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World Jewish Congress president: Israeli strike on Iran without USA would be a 'disaster' ~ link ~ It will be a disaster for Israel and the entire World regardless if American is involved from the 'get go' or not.   Stirling    
US increases support for Syrian "opposition" as Aleppo burns ~ link“Rebel” militias launched an offensive on Friday to seize control of Aleppo’s central marketplaces, or souks, which are considered strategically vital to control the city. The labyrinth of narrow alleyways that make up the Old City provides cover for fighters to move around the heart of the city and access the adjacent neighborhoods.
The “rebel” surge inside Syria’s two main cities is the latest escalation of the long-running proxy war between the United States and its regional allies, on one side, and the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, backed by Iran, on the other.

Iran is reported to have given Syrian Regime up to $10 Billion ~ link ~ This is a battle to the end and that means that the full WMD programs of all parties may end up being employed in the future.   Stirling    

Today, Iran's currency plummeted to an all-time low: 32,500 rial to the dollar. The hyperinflation is thought to be the result of oil sanctions that could lose the resource-rich nation $50 billion in revenue this year.
Yet reports coming out today say they also are giving billions to the Assad regime in Syria to help fund the civil war — up to $10 billion according to the Times of London.
Powerplays behind "The Innocence of Muslims" ~ link ~ Israel’s big ploy moves ahead in the shadow of the demonstrations and reactions to the film "The Innocence of Muslims." However, the appearance of Hezbollah on the scene has reversed the situation, which could prompt Tel Aviv to call off the operation. 
Voting is an Exercise in Futility ~ link ~ One hundred years ago the American republic was overthrown and captured by financial elites and money power during the Taft and Wilson administrations, the first Republican and the second Democrat. Both the Federal Reserve and federal income tax were born and you know the rest of the story consisting of two world wars, the Great Depression and stock market crash, the rise of communism and fascism and the Cold War. Since that time directed current events, history and financial markets have ruled at the expense of free markets and free people.

The minor policy differences with one agenda shared by two different parties and their presidents back during the Taft and Wilson presidencies are somewhat similar to Obama and Romney today, should the GOP win this election. The only real difference is in the political rhetoric preceding the election. The America and republic established by our founding fathers effectively died 100 years ago and real, productive Americans have been a conquered people since that time.

Controlled Demolition of Europe Continues ~ link ~
With a grim mercilessness, the mainstream press – controlled by the power elite that has evidently and obviously created this mess – tallies the damages and makes sure everyone knows how horrible it is.  It's like watching a slow-motion car wreck where you can see what's going to happen ahead of time but there's nothing you can do about it.

And one gets the feeling this is part of the larger, deliberate approach, from a journalistic perspective, anyway. We are being shown that the cold-blooded takedown of a continent of 400 million people is not only feasible it is actually ongoing. Here's more from the article:

QE3 Destined to Run Until Implosion - with video ~ link
One in Five US households has student loan debt ~ linkNineteen percent of all US households in 2010 owed student loans, up from 9 percent in 1989 and 15 percent in 2007, according to the latest report from the Pew Research Center. The average outstanding debt is $26,682. The statistics point to the ever-thickening social quicksand the youth and poor are being forced into. 

And the Economy of Death flies on ~ link ~ Nearly 17 million Americans, or 5.5 percent of the population, suffer from hunger and have gone at least one full day without eating during the last three months because of a lack of money. Another 33 million can only afford to buy low-quality food and suffer from nutritional imbalances. Indifferent to their needs, Washington has completely geared its economy towards arms manufacturing. This trend towards a war-driven economy, which began in 1995 under the Clinton administration, suddenly picked up speed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks with the Bush Jr. Administration, and has maintained the same pace under Obama’s watch.
Tens of thousands protest austerity policies in Portugal and Spain ~ link ~ And the bought-and-paid-for political whores do NOT care!  It will take something like a revolution to overturn the Global Banking Cartel and their Austerity Fascism in Europe.   Stirling     
Ronbini says: Europe situation may turn disorderly ~ link ~ The people are getting really fed up with this Rothschild imposed Austerity Fascism.   Stirling     

Thousands march in Paris against austerity ~ link ~ Thousands of demonstrators marched peacefully Sunday in Paris to denounce austerity measures in Europe that have sparked violent protests in other EU countries struggling to avert fiscal crises.

The march, organized largely by the Left Front party and the Communists, comes before the French parliament's debate this week on a European fiscal treaty. Organizers put turnout at more than 80,000; Paris police declined to provide an estimate.
13 Ugly Charts that we've seen in just the last 24 hours ~ link ~ Not good!   Stirling     
US Counting Down to Hyperinflation ~ linkJohn Williams, who is the founder of, stated during a recent interview that the US is on track to become victim of hyperinflation the latest in 2014. He believes that “open ended QE” (which is nothing more than monetizing debt) is the key problem. He explains there is an annual deficit of 5 trillion dollar per year in the US, which includes the unfunded liabilities.  He declares the situation “beyond containment”. Central planners are responding to the current economic problems by simply increasing the amount of printed money. John Williams his expectations are that  we’ll soon see a heavy sell off in the dollar, quickly followed by a significant first spike in inflation. That will ultimately lead to  hyperinflation the latest somewhere in 2014. We are just before the kick off of inflation.
Socialist Global Central Bank Crime Syndicate QE-4-Ever Inflation Theft ~ link It is barely four weeks since the European arm of the global central bank crime syndicate (ECB) announced its policy of wanting to print unlimited euro's to monetize bankrupting PIIGS debts that was welcomed by the markets who's participants would be lining up to offload PIIGS bonds bought at far higher
interest rates (lower prices) onto predominantly German tax payers because it is Germany that backs the Euro as a sound currency rather than the Greek or Spanish versions of the Zimbabwean Dollar.

Markets brace for Spanish debt decision ~ link ~ Markets are bracing for a possible downgrade of Spanish government debt to 'junk' status.  Ratings agency Moody's is due to release its decision after a review of Spain's credit rating wrapped up on Friday. 
Thousands in Germany Protest for Wealth Tax ~ link ~ Thousands of people across Germany have protested for the introduction of taxes on wealth and financial transactions.

Organizers said Saturday around 40,000 people took to the streets in 40 cities to demand a more equal society. 

Public will be Slaughtered as Fed is setting up the biggest Pump & Dump the World has ever seen ~ link ~ In this excellent update on the stock, dollar, oil, and gold & silver markets, former Bear Stearns trader Greg Mannarino states that the stock market is testing major resistance WITH ZERO VOLUME and is preparing to roll over.  He states equities are currently at least 50% over-valued from fair-market prices, and that the Fed is currently setting up the biggest pump & dump in the equities market that the world has ever seen!Enormous amounts are going to be created when this bubble bursts, and the majority will be STOLEN BY THE INSIDERS, AS THE GENERAL PUBLIC ARE SLAUGHTERED!

Mannarino states that we are in the midst of a currency collapse, and that rather than worrying about the latest I-phone or I-pad, people need to be worrying about SURVIVAL!

McGraft: "You better look at reality and understand what's coming next" ~ link ~ The austerity sledgehammer is coming down hard, and everyone is starting to feel it. The response from the political and financial elite has been to continue doing what they’ve been doing, because somehow the same financial and economic policies they’ve implemented over the last four years, those which have done nothing to increase jobs or economic growth, are going to make a difference now. The decline is happening before our eyes. Millions of people in once stable economies have been impoverished by job losses, taxation and out of control price inflation on essential commodities like food and energy.

Charlie McGrath, of Wide Awake News, warns that what’s coming next is a catastrophic implosion – and none of us will be spared:

Chinese PMI misses estimates - Manufacturing contracts again ~ link ~ China's official manufacturing PMI number came in at 49.8 for September. Economists expected it to climb to 50.1 from 49.2 in August.

Any reading below 50 signals contraction in the industry.

Central Bankers inflate fiat while plans for One World Currency are finalized ~ link ~ According to Deutsche Bank analysts Daniel Brebner and Xiao Fu, gold is “not really a commodity at all.” Berbner and Fu explain: “While it is included in the commodities basket it is in fact a medium of exchange and one that is officially recognized (if not publically used as such). We see gold as an officially recognized form of money for one primary reason: it is widely held by most of the world’s larger central banks as a component of reserves.”

Gold is deemed “good money” and fiat currency is represented as “bad money” because the central banking cartels confuse the worth of paper over precious metals to keep the populace in the dark as to currency value to claim a monopoly over worth and circulation as well as hoard precious metals for consumption purposes.

Why this Depression will be known as the Greatest Depression ~ link ~ Government default is inevitable and with it another Depression. The Depression will be more painful than the so-called Great Depression which occurred seven decades ago. There are several reasons why.  The primary one is our interdependence upon one another. In a functional economy, the division of labor is a good thing. This specialization and trade with each other has made our lives easier and wealthier than they otherwise would have been.

When an economy becomes dysfunctional, everything changes. Trade declines, or in the case of an economic collapse, virtually ceases entirely. The interdependence and specialization which contributed to our high standard of living ceases now become liabilities.

Experts believe Russia is bankrolling a plan to end shale natural gas in Europe ~ link ~ Pace's work for Gazprom has raised some eyebrows in Washington, and Hill noted that industry watchers in Europe already believe Russia is bankrolling environmental groups that are loudly opposing plans for fracking in Europe, which could cut down on Russia's natural gas market.

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