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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
Israel reportedly fears drone was sent by Iran to spy on Dimona nuclear weapons manufacturing plant ~ link ~ If Dimona were 'taken out' in a missile attack, the resulting radiation could kill a very large percentage of the Israeli population.  That is just one reason why the Israeli Government should NOT be going down the path of war that Netanyahu is taking them!   Stirling      
Israeli security officials are reportedly examining the possibility that a drone shot down deep in Israeli territory on Saturday may have been despatched in a Hezbollah-Iranian operation and may have been sent to surveil the Dimona nuclear site.

The army was still examining the remains of the downed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Saturday night and had released no official information about its investigation. But Israeli media reports suggest officials fear the drone may have been part of a larger operation to spy on strategic sites inside the country.

Turkish forces increased on Syrian border including Kurd area ~ link ~ The corrupt Turkish leadership has sold Turkey into a real nightmare, one that is about to explode big time!   Stirling     

Israeli warplanes fly mock raids over South Lebanon ~ link ~ Testing the Lebanese and Hezbollah and their radar systems before doing the real thing...soon!   Stirling     

Israeli warplanes trigger sonic booms over Lebanon airspace in possible response to UAV dispatch - with video of shootdown of drone ~ link ~ Israeli planes flew into Lebanese air space and broke the sound barrier Sunday, causing sonic booms, Lebanese media reported.

The sortie appeared to be in response to the infiltration of Israeli air space Saturday by a drone Israeli officials suspect was launched by the Lebanon-based terror organization Hezbollah.

The LAST DAY - video ~ link ~ The Day After - attack segment ~ link ~ Nuclear War In Britain (Part 1) video  ~ link ~These three short videos show just where we are headed at the present time...Get right with God folks!!!   Stirling    

US allows South Korea to raise missile range to cover all of North ~ link ~ Keeping the Korean peninsula hot for a WWIII war theater.   Stirling       

South Korea announced a deal with the United States on Sunday to almost triple the range of its missile systems to cover the whole of North Korea -- a move likely to infuriate Pyongyang.

The agreement will allow the South to deploy missiles with a range of 800 kilometres (500 miles), up from the current limit of 300 kilometres, National Security Advisor Chun Yung-Woo told reporters.

See why the USS Michael Murphy is the most advanced ship in the fleet - video ~ link  

War in Afghanistan enters its 12th year ~ link ~ So very many lives lost and many more ruined, and trillions of dollars spent, all on the basis of False Flag lies.  Shameful!!!   Stirling    

The Dismal Truth About Spain's Desperate Economic Situation ~ link While Europe watches and waits for Spain to submit a formal bailout request to the EU and the ECB, the economic situation on the ground there continues to deteriorate.

Huge protests against austerity measures engulfed Madrid recently as angry voters displayed their discontent in the streets.

Over 6,000 cops will protect Merkel on her six hour visit to Athens ~ link ~ Merkel is simply one of many bought-and-paid-for political is the Global Banking Cartel families that own these whores, that should get the most attention.   Stirling     
Angela Merkel is finally coming to the one country where the local media will not tire of photoshopping her in various Nazi outfits. The result: at least 6,000 policemen (and more like 7,000 according to Spiegel) will be deployed to protect her on her 6 hour visit to Greece on Tuesday, the first since the crisis erupted in 2009, and which has seen Greek unemployment explode from manageable to 25% at last check. Another result: parties from across the spectrum have said they will protest her visit, and strikes will further shut down what is already a completely shuttered economy. "She does not come to support Greece, which her policies have brought to the brink. She comes to save the corrupt, disgraced and servile political system," said Alexis Tsipras, who leads the opposition Syriza alliance. "We will give her the welcome she deserves."..."We don't want her here," said Yannis Georgiou, 72, who has seen his pension cut by one third. "We will take to the streets against austerity and against the government. Maybe Merkel will hear something and see what we're going through." Finally, with virtually the entire police force tasked with defending M erkel from the residents of her Southeastern European colony, it means that virtually every other place of interest will be left unguarded. Hopefully, nobody in Greece has seen Die Hard with a Vengeance and has access to dump trucks. The one thing Greece has going for it: there is virtually no official gold left anywhere that can be stolen (most of it already has been transferred elsewhere), or otherwise any tourist armed with a camera and located in the vicinity of the National Bank of Greece could film a sequel to what many consider the best Die Hard of all.
Debt crisis: European Central Bank member shuts door on Greek pleas for leniency ~ link ~ These globalist whores are really nice people...NOT!  Stirling   
Greece cannot have more time to repay its debt to the European Central Bank because it would be illegal and "illogical", board member Joerg Asmussen has said, as he shut the door on pleas for leniency from the bank.
There is no hyperinflation in Iran - The real story is much more interesting ~ link ~ Interesting article!  I am not sure it is true, but I am not an expert on the Iranian economy.   Stirling    
Niall Ferguson: US Unfunded Liabilities Top $238 TRILLION ~ link ~ Damn that is a LOT of money!  Stirling     
Mass rally in Venice to call for independence from Italy ~ link ~ More fallout from the economic and human horrors brought about by the Global Banking Cartel.   Stirling    

A 'Frightening Pattern' - Massive economic catastrophe unlike anything ever seen before ~ link

Debt crisis: Spain's jobless flee to Argentina ~ link ~ Desperate Spaniards are fleeing in their thousands to set up new lives in Argentina, preferring rampant inflation to the prospect of searching for a job in a country with the highest unemployment rate in the industrialised world.
Cameron warns of more cuts ~ link ~ Austerity fascism British style.   Stirling    
Spain is beyond repair - So is the United States ~ link ~ Actually I disagree...Kill off the Federal Reserve and the ECB and the power of the Global Banking Cartel and start doing things that are rational and make sense for the people and things could be turned around very quickly.   Stirling    
Prepare for 'Massive Wealth Destruction' ~ link 

US Dollar index headed for rapid collapse ~ link ~ Get ready for it as best you can, it is coming and soon!  Stirling     

Dollar falls most since 2011 as Central Banks bump up stimulus ~ link ~ This is NOT being done to save the Euro or the Dollar or is happening because it is part of the strategy to collapse the global economy so that a all-new global currency can be introduced.  And that will form the basis of the satanic New World Order...or so it is intended.  Stirling     
The Dollar Index fell by the most since the first quarter of 2011 after the European Central Bank pledged to protect the euro from unraveling and the Federal Reserve committed to reduce unemployment via open-ended debt buying, which may debase the U.S. currency.
How Baby Boomers destroyed the economy ~ link ~  It was not the Baby Boomers who destroyed the economy, but it was the Baby Boomers who (with others) allowed the criminal global banksters to do so...and that makes us guilty as well.   Stirling     
This is the charge I've leveled against him on a summer day in our Pacific Northwest vision of paradise. I have asked my favorite attorney to represent a very troublesome client, the entire baby-boom generation, in what should be a slam-dunk trial--for me. On behalf of future generations, I am accusing him and all the other parasites his age of breaking the sacred bargain that every American generation will pass a better country on to its children than the one it inherited. 
Spanish police beating everyone: A Warning to America - with video ~ link ~ Spain’s police state has spiraled out of control as riot police are now running throughout the streets beating everyone in sight, men and woman, young and old.

When the people demand democracy from an oligarchy that rules their subjects trough the strong-arm of a totalitarian police state the streets fill with the madness and mayhem seen in this video.
2,000 people march in Madrid against abortion ~ link ~ People who are pro-abortion need to consider that a loving God is not apt to accept the murder of unborn babies for convenience or whatever, and that He might view those who kill babies with divine anger!!!   Stirling       
Around 2,000 people marched in Madrid on Sunday to demand a total ban on abortion, at a time when the conservative government is preparing to tighten existing abortion laws.

 Demonstrators of all ages, including grandparents and families with babies, turned up to the "march for life", chanting and carrying red flags with the slogans "zero abortion" and "the right to life". "We don't see any reason that could justify eliminating a human being, that's why we're calling for zero abortion," said Gador Joya, spokeswoman of the "Right to Life" collective that was among the organisers of the march.
Venezuelan voters go to the polls today ~ link
Venezuelans vote today with president Hugo Chávez facing the biggest electoral challenge yet to his socialist rule from a young rival tapping into discontent over crime and cronyism.

Hugo Chávez loyalists blew bugles in a wake up call for voters today as the Venezuelan leader faced the biggest electoral challenge yet to his socialist rule from a young rival tapping into discontent over crime and cronyism.

Killers of Americans run Romney campaign, US courts and media ~ link ~ Please do take the time to read this article at the link.  Stirling     

Seven dead as Meningitis outbreak in America grows ~ link 

Japan Diplomat: Ground underneath Fukushima's Unit # 4 is sinking - Over 30 inches in some areas - Now in danger of collapse - Audio ~ link ~ Things like that happen when you have a China Syndrome event!!!   Stirling    

Infertility Gene in GMO Corn ~ linkGlobalists playing God...only thing is, their god is Satan!!!  Stirling    

Cures for Cancer - Congress Doesn't Want You To Know ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one for the link.  Stirling    

Patients starve and die of thirst on UK hospital wards ~ link ~ Some low level and especially some senior level people need to be charged and convicted of multiple counts of manslaughter over this!  I bet it does not happen...sad to say.  Where have all the well-paid MPs been at while this was going on???   Stirling    

Forty-three hospital patients starved to death last year and 111 died of thirst while being treated on wards, new figures disclose today.

Scottish constitution - in an independent Scotland - would ban nuclear weapons ~ link ALEX Salmond plans to draft a new constitution for an independent Scotland which explicitly bans nuclear weapons from the country.
The move is an attempt to reassure those in the SNP who doubt that Trident can be removed from the Clyde for good. If Scots vote Yes in 2014, the nation's founding constitutional document will include a clause declaring weapons of mass destruction illegal on Scottish soil and in Scottish territorial waters.
NOAA: Oil sheen near BP's relief wells from Gulf Oil Disaster ~ link ~ Just because BP, the Government and the mainstream news media all 'lied through their teeth' and now are ignoring it, does NOT mean that the problem has gone away!   Stirling    
How to Jump from 23 Miles high above the Earth and Survive ~ link ~ Come Tuesday, weather permitting, Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner will attempt to be the first person to break the sound barrier in free fall.  

The mission will take Felix 23 miles above Earth in a small space capsule.  He will then step out of the capsule and plunge to Earth hoping to reach speeds that exceed 690 mph.

Seven ways to use honey for whatever ails you ~ link 

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