Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

Live Feed - Madrid protests at Spanish Parliament ~ link 
Protesters clash with police in Spain - with video ~ link  ~ All hell is getting ready to break out in Spain and throughout Europe!!!   Stirling     
Riot police have ringed the Spanish parliament in Madrid after clashing with demonstrators as thousands of protesters gather for a march against austerity tagged "Surround Congress". Nine people have been injured and 15 arrested, local media report.
'Democracy Kidnapped!' Madrid police fire rubber bullets as thousands surround Spanish Parliament - with video and photos ~ link ~ Local emergency services have confirmed that at least 14 people, including four policemen, have been injured in clashes between police and protesters. One of the wounded is believed to be in critical condition, according to local news. One of the injured policemen suffered a severe concussion.

Riot police dispersed the protesters, dragging some by the arms and legs, who had tried to get through police lines. An uneasy order was restored and reinforcements have been brought in to try and disperse the crowd. 

Thirteen of those arrested have been detained after a group of protesters tried to break through the police barrier. Several others were reportedly arrested later for arguing with police, bringing the total number of arrests to 22.

Spanish Protesters Fired Upon As Thousands Surround Madrid Congress - with photos and video ~ link ~ The official Spanish unemployment rate is 25% and the real rate is 'who knows'.  Almost all young people are unemployed!!!  Spain and other parts of Europe are headed for REVOLUTION ... that is why the Global Banking Cartel MUST have WORLD WAR III SOON!!!   Stirling     

Police break up demo in Madrid, many arrested, several injured ~ link ~ Spanish police have fired rubber bullets to break up a demonstration near the parliament in central Madrid and arrested and injured several protesters.

Late on Tuesday, the police fired rubber bullets and used batons to disperse thousands of demonstrators who had massed at the Plaza de Neptuno square near the lower house of parliament to protest against the austerity measures adopted to address the financial crisis. 

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