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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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Largest US-Israeli Military Exercise in History: US troops in Israel for "Three-Week Missile Defense Drill" ~ link ~ This "drill" just happens to come as a massive NATO naval exercise in the Persian Gulf is wrapping up...leaving many powerful warships there...and just happens to come (next week) when the US will have THREE super-carrier battle groups plus at least one assault carrier battle group near Iran...and just happens to involve placing the largest number of anti-missile missiles in service in Israel in history...and just happens to be at a time when the Turkish Army, Navy and Air Force has a large invasion force sitting on the Syrian border and continues to provoke Syria and can do another False Flag event on a minute's notice...and just happens at a time when British and American troops are in Jordan on the Syrian border...and just happens at a time when Israel has placed a large invasion force on the border with Syria...and just happens to come at the end of October (can you say OCTOBER SURPRISE) right before the American election...and just happens to come after the Israeli Knesset has been dissolved for elections...just totally coincidental...really...NOT!  Stirling      

The first US troops are arriving in Israel today, part of a build-up for what officials are calling the single largest joint US-Israeli military exercise in history, a drill that will last three weeks and include 3,500 US troops in Israel and Europe.
Officials say the drill aims at preparing a multi-front defense against mortar fire, short and long range missiles.
Thousands of US troops arrive in Israel - video ~ link ~ Because Israel and its supporters in America bribe and blackmail successfully almost all of the American Congressmen and Senator, as well as officials in the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch as well, American troops will fight and die in yet another war for Israel!!!  Stirling     

Syria's Sunni "rebels" besiege Shi'ite villages ~ link ~ NATO/Israel/GCC are so damn desperate to light the fires of a General Middle East War in Syria that they will do anything and everything to stir up trouble.  Syria was one of the most peaceful places in the Middle East until they turned their guns on it.  Stirling      

Underscoring the increasingly sectarian nature of the Syrian Civil War, we get news today of the villages of Zahraa and Nubl, two Shi’ite dominated villages in the Aleppo region, both of which are completely surrounded by Sunni rebels.
An estimated 35,000 villagers are trapped in the villages with no chance of escape, with rebel snipers gunning down anyone who tries to leave. The rebels claim that the villages were housing “pro-regime gunmen.”

Car bomb rocks Beirut: At least eight dead, 118 injured with video and photos ~ link ~ As the time for all-out war nears, things are heating up.   Stirling     

Wissam al-Hassan, the head of  the Information Branch of Lebanon's Internal Security Forces, was the target of the deadly attack, security sources told the Daily Star. Lebanon’s Al-Jazed TV reported that Hassan died in the blast.
Crowds took to the streets on Friday evening, blocking the main roads leading into Western Beirut with burning tires to protest the assassination of Hassan. Skirmishes were reported on the dividing line between Sunni and Alawite neighborhoods in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli. Security forces have been dispatched to keep the peace.
Protesters in Lebanon’s south have also reportedly attempted to block a highway leading from Damascus to Beirut. 

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