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Norodom Sihanouk, King Father of Cambodia, dies ~ link ~ His Majesty was a great but gentle man, a real  old school Buddhist gentleman.  He once sent me several books, as a gift, from his collection.  He will be missed, especially by his nation.   Earl of Stirling 

Cambodia's former king Norodom Sihanouk, the charismatic monarch whose name was synonymous with the struggles and upheavals of his country for more than six decades, died in Beijing on Monday at the age of 89. Sihanouk, who abdicated the throne in 2004, had been dogged by poor health for years and had suffered a variety of illnesses, including cancer, diabetes and hypertension.

Prince Sisowath Thomico, a royal family member and advisor to the current king, said Sihanouk died of a heart attack early Monday morning. "He had been very weak since the beginning of the year," he said. The present monarch, King Norodom Sihamoni, has flown to Beijing to retrieve Sihanouk's body, accompanied by Prime Minister Hun Sen and other senior officials. Thomico said the body is expected to return to Cambodia for a traditional royal funeral within a few days.
Gunter Grass attacks 'unchecked nuclear power' Israel ~ link Speaking on German radio station NDR, the author, already declared persona non grata in Israel over a poem saying it threatened world peace, said: “Israel is an unchecked nuclear power.” “Several United Nations resolutions go unheeded. Israel is an occupying force and for years has stolen land, evicted people and viewed them as second-class citizens. There are racist moments in Israel,” he said. “That saddens me. And that should sadden every friend of Israel, as it saddens many Israelis. And one should be allowed to speak out about it,” added the author.
Hezbollah Drone is a Game Changer - video ~ link ~ Good One Morris!  Stirling    

Turkey Continues Grounding Syrian Bound Flights ~ link~
Turkey grounded a Syria bound Armenian passenger flight to inspect its cargo after a similar move last Wednesday angered Damascus officials who retaliated the forced landing of the Moscow-Syria flight in Ankara with closing their airspace to all Turkish airliners.

US Defense Secretary warns of 'Pearl Harbor' cyber attack "by Iran" ~ link ~ There may be a major cyber attack...but if there is it is almost certainly to be a False Flag Op by the 'usual suspects'.  Such an attack may be used to shut down the Internet at a key time, such as the beginning of WWIII, and also be blamed for the coming global economic collapse.  Stirling     
How rent-a-mob jihadis are tormenting a benighted Christian minority in Syria ~ linkChristian pastors in churches throughout NATO should be asking their parish members to write to their MPs and Congressmen to demand that their tax dollars stop going to these evil groups that are attacking Christians.   WHY are our tax dollars going to support an anti-Christian war???  Stirling     
Yet for the two million plus Syrian followers of Christ, whose lineage goes back 2000 years to St Paul’s proselytising in the first century AD, these are especially desperate times. Ethnic cleansing is an ugly phrase, but that's just what is going on right now for Christians in Syria. The unspeakable truth now is that the sizeable Christian communities in war-torn Syria are at greater threat of ethnic cleansing from their ancestral homes than has been the case for generations – often at the hands of the self-styled freedom fighters so feted by the Western press. 
Western-backed "rebels" move against Syrian Christian Minority ~ link ~ Lost in the focus on the larger battle for Syria the nation-state is the fate of Syria as an historical site of religious pluralism, as the Sunni majority rebels turn not only on the Alawite dominated government, but in growing instances on all religious minorities, including Syria’s ancient Christian community.

Syria is the site of one of the world’s oldest Christian communities, a 2,0000-year-old tradition followed by an estimated 10 percent of the nation’s population. Increasingly under attack by jihadist-minded rebel factions, they may soon go the way of Iraqi Christians, who during the US occupation were chased out of the nation en masse.
Primed to explode: China and Japan step up military posturing as dispute over islands linger ~ link ~ Turning up the heat on on of the coming War Theaters to WWIII.   Stirling     
New Western Intelligence Figures: Syrian "rebels" don't have the numbers to win ~ link ~ The Turkish Armed Forces, supported by British, French, US and Israeli forces on the borders of Syria, are ready to launch another FALSE FLAG OP...all it will take is a few mortar rounds and some dead Turkish "justify" a Turkish invasion...which will set off a General Middle East War on the Eve of the US Election...and begin World War Three in earnest.  It is very possible that we will see this happen in the next few days.   Stirling      
US Military buildup on Syrian's Southern Border ~ link ~ US and British forces on the southern border, Israeli forces on the southwest border, and Turkish forces on the northern border.  The axis of NATO/Israel/GCC states is getting ready to invade Syria from multiple sides at once...which will guarantee that it will turn into WWIII.   Stirling     
Israel tries to assassinate top US general, and then invites him for tea ~ link ~ Only Israel would have the chutzpah and crudeness to do this!  Stirling     
But Netanyahu and company may be setting a new record for diplomatic chutzpah by inviting America’s top military commander over for tea -  two months after they tried to assassinate him!

The Times of Israel, a pro-Netanyahu rag, just published an article practically begging Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chair of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff, to come visit Israel a week before the US presidential elections. I have reprinted the entire article below, interspersed with my translations from the Neocon-ese.  The original article is plain text; my translations are bracketed in boldface.

A First Step in re-claiming America back from Zionist control? ~ link ~ Religious leaders ask Congress to reevaluate Military Aid to Israel. We can only hope that the ‘churches’ involved have the courage of their convictions and see it through.

Syrian troops reclaim historic mosque ~ link ~ Whenever the Syrian Army comes up against the foreign terrorists, the Syrians always win.  The trouble is the West/Israel/GCC nations keep paying thousands of poor non-Syrian Arabs massive sums of money to fight in Syria against the people of Syria.  Stirling    

Four Horsemen - War on the Horizon ~ link ~ The globalist term: Order Out Of Chaos is approaching. It can take on many forms from nuclear war to riots over the economy. Along with chaos will come wounds, famine, and the illnesses of the 4 Horsemen.  

Fears haunt Israel as they prepare for possible war ~ link ~ The whole country is uneasily aware that Iran has giant rockets to fire back at Tel Aviv and Haifa in retaliation, and that it has armed its ally Hezbollah in Lebanon with Scuds and similar medium-range missiles, weapons it didn't have in 2006.

21 Signs that the Global Economic Crisis is About to go to a Whole New Level ~ link ~ The global debt crisis has reached a dangerous new phase.  Unfortunately, most Americans are not taking notice of it yet because most of the action is taking place overseas, and because U.S. financial markets are riding high.  But just because the global economic crisis is unfolding at the pace of a "slow-motion train wreck" right now does not mean that it isn't incredibly dangerous.  As I have written about previously, the economic collapse is not going to be a single event.  Yes, there will be days when the Dow drops by more than 500 points.  Yes, there will be days when the reporters on CNBC appear to be hyperventilating.  But mostly there will be days of quiet despair as the global economic system slides even further toward oblivion.  And right now things are clearly getting worse.  Things in Greece are much worse than they were six months ago.  Things in Spain are much worse than they were six months ago.  The same thing could be said for Italy, France, Japan, Argentina and a whole bunch of other nations.  The entire global economy is slowing down, and we are entering a time period that is going to be incredibly painful for everyone.  At the moment, the U.S. is still experiencing a "sugar high" from unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus, but when that "sugar high" wears off the hangover will be excruciating.  Reckless borrowing, spending and money printing has bought us a brief period of "economic stability", but our foolish financial decisions will also make our eventual collapse far worse than it might have been.  So don't think for a second that the U.S. will somehow escape the coming global economic crisis.  The truth is that before this is all over we will be seen as one of the primary causes of the crisis.

The following are 21 signs that the global economic crisis is about to go to a whole new level....

People have no idea what Collapse might look like - video - Part 2 ~ link 

Stock Market Collapse Imminent: A collective collapse in Global Demand is What Happened during the Great Depression - It's happening again Today!!! ~ link ~ Collective slowing global demand is a sign that deflation has now metastasized. Japan is contracting, Europe is contracting, China is slowing and the US is desperately hoping it can print enough money to escape deflation’s growing grasp. It can’t.

A collective collapse in global demand is what happened during the Great Depression. It’s happening again today. The trillions of dollars governments printed and spent since 2008 only delayed the inevitable but did not prevent it; and, now in 2012, the inevitable has once again resumed its deflationary descent. 

An Implosion of the US System will lead to Disintegration ~ link ~

The Coming False Flag Event and the Control of All Wealth ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling     

Only a handful of families control the banks that control the private issue of all money. Their business is simple:

Top 15 Economic Truth Documentaries - videos ~ link

American Extermination: Death for Sale in Every Aisle ~ linkYour local grocery store is serving up death in every aisle. Even you shop carefully, you run the risk of being like a bug to be exterminated, unknowingly bringing home glossy, sweet-smelling poison to the rest of your colony.

GMOs masquerading as healthy fruits and vegetables, produce and meat tainted with salmonella due to unsafe handling, and processed foods laced with neurotoxins lurk on every aisle. Food “safety” is for sale and it really doesn’t matter, as long as the big companies continue to turn a profit.

How 'scientific poisoners' threaten the future of life on planet Earth ~ link ~ There is a battle being waged for your mind. To the victor comes influence over your beliefs, you purchase decisions, and even your values. On one side of the battlefield are the so-called 'scientific' poisoners, who are really just proxy scientists and propagandists promoting corporate interests. These 'scientists' want to convince you that there's no such thing as a dangerous pesticide. That GMOs are harmless, in fact healthful. That autism isn't caused by any possibly related to chemical exposure, and that vaccines are a scientific gift to humanity, without which we would have all died from infectious disease.

There is no chemical the scientific poisoners do not think is safe to put on your skin or ingest into your body. Hydrofluosilicic acid -- also mistakenly called "fluoride" -- is perfectly safe to drink, they say. Chemotherapy is good for you and doesn't make your hair fall out or damage your kidneys. Psychiatric drugs are more important than vitamins. 

Maqui: A rebellious little berry that tames inflammation, prevents cancer and supports a healthy heart ~ link ~ Could a small purple berry fuel unlimited stamina, heal innumerable health complaints and turn back the hands of time? Maqui berry can do all of this and more. The fierce Mapuche warriors indigenous to Chile attribute their strength, vigor and unconquerable spirit to this little known South American berry. As one of the most extraordinary fruits, maqui boasts an impressive list of healthful benefit including cancer prevention, taming inflammation, managing blood sugar levels and supporting a healthy heart. Grown in an ecological manner with time-honored harvesting methods, maqui is a shining star among environmentally friendly superfoods. 

The Police State Looms Larger - with vide ~ link ~ Hitler and Stalin would be proud!  Stirling    

Government trying to make garage sales illegal ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this stuff up!  Stirling     

Three weeks to the US election: The issues facing working people ~ link ~ The closeness of the election reflects two interconnected processes. Working people, the vast majority of the population, are increasingly alienated from both corporate-controlled political parties and their multimillionaire candidates and see less and less reason to prefer one to the other.

At the same time, the ruling elite is divided along lines that could roughly be characterized as greed vs. caution. Those sections supporting Romney want an all-out, undisguised program of self-enrichment for the financial aristocracy. Those supporting Obama are more cautious, fearing that without a pretense of “fairness” and “equal sacrifice”—albeit entirely hollow and false—the capitalist system will face an uncontrollable movement of social opposition from below.

Macondo NOT Dead - BP hiding crude oil source ~ link ~ Government scientists definitively linked a new Gulf of Mexico oil slick, that has moved to some 90 miles from the sinkhole, to BP’s 2010 oil catastrophe, saying it is probably from a BP Deepwater Horizon rig pipe, but one expert is not buying it and people are demanding evidence about the source of the crude oil, both in the gulf and the sinkhole.

“People are demanding evidence of where the fresh crude is coming from, because the storyline that BP is floating out there now — that a small amount of leftover oil is now being released from a bent riser at the rig that exploded in 2010 – simply is not holding water,” environmental attorney Stuart Smith stated Monday in his blog post.

US Congressman: We can only hope BP's nightmare will in the Gulf has not come back to life ~ link 

London housing bubble expands as plutocrats buy up top properties ~ link ~ I use to love London, but it has gotten so impossible to get around in, and so overpriced that it is a real pain.   Stirling   

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