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Russia relocates World's most powerful air defense system - the S-400 - near Turkey border   ~ link ~ I have been expecting this.  It is a sign that Russia sees the outbreak of war as being very real and close!!!  The S-400 system can sweep over a large part of Turkey.      Stirling     
debkafile's military sources say that, beside the issue of the NATO missile defense system to which Russia is firmly opposed, Moscow is relaying a double warning to Ankara on two additional scores:

One, that any more interceptions of Syria-bound aircraft coming from Russia after the incident of Oct. 10 would bring forth a Russian military response; and two, that Moscow will not tolerate aerial intrusion in the Syrian conflict by Turkey or any other NATO member. This warning was directed specifically against the imposition of a no-fly zone over Syria which Turkey is in the process of enforcing.

USS John C. Stennis super-carrier battle group arrives near Iran ~ link ~ The USS Enterprise super-carrier battle group is on temporary R&R in Naples but will return in a week...just in time for the massive USAF-IDF "air drill" in Israel.   Which will be a week or two before the US Presidential Election!!!  October Surprise???   Stirling     

Ten days ago, when we last tracked the progress of the third US aircraft carrier, CVN-74 Stennis, with destination Arabian Gulf, aka Iran, we reported that it was "within a week of reaching" its destination. Sure enough, as the latest Stratfor naval update confirms, CVN-74 has now reached its destination for which it was commissioned several months prematurely. But before you get your war hats out, note that that other aircraft carrier which is conducting its final voyage, the CVN-65 Enterprise, has decided to take a bit of a break and left the Arabian Gulf area for a scehduled R&R port visit in Naples, Italy. In a week or so, shore leave will be over and CVN will be back to join everyone else, at which point the US will finally have three aircraft carriers just off the Iranian coastline ready to rumble. 

US and Israel to begin massive "air defense drill" ~ link ~ The timing on this is most interesting!  All it would take to blow up the Middle East would be a False Flag shelling on a Turkish village and the "response" to same (massive air/ground attack from Turkey).  Then the three USN super-carrier battle groups (plus the assault carrier group) and all the USAF and related NATO assets in the Middle East would come into the Russian missiles (and most likely a large air/ground deployment into Iran from Russian and China)...and we would have World War III beginning on the Eve of the Presidential Election...with a global economic collapse following shortly thereafter (but perhaps AFTER the election).  That could elect Obama as Americans do not like to 'changer horses in the middle of a stream'/in a war.   Stirling     

The US and Israel are embarking on the largest exercise in their long military relationship, against a backdrop of tension with Iran and sharp rhetoric in the American presidential election.

An air defense drill planned for late this month will involve more than 3,500 Americans and 1,000 Israelis, practicing their ability to work together against a range of threats facing the main US ally in the Mideast. Officials briefing reporters on Wednesday would not specify the exact date for security reasons.

China losing patience with Japan over East China Sea Dispute ~ link The Chinese government announced on Monday the official baseline for the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands and then covered the Diaoyu Islands in domestic weather forecasts Tuesday. These moves were a response to Japan’s aim of “nationalizing” the Diaoyu Islands. This indicates that the dispute has reached the stage of official confrontation.

Announcing the baseline of territorial waters is the prerequisite to determine sea areas under national jurisdiction. In this way, we can make sure that 12 nautical miles outside the baseline of the territorial waters are considered our peripheral areas under China’s sovereignty.
In accordance with China’s laws, we can deny access to any foreign aircraft, warships and individuals except innocuous foreign civilian vessels in these waters. Otherwise, it is an infringement of our territory, and we are entitled to resort to our domestic law for adjudication.

Photos of the day: The 7 Chinese navy warships off Okinawa ~ linkThe China-Japan War Theater to the coming World War III is developing as planned.  Stirling       

Sino-Japanese Rift part of covert US agenda ~ link

A former Japanese diplomat has accused the United States of manipulating Japan since the second world war in order to “eliminate” prime ministers who sought to develop better relations with Beijing.

Ukeru Magosaki, who also served as the head of the Foreign Ministry’s Intelligence and Analysis Bureau, has recently written a book that has soared to the top of Japan’s bestseller lists.The book – Sengoshi no Shotai (The Truth Behind Post-war History) – states that the US will never remove its military bases from Japanese territory, no matter how much public outcry there is.

An old Lord Stirling article from a site I had not seen before: War with Iran - The Scenarios ~ link

Swiss Army actively preparing for EU chaos ~ link 

America R.I.P.: Death of the Middle Class, Offshoring of American Jobs ~ link ~ In the 21st century the US economy has been able to create only a few new jobs and these are in lowly paid domestic services that cannot be offshored, such as waitresses and bartenders. The lack of jobs, especially high value-added, high productivity jobs, is the reason real median household income has declined and the distribution of income has worsened. Without rising real household income, there cannot be a consumer economy.

The cause of all of the problems is the offshoring of Americans’ jobs. When jobs are moved offshore, consumers’ careers and incomes, and the GDP and payroll and income tax base associated with those jobs, go with them.  When the goods and services produced for American markets by offshored labor are brought into the US to be sold, the trade deficit rises, and downward pressure is put on the dollar, pushing up domestic inflation. (On October 12, statistician John Williams ( reported that “third-quarter wholesale inflation jumped to an annualized 6.2%.”)

American workers stand up to Wal-Mart ~ link ~ You simply cannot live off of the wages that most people make at 'Wallyworld', so why not strike or whatever!  Stirling   

Testament to this truth are the strikes at Walmart, the first such actions against the retail behemoth in its 50 year history. The movement began in June when guest workers went on strike to expose forced labor at Walmart’s supplier C.J.’s Seafood in Louisiana. Walmart was fined $250,000 and compelled to suspend its contract with the company. This was followed in September by a strike at a similar warehouse in Inland Empire, California. On this actions’ heels came a three week strike at a warehouse in Elwood, Illinois that receives 70 percent of the chains’ imports. Thirty-eight workers walked out over the retaliatory firing of their co-workers for organizing activity as well as concerns over safety. Standing strong together got results. All workers were reinstated with three weeks back pay and safety concerns finally began to be acted on.

Encouraged by this unprecedented victory, the chink in Walmart’s armor began to rapidly expand. At several stores in Pica Rivera, California, workers walked out over management’s attempts to silence them with retaliatory actions against those who spoke up for better conditions. This quickly spread to 28 stores across 12 states.

Derivative Meltdown and US Dollar Collapse ~ link ~ The frightening prospects from a derivative meltdown, well known for years, seem to deepen with every measure to prop up a failing international financial system. The essay Greed is Good, but Derivatives are Better, characterizes the gamble game in this fashion: "The elegance of derivatives is that the rules that defy nature are not involved in intangible swaps. The basic value in the payment from the risk is always dumped on the back of the taxpayer. Ponzi schemes are legal when government croupiers spin loaded balls on their fudged roulette tables."

Uruguay legalizes abortion ~ link ~ Uruguay is a nice country that has done a terrible thing!  Stirling     

Scots independence can gravely hurt UK ~ link ~ "Hurt"...more like "kill".  Without Scotland there will be no United Kingdom.  The Welsh will demand independence, and Northern Ireland will be a real problem but even they may opt for some federation with the rest of Ireland, leaving only England.  Will this happen???  Stirling     

Winds of separation hit Europe ~ linkThis is reflective of several factors including a utter frustration with the existing fraudulent democracy and press freedoms in the developed world.  That is with the Global Banking Cartel and Zionists dominating and controlling everything.    Stirling   


Earth-size planet found orbiting the star system next door ~ link ~ An Earth-sized planet has been found orbiting a star in Alpha Centauri, our nearest neighbouring solar system. The mystery world circling Alpha Centauri B is thought to be much too hot to support life, with surface temperatures of around 1,500C.

But astronomers say it is likely to be part of a more extensive solar system containing other planets, one or more of which might be habitable.

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Anonymous said...

You stated the following: 'The S-400 system can sweep over most of Turkey and defend Syrian airspace from Russian territory.'

I looked it up and it seems the S-400 has a maximum reach of 400 km (about 300 miles). That is by far not enough to cover Syrian airspace from South West Russia. I don't get it, what's the use of the S-400 deploy then regaring to Syria?

slim2none said...

Re: Uruguay
Uruguay is a nice country that has done a terrible thing! Stirling

Recognizing and codifying a woman's right to reproductive choice is NOT a terrible thing. Who am I to tell a woman she must bear a child? Or conversely, that she must NOT bear a child?

State enforced pregnancies are the flip side of State enforced abortions.

The operative word is CHOICE - her body, her pregnancy, her choice, her responsibility, between her and her Maker.

Lord Stirling said...

Slim2hone, Thank you for your post. I do not believe that a baby is a choice once it is in existence inside its mother's womb, from that point it is a human being not a 'choice'. Stirling

Lord Stirling said...

Anonymous, you are correct the 40N6 missile used on the S-400 system is limited to about 400km and the radar system is limited to about 600km. In SW Russia such a system can support a drive across Georgia and large numbers of Russian ground troops and air force units are known to be based there. Also, Armenia is closer and the S-400 system may be going to Russian forces there. Stirling