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The Turks are now scrambling jet fighters when Syrian helicopters fly inside of Syria to attack the foreign terrorists attacking Syrian people.  Turkey has now moved 250 American supplied main battle tanks to the Syrian border.  They are assembling a large invasion force and daily provoking Syria.  This is the work of the Global Banking Cartel and Netanyahu...they continue to drive the entire world towards a horrific war.   Stirling   

Turkey deploys 250 tanks near Syrian border amid escalating tensions ~ link ~ Turkey has deployed 250 tanks along its southern border with Syria amid rising tensions with the Damascus government over the past few days.

The tanks along with military vehicles of the Turkish Armed Forces, artillery units and a large number of military personnel, were dispatched to the southeastern provinces of Sanliurfa, Gaziantep and Mardin at the Turkish-Syrian border, Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper reported.

IDF on-guard for Iranian-Hezbollah drones from Palestine and Gaza ~ link ~ This is really freaking Israel out, but turn about is 'fair play'.  The IDF has violated Lebanese airspace, in violation of UN rules, many tens of thousands times, both with jet fighters breaking the sound barrier and UAVs.   Stirling   

After rolling out Hizballah statistics claiming Israel had violated Lebanese airspace 20,864 times (!), Nasrallah said in his televised speech: “This is our natural right and we will send them whenever we want and this will not be the last time.”
The successful penetration of two Iranian stealth drones – one from the Gaza Strip and one from Lebanon – would be celebrated in Tehran and Beirut as a major feat against the Zionist enemy, say debkafile’s military sources - especially after last Saturday, Oct. 6, when an Iranian UAV, which Nasrallah named “Ayyoub,” managed to fly over strategic Israeli sites including the nuclear reactor in Dimona before it was brought down.
Turkey Scrambles Two F-16s To Syrian Border ~ link ~ For the first time since July, Turkey scrambled two F-16 fighter jets to the Syrian border following a Syrian military helicopter bombed the border town of Azmarin. The WSJ reports that the two fighters flew along the border shortly after 2pm local time following heavy fighting between rebels and Syrian government forces. Booming explosions and the rattle of machine guns around Azmarin could be heard Friday morning from the small Turkish border town of Hacipasa. One eyewitness said the Syrian attack helicopter retreated when the Turkish jets flew along the border
Turkey's move on Friday to scramble jets close to the fighting inside Syria comes amid a sharp escalation of tensions along the shared 565-mile frontier.

Turkey deploys fighter jets to Syrian border ~ link ~ Turkey has recently increased its military deployments on the Syrian border, including with tanks and F-16 fighter jets. Hürriyet Daily News reported Friday that Ankara has amassed around 250 tanks and 55 jets of various models along the volatile border with its Arab neighbor. Meanwhile, the Turkey's troops have been put on high alert.

British troops deployed to Jordan as 'mission creep' possibility rises ~ link ~ As Austerity Fascism and Economic Crisis racks the British people, its "leaders" just cannot wait to get themselves in yet another expensive bloody Middle East War for Israel.  Unbelievable!!!   Stirling    
The UK military has deployed its personnel to the Kingdom of Jordan, where US special operation forces have been preparing the ground for a military onslaught against neighboring Syria under the disguise of training Jordanian forces.

The deployment of British troops to Jordan and the presence of an initial contingent of 150 US military planners there could raise the possibility of a “mission creep” as the crisis in Syria turns to become a proxy war, with terrorists fighting the popular government of President Bashar al-Assad receiving direct support from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and indirect backing from the US and its NATO allies.

Jordan has confirmed the presence of both US and UK military personnel on its soil, claiming that they are there to assist them develop techniques to protect civilians in case of a fallout from the civil war in Syria.

This is while that the protests in Syria, from the very outset, were the result of a covert US-NATO intelligence operation geared towards triggering social chaos, with the ultimate goal of discrediting the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad and destabilizing Syria.

Terrorist attacks inside Syria are carried out by trained gunmen and snipers including mercenaries who are tasked with the indiscriminate killing of men and women and children as part of a US-NATO-Israeli initiative which supports the formation of “an armed entity” operating inside Syria.

Meanwhile, security sources have already confirmed that agents from the UK’s foreign spying apparatus MI6 and the US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were already inside Syria assessing the situation and talking to dissident soldiers about how best they can give terrorists weapons and communications tools they need.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) has confirmed that it has been “drawing up secret plans for a NATO-sponsored no-fly zone over Syria [in coordination with its allies], but first it needs backing from UN Security Council”. According to these secret plans, “fighting in Syria could be bigger and bloodier than the battle against Gaddafi” [in Libya].

British Special Army Forces (SAF) along with forces of ally countries such as France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, have already been operating inside Syria in blatant violation of international laws and regulations.

British and French Special Forces have been actively training members of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) from a base in Turkey. 
Jordan: US troops helping prepare for "Syrian Attack" ~ link Why on earth war-torn Syria would even consider invading Jordan is unclear, but the US troops on the ground in Jordan are apparently spending all their time preparing for that eventuality anyhow, at least according to Jordanian officials familiar with the situation.

The more plausible explanation is the one raised when the US deployment was first revealed, that the troops are actually planning for a raid into Syria to seize the nation’s chemical weapons.

The Israel Lobby and the Road to War ~ link ~ Israel is like a spoiled child who has grown stronger, more willful, and outright dangerous under the nurturing care of its US parent – a parent who has lost all authority and can no longer restrain its juvenile delinquent progeny. The US-Israeli "special relationship" has destabilized the Middle East and made war much more likely than it would be otherwise. Israel can act in the knowledge that there will be no consequences for its actions, that it will not be held accountable or blamed – in public – in any way for what follows.

This, in turn, has energized extremist movements inside Israel, who demand more and yet more of the United States – and come to resent Uncle Sam for supposedly restraining the Israelis from achieving what they believe is their just due. The response is very far from gratitude, if we take Netanyahu’s recent behavior as indicative. We pour billions every year into Israel, with economic and military aid, and with Congress in their back pocket no American president dares threaten them with an aid cutoff. The result is that we have created – and empowered – a monster, one that may one day turn on us.
How much power does Israel have over the US - video ~ link ~ Oh YES, you need to view this one!!!  Stirling    
'Stay out of the Syrian Maelstom' by Patrick J. Buchanan ~ linkThe Syrian civil war could end suddenly with the fall of Assad. But it could also widen with Turkey and Hezbollah becoming directly involved, and Russia, Iran and Iraq sending military aid to prop up their ally. The whole region could go up in flames. Yet what vital American interest is there in who rules in Damascus to justify yet another U.S. war in the Middle East? 
Israeli settlers increase their attacks on Palestinian Christian sites ~ link ~ link ~ At the same time that thousands of Christian Zionist tourists descended on Jerusalem last week to display their unequivocal support for Israel, local Christian leaders say they fear a recent increase in attacks on their holy sites signals the potential for future, more extreme violence.

“Today, they attack holy sites in the night. Tomorrow, they will attack the holy sites while they are filled with people, and then [it] will end [with them] bombarding churches and mosques while people are praying,” Rifat Kassis, coordinator of Kairos Palestine, a Palestinian Christian activist organization, told The Electronic Intifada. “If we fail to see this from now, and to stop this from now, then the whole international community is complicit with this,” he warned.

New Senate push to Pledge Unconditional Support for Israeli "Preventive War" on Iran ~ link ~ This is beyond is treason...putting some small foreign racist nation's interest above that of America in the United States Senate.  Netanyahu and his fellow jerks are going to not only get his people killed, and millions and millions in the greater Middle East killed, but set off the Third World War that will kill 2/3 of the entire Human Race!!!  And far too many of the American people remain in a spaced out stupor unaware of what is really going on!  Stirling      

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is planning to press the Senate next month to pledge U.S. troops, money, and political support to Israel should Bibi Netanyahu launch a preventive war on Iran.

Graham claims his effort would merely make explicit that the U.S. has Israel's back. But when your friend is drunk, you don't hand them the keys. If Graham has his way, he will hand Bibi the keys and lend him our car, while the rest of us ride shotgun.

Russia: Syrian airliner carried radar parts, not weapons ~ link ~ "There were no weapons on the plane," said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. His comments followed heated exchanges between Turkey and Syria over the exact nature of the items confiscated.

Turkey's PM earlier said Russian-made defence equipment was found on board - a claim Syria dismissed as a lie. Damascus has challenged the Turks to put the seized goods on public view.

Moscow furious after Turkish fighter jets force Syrian air passenger plane to land in Ankara - video ~ link 

Lebanon to use Hezbollah capability in defense strategy ~ link ~ Lebanon President Michel Sleiman says Hezbollah’s ability to send a drone over Israel shows the need for a new national defense strategy that uses the party’s strength in safeguarding the country.
“The process of dispatching a drone over Israeli enemy territory shows a dire need to approve a defense strategy that would look into the benefits of managing and making use of the resistance’s capabilities,” Sleiman said in a statement on Friday.

He added that Hezbollah’s potential should be used to “safeguard Lebanon and establish a mechanism for issuing a decision to use these capabilities exclusively and under any circumstances in line with national interests [of Lebanon] and the military's defense plans and needs.”

Sleiman’s comments came shortly after Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah confirmed that the Lebanese resistance movement has sent a drone deep into the Israeli airspace evading radar systems.

The operation code-named Hussein Ayub saw Hezbollah’s drone fly hundreds of kilometers into the Israeli airspace and getting very close to Dimona nuclear plant without being detected by advanced Israeli and US radars.

"This is only part of our capabilities," Nasrallah said on Thursday.

Sleiman noted that daily Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty was a matter “of continuous complaints” made by Lebanon to the UN Security Council.

Israel violates Lebanon's airspace on an almost daily basis, claiming the flights serve surveillance purposes.

List of the Elite that Run the Federal Reserve - with video ~ link ~ Do yourself a favor and watch the video of Robert Welch from the 70s.   Stirling     
We Own and Run The Federal Reserve We Are Your Enemy.
  1. Lord Jacob de Rothchild
  2. his son Nathaniel de Rothchild
  3. Barron John de Rothchild
  4. Sir Evelyn de Rothchild
  5. David Rockefeller
  6. Nathan Warburg
  7. Henry Kissinger
  8. George Soros
  9. Paul Volker
  10. Larry Summer
  11. Lloyd Blankfein
  12. Ben Shalom
The FED is a private for PROFIT bankster cartel which controls the money supply. The FED profits off of interest on our national debt when we pay our IRS taxes.

The USA Is Now a Gestapo Police State - Paul Craig Roberts - video ~ link 

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