Sunday, September 16, 2012

Recall Capt. Wales Now


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Recall Capt. Wales NOW

HRH, The Prince Henry of Wales (Prince Harry), who is known in the British Army as Capt. Wales, is a well liked young man.  He has followed in his parents steps with his involvement in charities.  He is also a rather good Apache helicopter pilot.  He recently made the 'grand screw up' of his life by his antics in a pre-combat deployment party in Las Vegas.  Something most people will remember, but 'forgive' him for. 

As a serving combat attack helicopter pilot in the British Army, his skills are both needed in combat operations and expensive to the British nation to train/maintain.  Hence, when his unit was scheduled for deployment to Afghanistan, he was sent with his team mates.  His last deployment to Afghanistan was cut short (after only 77 days), when an Australian magazine broke ranks with other news organizations and reported that he was serving in a war zone.  The British Defense Ministry had Prince Harry on a plane heading back to the UK in a matter of hours, once the story broke.   

It is a matter of wonderment to me, that if the dangers to Prince Harry were so great back then, why they are largely 'non-existent' now.  Afghanistan remains a 'hell hole' for allied troops.  No place is truly safe.  If Prince Harry's unit was going, at the least they should have tried to cover up his participation, for security reasons, until the 4-month deployment was over.  Instead, it was announced that Prince Harry was deployed to combat service in Afghanistan.  I believe that was a mistake in judgement, perhaps influenced by the Las Vegas party photos.

However, the disclosure of his actual base posting, to Camp Bastion, and specific information as to his combat role there was improper from a security standpoint, to the extent that it could be properly called Gross Negligence.  This has clearly been proven to be the case, as the Taliban wasted no time in organizing a bold attack on Camp Bastion that killed several US Marines and wounded other troops and destroyed several hundred million dollars/pounds of fighter jets and other military property.  The Taliban has clearly stated that they targeted Prince Harry.  You can count on the fact that he remains in their cross hairs, and that all his mates lives are at greater risk than normal.  

Several years ago, when Canada was heading the NATO mission in Afghanistan, the then Governor-General of Canada (an attractive woman) was criticized for not having visited the Canadian Forces there.  As Christmas was coming up, and as I have several old honorific Canadian offices-of-state (Lord Lieutenant of Canada/etc.; the first Earl of Stirling was the founder of English-speaking Canada in the early 17th Century), I offered to go in her place and serve Christmas Dinner to the troops.  The Chief of the Defense Staff turned me down, saying it simply was too dangerous at that time, and he went himself and served the Christmas turkey to the troops.  In offering to go, I know that for the short time that I might be there, I would be the Number One Target for the Taliban in all of Afghanistan.  That is a sobering thought, but rank (even if old and honorific) does bring duty with it.  So I have a bit of an idea of the feelings that young Prince Harry must have.

Nevertheless, with the recent bloody attack on Camp Bastion, it is apparent that the Taliban clearly have Prince Harry in their sites.  One should NEVER underestimate ones enemies, especially when you are on 'their turf'.  The Prince's continuing presence in Afghanistan is placing his mates at great risk and for that reason alone, he should be recalled.  

He, his minor Vegas mistake notwithstanding, is a good man and a man of honor.  He should be recalled home in order not to place his team mates under undue risk and on that basis he should accept such an order without resigning his commission (as he has talked about doing if he cannot be useful).   



Anonymous said...

"England is just a small island. Its roads and houses are small. With few exceptions, it doesn't make things that people in the rest of the world want to buy. And if it hadn't been separated from the continent by water, it almost certainly would have been lost to Hitler's ambitions."(Mitt Romney)

Well, if you take away the Royals, what remains from Britain?

Nothing but an island in the North Sea inhabited by millions of botchers and baddly dressed men with holes in their trousers.

The ordinary prol soldier has no chance to be recalled. You have to be blue-blooded.

Hiei said...

Not directly related with the matter, but just to be honest: isn't this that prince Harry that went to a party in a nazi uniform?
And ins't he actually involved in a criminal and illegal war based on lies, thus being there essentially to kill innocent people that are defending their country from a brutal aggression?

Not meaning in any way that he deserves to die or something like that...just to call things by their name...