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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Will Turkey-Syria conflict grow into massive war? ~ link ~ I still think so.  Stirling    
When recently asked about Washington’s policy change vis-à-vis the ongoing Syrian crisis, Pentagon spokesman, George Little, said the Department of Defense had nothing to do with the case.

However, he said: “We have broad-based concerns about the conflict in Syria, period. We have concerns about weapons proliferation inside Syria and yes, we do have concerns that some of those weapons could fall into the wrong hands.”

If these remarks reflect the US real policy towards Syria, Washington would be in no harmony with some of its allies to that effect. Qatar and Saudi Arabia keep calling for the delivery of warfare to Syria, no matter into which hands these weapons might fall. US media have recently reported that these two Arab governments - both totally strange with democracy and human rights - have scaled down their arms assistance to the opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. These media reports are still unreliable.

Doubtlessly, Syria’s armed opposition has failed to take full control of the city of Aleppo, and have had to retreat from some neighborhoods in the most populated Syrian city. This failure, instead of being hailed as a victory for the Syrian Army, is attributed to less arms delivery by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This hypothesis could be examined.

Turkey initiated its war on Syria more than a year ago. The Syrian opposition is headquartered in Turkey, and until recently, the armed insurgents command was based on Turkish soil. There is no proof of a possible transfer of this command into Syria. 

Netanyahu's security opening to campaign ~ link ~ Just ten days after Israel strategists, intelligence and military were duped by an Iranian stealth UAV launched by Hizballah from Lebanon, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu unveiled his new security doctrine to the Knesset in a speech confirming a general election on Jan. 22, 2013.
Declaring proudly that in all his seven years as prime minister (in two non-consecutive terms), Israel had never gone to war because “the finger on the trigger” was never light although it was firm. This may be counted as his first campaign speech for reelection.

Debka: 'All of Iran's advanced enrichment centrifuges now removed to Fordo' ~ link ~ Note: It takes over 80% enrichment to make weapons grade Uranium!   Stirling   
On Iran, the differences between President Obama and Mitt Romney are significantly nuanced: Obama pledges not to let Iran acquire a nuclear weapon, i.e., build a bomb, whereas Romney promises to prevent Iran acquiring a nuclear capability, i.e., attain the capacity for building one – a point which US intelligence believes will upon us in six months.

This estimate may not fully take into account Iran’s accelerating momentum. With the advanced IR-2 and IR-4 centrifuges, its enrichment plants can turn out more 20 percent enriched uranium at greater speed than ever before and so reach Iran's one-ton target before then.

Syrian terrorists involved in illegal Human Organ Trade ~ link ~ Just like some in Israel, how interesting.  Stirling    

The so-called Free Syrian Army is trafficking the body organs of Syrian civilians and army soldiers after kidnapping and murdering them, media reports said.

The FSA rebels in Syria trade the body organs of the Syrian martyrs whom they abduct and kill. Then, they sell the stolen body organs to organ traffickers at expensive prices, Turkish newspaper Yurt wrote.

Greece is not poor - It actually has massive untapped reserves of gold, oil and natural gas ~ link ~ Why do you think the global banksters covet it so?!!  Stirling   
It turns out that the poster child for the European debt crisis is not actually poor at all.  In fact, the truth is that the nation of Greece is sitting on absolutely massive untapped reserves of gold, oil and natural gas.  If the Greeks were to fully exploit the natural resources that are literally right under their feet, they would no longer have any debt problems.  Fortunately, this recent economic crisis has spurred them to action and it is now being projected that Greece will be the number one gold producer in Europe by 2016.  In addition, Greece is now opening up exploration of their massive oil and natural gas deposits.  Reportedly, Greece is sitting on hundreds of millions of barrels of oil and gigantic natural gas deposits that are worth trillions of dollars.  It is truly sad that Greece should be one of the wealthiest nations in all of Europe but instead the country is going through the worst economic depression that it has experienced in modern history.  It is kind of like a homeless man that sleeps on the streets every night without realizing that a relative has left him an inheritance worth millions of dollars.  Greece is not poor at all, and hopefully the people of Greece can learn the truth about all of this wealth and chart a course out of this current mess.

I have written extensively about the nightmarish economic conditions that Greece is experiencing right now.  Just check out this article, this article and this article.  Since the depression began in Greece, the Greek economy has contracted by more than 20 percent.  In April 2010, the unemployment rate in Greece was only 11.8 percent.  Since then it has skyrocketed to 25.1 percent. The government debt to GDP ratio in Greece is projected to hit 198 percent this year, and there are persistent rumors that Greece will be forced to leave the euro.

But all of this is completely and totally unnecessary.  Greece is not actually poor at all.  In fact, after you account for untapped natural resources, Greece is actually one of the wealthiest nations in all of Europe.

Eurozone: The Core starts to Rot ~ link 

Will E-voting Machines owned by his buddies give Mitt Romney the White House? ~ link ~ Or will those owned by Obama's buddies give him the White House?  This election is a total scam!  It comes down to who controls the most computer source codes!!!  Stirling    

EU Censors alternative news in bid to Dominate Narrative ~ link ~  What is happening to PressTV is horrific!  Stirling     

Iran's Press TV reported in their article, "Press TV viewers slam EU move to ban Iran channels as illegal, hypocritical," that "Press TV viewers have condemned as illegal and hypocritical the ban imposed by the European officials on the broadcast of several Iranian satellite channels."

Nearly no mention is made in the Western media regarding the blatant act of censorship - an act that runs contra to all perceived notions of "Western values," and an act that directly undermines the narratives of the West supporting "freedom" and "democracy" around the globe.

The West has spent billions trying to leverage "freedom of speech" and "human rights" as a means to undermine, destabilize, overthrow, and replace governments around the world, from the US-engineered Eastern European "color-revolutions" after the fall of the Soviet Union, to the latest
US-engineered "Arab Spring," and all across Southeast Asia. Now with the West pursuing its own campaign of censorship, it is clear that these "values" were merely selectively and opportunistically manipulated.

Officials concerned about BP's Macondo well ~ link 

Shifting climate: Rare October cyclone rages in the Indian Ocean ~ link  

Global Food Reserves have reached lowest level in almost 40 years ~ linkFor six of the last eleven years the world has consumed more food than it has produced.  This year, drought in the United States and elsewhere has put even more pressure on global food supplies than usual.  As a result, global food reserves have reached their lowest level in almost 40 years.  Experts are warning that if next summer is similar to this summer that it could be enough to trigger a major global food crisis.  At this point, the world is literally living from one year to the next.  There is simply not much of a buffer left.  In the western world, the first place where we are going to notice the impact of this crisis is in the price of food.  It is being projected that overall food prices will rise between 5 and 20 percent by the end of this year.  It is becoming increasingly clear that the world has reached a tipping point.  We aren't producing enough food for everyone anymore, and food reserves will continue to get lower and lower.  Eventually they will be totally gone.

The United Nations has issued an unprecedented warning about the state of global food supplies.  According to the UN, global food reserves have not been this low since 1974...

The next food crisis will be caused by globalists land-grabs and privatizations ~ link  ~ The UN warns that global food stores like grains are depleting at an exponential rate; and when combined with failing harvests, there will be a food crisis in 2013.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) explains that “we’ve not been producing as much as we are consuming. That is why stocks are being run down. Supplies are now very tight across the world and reserves are at a very low level, leaving no room for unexpected events next year.”

There is a staggering amount of feces in our food ~ link ~ I have been meaning to start a diet...now is a good time.  Stirling    

Most Americans are eating significant amounts of feces on a regular basis without even realizing it.  You might not mind this, but most people out there would not willingly eat feces if they could avoid it.  Not only is it disgusting, but feces is also a breeding ground for all kinds of dangerous diseases.  Unfortunately, as a result of the never ending quest to cut prices even lower more of our food is being imported from overseas than ever before.  Many of those countries do not have the same health standards that we do in the United States.  In fact, many farmers in those countries actually feed feces to their fish and to their animals since it is so inexpensive.  If you are eating seafood that was imported from Asia, there is a very good chance that it was raised on pig feces.  Not only that, the truth is that a lot of the poultry that comes from Southeast Asia is also raised on pig feces.  The FDA has rejected thousands of food shipments from Asia in recent years due to fecal contamination, but the FDA inspects less than 3 percent of all imported food.  So what are we to conclude about the other 97 percent of all food imports that the FDA did not inspect?

A recent Bloomberg article entitled "Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers" explained that much of the seafood that is imported to the United States from Asia is actually raised on pig feces.

A lot of people were grossed out by that article, but there have been no calls for a congressional investigation.  There have been no calls to cut off food imports from Asia.  Most people will forget about all of this in a few weeks and will continue to consume large amounts of imported crap. The Bloomberg article also talked about the fact that less than 3 percent of all imported food is inspected by the FDA...

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