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Turkey moves tanks to hilltops overlooking Syria ~ link ~ Firing positions!   Stirling     

Turkey deployed tanks and missile defense systems on hilltops overlooking Syria today, the state- run Anatolia news agency said.

The deployment in Mursitpinar, near the border town of Suruc, came hours after Turkey scrambled fighter jets after a Syrian helicopter came close to the border, according to a Turkish official who declined to be identified because the information is sensitive.
Spreading "Iranian" cyber attacks hit Israeli military, and US financial and Gulf oil targets ~ link ~ Also see from FOX News ~ link ~ Is this report true???  It is very doubtful!!!  The Israelis and the globalist controlled West lie almost all of the time.  They are totally without honor or truthfulness and cannot be trusted!  It may well be the opening 'shots' in a False Flag cyber attack that will be blamed on Iran and used to shut down the Internet or parts thereof.  If it is true, you have to remember that Israeli and Western cyber attacks have been happening for some years now on Iran and its allies.   Stirling   

Also on Thursday, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta unveiled his “pre-9/11 moment” speech which revealed that for two weeks, hackers had been hammering the websites of big American banks, the Saudi national oil company Aramco and Qatar’s Rasgas.

In a strong comment, he said the US would strike back and consider a preemptive strike against cyber terrorism, without saying how or actually naming Iran.

Analyst: Turkish people are against government's policy towards Syria - with video ~ link ~ So, the America, British, French, German, etc., people are against a new war against Syria and Iran but that does NOT stop their governments from starting is not the people that rule these nations, but the global banksters and Zionists!!!   Stirling    

Zionists buying Turkey's bordering areas with Syria ~ link ~  You simply cannot make this craziness up!  Once again, the ugly hand of Zionism is involved in causing a World War!!!   Stirling      

Zionists have bought half of Turkey's bordering areas with Syria in Hatay province, a senior Turkish legislator revealed, warning that the move has posed a great danger to his country's national security.  

Hatay Province's Representative at the Turkish parliament Mohammad Ali Adiboglu said that he discovered the danger after studying the documents in Hatay's Real State Registration Organization.

He further cautioned Turkey's Minister of Environment and Urbanization Erdogan Bayraktar that he'd better have a strong reasoning for selling the country's territories to the foreign nationals.

Hatay is a province in Southern Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast. It is bordered by Syria to the south and east and the Turkish provinces of Adana and Osmaniye to the north.

The West is looking for an excuse to attack Syria, but Assad is not giving one ~ link ~ Eventually, they will simply do another False Flag Attack to begin the war.  Stirling     

To their surprise, Syria has not yet made any wrong move. It started with this so-called incident between Turkey and Syria just a few days ago. And now we have this issue of the plane.  All these are just baiting. And creating this base, this false base, for an attack on Syria and making it look as if this did not come from us, and Syria and the Assad regime initiated it. And Assad so far has been doing very good. 

Syria, Turkey, Israel and a Greater Middle East Gas War ~ link ~ Little noted was the fact that at the same day as Turkey launched her over-proportional response in the form of a military attack on Syrian territory, one which was still ongoing as of this writing, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) undertook what was apparently an action to divert Syria’s attention from Turkey and to create the horror scenario of a two-front war just as Germany faced in two world wars. The IDF made a significant troop buildup on the strategic Golan Heights bordering the two countries, which, since Israel took it in the 1967 war, has been an area of no tension

The unfolding new phase of direct foreign military intervention by Turkey, supported de facto by Israel’s right-wing Netanyahu regime, curiously enough follows to the letter a scenario outlined by a prominent Washington neo-conservative Think Tank, The Brookings Institution. In their March 2012 strategy white paper, Saving Syria: Assessing Options for Regime Change, Brookings geo-political strategists laid forth a plan to misuse so-called humanitarian concern over civilian deaths, as in Libya in 2011, to justify an aggressive military intervention into Syria, something not done before this
Israel could posture forces on or near the Golan Heights and, in so doing, might divert regime forces from suppressing the opposition. This posture may conjure fears in the Assad regime of a multi-front war, particularly if Turkey is willing to do the same on its border and if the Syrian opposition is being fed a steady diet of arms and training 

Without asking Congress, Obama puts US troops on Syria border ~ link ~ Congress does not care...they trip over one another to kiss Netanyahu's butt...they will give the Antichrist anything he wants!!!   Stirling   

US Intelligence Analyst: War plans secretly made against Syria ~ link ~ This is a really good article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     

Americans have been told that 150 troops have been sent to Jordan to help with refugee problems from Syria.

Britain is doing the same. A hundred and fifty can be “150” or it can be 800, two countries can be a dozen.

Combine this with the Turkish moves, forcing down a Syrian airliner flying out of Russia, handcuffing and abusing passengers, bizarre tales of imaginary electronics, a brazen confrontation, not just with Syria but Russia, a major and quite relentless nuclear power, and the desperation of the failures to crush Syria according to a long-established timetable become clear.

Intelligence agencies analyze patterns, making up a mosaic that reveals intentions. Our mosaic includes recent claims by the US that Iraq is now the home for a massive new Al-Qaeda force, one made up entirely of former Ba’athists that had been in the pay of the US.

Our source on this is the fleet’s then chief political officer and former presidential advisor Gwyneth Todd, who was, last year, subject to a kidnap/assassination attempt by US government personnel.

Ms. Todd is living in Australia, married to a Defense official, the mother of three. Silencing her, for some reason, had become a priority.

Adding to the “witches brew” of plots against Syria is the corridor Israel has established across Jordan and Iraq to supply their new airbase at Mosul in Iraq’s Kurdish region.

Now the Israeli papers report a “massive air defense exercise” involving the United States, with naval forces to be stationed in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Our first serious question is the troops in Jordan. There is no rationale for the US, Britain and other NATO powers to use Special Operations forces to provide “humanitarian services” to refugees. The United Nations does this as do other NGO’s and, of course, the government of Jordan, which has funds available by agreement, from Saudi Arabia.

The troops, minimally, are involved in intelligence gathering, interviewing refugees, but, additionally, are establishing a foothold for a larger potential force in the immediate future.

Similarly, the current and unsubstantiated misrepresentation of sectarian strife in Iraq, is hardly proof of a “massive” Al-Qaeda cell planning attacks on the United States, as expressed by extremist elements in the American press, more honestly, much of the American press.

We have two uses of the term “massive” as though it had some magic meaning, as though it were a justification for military action.

One problem has been the consistency within the Obama administration, in assuring Iran that no attack will be made until every imaginable diplomatic means is exhausted.

However, Syria has no such blanket protection and, moreover, Secretary of State Clinton has been particularly belligerent in her recent pronouncements.

We seem to be seeing a repetition of recent events in Libya. There has been continual discussion of “buffer zones” and “safety corridors” or rumors of deals to split Syria up or force a “regime change” though no legal authority for any involvement in Syria has been established.

The additional issue, of course, is the use of unauthorized and unrestricted unilateral sanctions, actions that clearly qualify as acts of war in accordance with international law, acts that, in a democratic United Nations, should, in fact, bring about a vote of the General Assembly which, by all that is reasonable, require “reverse sanctions” on the aggressor nations.

An examination of the intended impact of sanctions is directly parallel to the blockade of Europe used by the Allied powers against Germany. The intent, normally part of a combined operation of unrestricted bombing of cities, as with Dresden in 1945, represents a strategic program of unlimited warfare against a civilian population, disease and starvation the desired result.

The targets are clear. Syria is to fall, followed by Lebanon, then the renewal of operations in Iraq and a program of selected destabilization of Iran by nations that, frankly, lack both the will and ability to fight a sustained ground war in Iran.

The intent is clear, mischief, intimidation and enslavement in all cases, the model in place currently in Afghanistan, or intended to be in place anyway.

One might ask, why would a nation being so soundly defeated in an adjacent country want to repeat the same disaster multiplied by ten?

The new schedule is clear, based on the “informed” belief that the American election will be rigged for Romney and his friends in organized crime to win and immediately authorize military action which will, very possibly, end in a world war.

Wilder and more conspiratorial “polls” come out every day; the control of the press is so obvious as to be laughable.

The Libyan attack, one clearly orchestrated from Tel Aviv, one intended to be used by the Romney camp to attack the Obama presidency is, as planned, the primary foreign policy issue.
No American president could live a day telling the truth, “Israel did it.”

Intelligence agencies have been backdating phony reports to invent imaginary Al-Qaeda cells operating for years in Libya, a nation that was the bulwark of the Bush-Blair rendition program.
The new wars will be chasing imaginary Al-Qaeda from Syria to Iraq to Iran and from Yemen to Somalia to Mali and Niger to Nigeria and Cameroon and then to Uganda and Kenya.

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Anonymous said...

Add to this that the dollar is in real trouble as a reserve currency. BRICS and alot more countries are not using dollar and China has publicly stated that they as of september accept none dollar based trades.Including oil trade.

So... Given that the dollar is going down in the sense it is a reserve currency and the printing press did keep it afloat... When the printing press prints money for the external market that no one wants, the money will get back to the domestic market and it will be trillions and the devaluation/inflation is a hard fact hitting dinner tables all over america.

Maybe Syria and iran is a giant smokescreen for exactly what will happen in the domestic american situation once this scenario plays out?

keep in mind there are a few western countries that have stacks of dollars so they will be hit to.