equipment and ammunition at least to his people."

The United States rushed to Turkey’s support after Erdogan made the claim.

"We strongly support the government of Turkey's decision to inspect the plane," said US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

Meanwhile, an unnamed Russian source said, “Neither weapons nor any kind of systems or parts for military equipment were on board or could have been on board.” 
Turkey and Syria on the brink of all-out war  ~ link ~ This is a very globalist/Netanyahu view of events, but it does point out that events are collapsing into an horrific all-out war that will, from Day One, become a General Middle East Regional War.  And sadly, that will itself very quickly become a truly global nightmare of the highest order, the Third World War.   Stirling     

Greece unemployment hits a record 25% in July ~ link ~ This is a 'Great Depression' figure right out of the 1930s!!!  However, do keep in mind that these are official figures and that the real percentages are apt to be much greater!  We are effectively in a new Global Depression, one that is apt to become the 'Greatest Depression' when the coming Global Economic Collapse hits soon!!!  Stirling   

Greece's statistical authority said 1.26 million Greeks were jobless in July, with more than 1,000 jobs lost every day over the past year.

With austerity cuts continuing and Greece likely to enter another year of recession, the level may rise further.

Platinum/Gold ratio suggests economic slowdown? ~ link ~ Everything suggests that, and more, as the global banksters make their 'Big Move'.   Stirling    

'Vortex surfing' could be revolutionary ~ link ~ Migrating birds, NASCAR drivers and Tour de France bicyclists already get it. And now the Air Force is thinking about flying gas-guzzling cargo aircraft in formation — ‘dragging’ off one another — on long-haul flights across the oceans.

Flight tests with C-17s “vortex surfing” at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., Sept. 6 and Oct. 2, have demonstrated potentially large savings of fuel and money by doing what geese do naturally. Tests show that flying in formation might be smarter than flying alone for Airmen, and not just for birds.

Russia to Purchase 60 An-70 Propfan  - with photo ~ link ~ These are primarily advanced military transports, but they could have a number of military and civilian uses.  This is a story from this summer, but it is relevant, as we need to understand that Russia and China are not backwards nations but advanced and powerful possible enemies in a Third World War.     Stirling      

Russia’s Military Transport Aviation (VTA) is to receive 60 Antonov An-70 propfan tactical transport aircraft by 2020, the service’s commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Kachalkin said on Thursday.

The VTA will also take delivery of 25 Antonov An-124 super-heavy transport aircraft of various modifications by 2020, he said. 

Turmeric Can help regenerate the liver says new research ~ link Incredible, groundbreaking new research just published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand found that the primary
polyphenol in turmeric - curcumin - is able to repair and even regenerate the liver tissues in diabetic rats.

Researchers at the Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok administered curcumin to rats afflicted with diabetes and whose livers demonstrated the characteristic pathology and destruction of tissues and microvasculature. The curcumin was able to trigger a significant reversal of the condition.
Soon Censored? Korean Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer With Magnets ~ link ~ I suspect a key aspect to this is that it involves energy, which is the key to healing and much more.   Stirling     

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