Friday, October 19, 2012

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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

Israel threatens Aid Ship seeking to deliver food to Gaza ~ link ~ You cannot make this stuff up.  If this was any nation but Israel all hell would be raised throughout the world.   Stirling    
Nuclear Engineer: New way to locate Fukushima molten fuel "means they're expecting to find this stuff very deep into the ground" - short audio ~ link ~ This is from yesterday's Nutrimedical Report Show with Chris Harris (the nuclear engineer) and Dr. Deagle and myself.  What it means is that Fukushima has experienced at least one 'China Syndrome' event!  Stirling   
Spain's Regional Bailout Fund: A Drop in a Bucket of Insolvency ~ link It will come as no surprise to many that the initial size estimates of Spain's regional bailout fund are now being questioned. The government is now 'analyzing' whether the EUR18bn 'temporary' bailout fund needs to be increased. In a word - Yes! As this chart from Bloomberg Briefs shows, the size of the 'help' is pittance compared to the debt-loads of Catalonia alone (which recently sought secession). As Bloomberg's Niraj Shah notes, Spanish regional elections in the Basque country and Galicia take place on Sunday, followed by a ballot in Catalonia on Nov. 25. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy may prefer to seek a bailout after the elections as a series of defeats for his People’s Party could exacerbate investor concerns about the government’s ability to control spending and revenue and bring down the deficit. Perhaps our 'context' update on Spain's situation last night was rather prescient after all?
The French Great Socialist Revolution will be homework free, and Very, Very Cold ~ linkWhereas some may have welcomed the latest development in the Great French Socialist Revolution chronicles, primarily those 8-16 year olds who would directly benefit from president Francois Hollande's attempt to capture the vote of those still ineligible to actually vote, by promising to do away with homework (because it encourages "inequality" as homework apparently "favors the wealthy"), everyone else saw right through it for the sad attempt at populism it was. Luckily, the impact of this idiotic policy, if it were to actually pass, would not be visible for at least a decade at which point French society would be so dumb (not to mention poor) that few would actually care. However, another proposal being currently contemplated in France may have far more immediate terminal consequences to the life expectancies of those personally experiencing the reincarnation of wholesale of socialism. Because as Bloomberg notes, "Heating a French home could soon require an income tax consultation or even a visit to the doctor under legislation to force conservation in the nation’s $46 billion household energy market." Congratulations Europe: in your ongoing crusade of wealth redistribution (when all this could have been averted if you, and the US, had simply allowed the banks who control your society to collapse), you are about to make heating one's home a privilege for the despised Bourgeoisie, an act which must be monetarily punished, and socially ostracized.

More on this sad and pathetic at the same time development, coming to broke socialist countries near you:

GM Wheat may damage Human Genetics Permanently ~ link ~ We live in a time when the insanely sick and evil globalists are determined to kill off most of the Human Race!  Stirling      

The Australian government, in the form of its science research arm, is joining Agribusiness profiteering by designing a GM wheat that could kill people who eat it & be inherited by their children.

We have not yet seen the worst damage that genetic engineering may do. Australia’s governmental agency, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), is developing a wheat species that is engineered to turn off genes permanently.

Chinese plant compound wipes out Cancer in 40 Days says new research ~ link ~ If it really is that good, watch Big Pharma kill the study or whatever it takes to keep it off the market.   Stirling    
Mars rover spots more shiny objects ~ link  


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Have you ever seen a French home?

They are heated with electricity.

No, not with natural gas, coal or diesel.

To produce electricity in France, they use nuclear power plants.

These plants have an efficiency of about 33 per cent.

67 per cent of the energy have to be sent into the air via huge cooling towers.

This is a fact of thermodynamics.

You can improve the efficiency up to 40 per cent.

Still, 60 per cent are wasted.

If you burn natural gas, you have an efficiency of about 95 per cent.
This is also thermodynamics.

The French have about 50 nuclear power plants, one of them near my home, Cattenom.

Mankind does not know where to store the nuclear waste in a save manner.

Nuclear energy is not the right way to God.

It is the way to hell.

That is why hell is empty and all the devils are on Earth.

By the way, Hollande is Jewish. He is not a socialist.

Sarkozy was also Jewish-Zionist.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

Joaquin, you are speaking nonsense.
If you are speaking about thermodynamics and trying to relate it to a human timescale, you are ridiculous.
'lord' sterling clearly is posting up opinions which match with his, so there is little doubt in my mind that this comment will never make it live.
When your houses and computers begin to have power cuts, you will be the people blaming the government.
i ask you this, if YOU were in power, how would you change the way the country works?
would you just take the power shortfalls and becoming incredibly unpopular very quickly?
would you turn to your horrific gulf of mexico climategate fossil fuels?
would you turn to nuclear, which has ALMOST impeccable safety records, with regards to other sources of power? oh no you wouldnt becuase you barely understand how reactors work, the physics behind nuclear fission scares you because you cannot comprehend it rationally, so you assume that digging some buried plants from the carboniferous out the ground and burning them in a container is a SAFER option than some fancy meltdown prone nuclear stuff.
3% enrichment is needed for fission reactions, 97+ % is needed for weapons grade, and yet the fear is almsot the same for both.
i am dying to know how you would react, or would you simply pray and HE will answer all your questions? because science has answered hundreds, HE has answered none. Humans are strong on their own, HE does not need to take credit for this. i understand religion makes people have a much more liberal and open view on the world, but it gives no facts towards anything.
it has as much evidence as spiderman, the bible and the comics are both as much evidence as the other, but in fact i actually see spiderwebs and hear of people climbing buildings much more than i see oceans splitting against the laws of physics, and the earth being popped into exitance in an instant.
i study geology, and these religious views not only cloud peoples rationale when it comes to difficult decision making, like on nuclear power, but also completely voids my subject as a whole, becuase in its huge complexity, which science has given answers to, creationists, at least, would argue that it is all made by HIM and the reasons for these formations and cmoplexities are what?! to test my faith?