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Blair could face War Crime Trial in Scotland ~ link ~ YES, oh please God let it be!!!  Stirling     
Press TV – Margo MacDonald, an independent MSP, called for the alteration of the International Criminal Court (Scotland) Act 2001, asking the law to consider an aggressive war with the intention of changing a regime as illegal.

The suggestion to try Blair gained support from backbenchers of the Scottish National Party (SNP), Annabelle Ewing, Gordon MacDonald, John Finnie, Chic Brodie and Jim Eadie.

Jim Sillars, husband to a former SNP deputy leader called on bold Scottish MPs to “introduce retrospective legislation to indict the former prime minister on war crimes.” “Blair knew aggressive war was a crime. He believed he was safe, there being no legal system that could touch him. There is one now – ours,” he added.

Israel could send Iran "back to Stone Age" with EMP bomb ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  And Iran can kill most people in Israel, North America, Europe and the GCC states with Advanced Biowar...and Israel can nuke every city in the Middle East and all the capitals of Europe...etc./etc./etc.   This article is a typical Israeli evil fantasy.  They always think of what they can do to their enemies but underestimate their enemies power and will to 'return the favor' because they see their enemies as sub-human, as "two-legged soulless animals" because they are not born of a Jewish mother.  That type of hyper-racism is simply poison.   Stirling    
Israel could destroy Iran’s electric network with a specially designed electromagnetic bomb in the event of a military conflict between the countries, The Sunday Times reported on Sunday.

An electromagnetic bomb of this sort would be detonated above the ground, creating an electromagnetic pulse that would “disrupt all the technological devices working on the ground,” an American expert was quoted as saying to the London paper.

"Not acting on nuclear Iran is Obama's biggest failure" says Romney ~ link ~ This shows that Romney will always outdo even Obama when it comes to kissing Israel's ass.  This is beyond shameful that the man running for President of the sole superpower caters to tiny racist Israel.  It is bad enough that the globalists have arranged for two turkeys as the "choices" for Americans in the coming "election": one a fraud Front Man who no one knows who his real father is, or his real mother, or what nation he was born in or has citizenship in; the other a Money Junkie from Wall Street at a time of a new Depression when the globalists have used the Wall Street Money Junkies to kill off the American Middle Class and destroy our industrial base and economy.  But now we have this "I can kiss Israeli butt better they you can" sick contest between the Democrats and Republicans with the globalist/Zionist controlled mainstream news media support such abnormal behavior as perfectly 'normal' and 'American'! Also see this ~ link    Stirling     

Israel support precondition for US Presidency ~ link ~ This craziness has cost the lives of tens of thousands of American, has effectively bankrupted America and it continues to expand as we move towards the Third World War for this tiny nation of bigots.   Stirling     

 “Due to the great influence of the Zionists in this country [the US], election candidates should prove their commitment to the occupying regime of al-Quds (Jerusalem) during election campaigns,” Alaeddin Boroujerdi said on Sunday.

Referring to the forthcoming US presidential election, the lawmaker who heads Iran Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Committee noted that despite Washington’s democratic appearance, all the US policies are guided, formulated, and limited to the Democrat and Republican parties.

Boroujerdi stated that both of the US political parties are following the Zionist lobby, adding that the triumph of either party in the presidential polls will lead to no change in Washington’s strategic positions despite their apparent political differences.

“All those who are nominated in the US presidential election should have the certificate of supporting the Zionist regime [of Israel] and some kind of subservience to Zionists in their resumes,” he said.

On September 6, a US presidential candidate for the American Third Position Party (A3P) said in an exclusive interview with Press TV that the Republican and Democratic contenders for the November presidential race are merely lap dogs for the Zionist lobbies in the United States.

Merlin Miller added that he firmly believes both major US political parties are controlled by the Zionist interests, and their candidates are basically picked by global elites long before the election.

He further noted that the whole presidential process in the United States is a sham, expressing regret that the American public is not aware of the reality.

Miller further stated that there is actually zero tolerance for anybody to be anti-Zionist in the US and personalities like film director Mel Gibson and CNN host Rick Sanchez were discredited simply for the sake of opposition to the actions of Israel and the Zionist lobbies. 


Haaretz: Netanyahu is not Israel ~ link ~ Yes, but he is the Prime Minister and he, and his fellow evil nuts in his inner Cabinet, intend to get Israel into a General Middle East War that will get most Israelis DEAD!   Stirling     

In the run-up to the meeting expected in two weeks between U.S. President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama should believe the reports out of Tel Aviv: Netanyahu is not Israel. Indeed, Netanyahu is only part of Israel, and Israel is not Netanyahu. Israel is not a passive and obedient partner to his madness.

Nuclear strike on Iran needed to take out facilities says report ~ linkI have no doubt that when an attack is made on Iran that tactical nuclear weapons will be used and NATO/Israel will lie about their use, claiming any radiation at the sites is simply from Iranian sources.   Stirling    

13 Hollywood Bastards - video ~ link

Re-posting: Israeli Assassination Attempt on the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - General Dempsey ~ link ~ link ~ link ~  This is one that you need to read in total at the link.   Stirling       

Ahead of UN speech, Iran to signal willingness to negotiate ~ link ~ The satanic globalists and Netanyahu folks don't want to negotiate...they want a war, a really really BIG WAR!!!   Stirling     

Photos of Chinese new LPD naval ships ~ link

HMS Ark Royal to be sold off as scrap metal ~ link ~ If the United Kingdom had not spent billions and billions fighting unnecessary wars for Israel, this would not have happened.   Stirling      

Hungary follows Iceland Plan dealing with the Banksters and Corporate Gangsters ~ link ~ Good article...take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     

What is more of a threat to our liberties then standing armies is the banking cartel and the corporate oligarchy. These corporations and the Bankers seek to have a monopoly over a commodity or some thing the people need  crushing any form of competition that will rival their control.

Iceland broke up the banking cartel monopoly on the money supply because it had a choke hold on their economy. When central banks have a monopoly of issuing and controlling the value of the currency creating debt slavery. The Iceland economy was in near ruin. The people of Iceland took back control from the bankers and said no to a debt the nation did not owe. They arrested the bankers and the agents in the government. Now the economy is rebounding since the bankers are no longer in control.

 We are seeing the beginning of the end to the banking cartel around the world. The world sees them for what they are. that is pure wickedness and evil. The bankers do not have the luxury of controlling information and stealth as they did in the past. Their arrogance will be their demise in the end. At this point Iceland proved the bankers can be defeated. The people of Hungary should see this as hope fore the future.

Federal Reserve far more powerful than thought ~ link ~ The truth is that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel that has been designed to systematically destroy the value of our currency, drain the wealth of the American public and enslave the federal government to perpetually expanding debt.

Did you know that the U.S. dollar has lost 96.2 percent of its value since 1900? Of course almost all of that decline has happened since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913.

Thanks to a very limited audit of the Federal Reserve that Congress approved a while back, we learned that the Fed made trillions of dollars in secret bailout loans to the big Wall Street banks during the last financial crisis. They even secretly loaned out hundreds of billions of dollars to foreign banks.

Five Years since the Great Financial Crisis: No Growth and No Deleveraging  ~ link ~ Get rid of the Global Banking Cartel and we will have real growth!  Stirling    

One of the populist buzzwords of the past 5 years, particularly in Europe, has been "austerity", which as we have said for the roughly the same past 5 years, is simply a synonym for "deleveraging" but one which carries just the right amount of negative connotations, and is used by crafty politicians to shift blame from their own failure to enact proper policy (which over the past 30 years has merely meant to borrow growth from future political cycles, aka, issue debt) onto a "technical" word conceived by Ph.D.-clad economists, who too, are looking for a passive victim on which to project their failure of enacting a voodoo economic theory. There is one problem with all of the above. As we have also been saying for the past five years, the austerity deleveraging myth is one big lie. We are setting the record straight below with facts and figures. We would be delighted if some politician, somewhere, could disprove these facts, which essentially imply that the world is now in a global recession, having experienced no growth as the recent 100% contractionary PMI print of all major economies confirms, yet without any country actually having implemented austerity, pardon deleveraging to have at least a modest justification for this failure of growth. 

Finally, this article proves that the European chorus screaming for "growth" when everyone knows it demands merely more of the same drug - debt - is 100% wrong, and that while the underlying causes of "growth" are there, the only thing missing are the symptoms. DB's Jim Reid provides the charts and facts:

Thought experiment of the absurd: Zero American unemployment before the next Presidential election ~ link ~ The official US unemployment figures have been "cooked" and "re-cooked" so many times, by corrupt Administrations and supported by the lying mainstream news media, that they have about as much reality and truth in them as stories about the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause!  Check out the graphs in this story at the link.  Stirling    

Back in May, we decided to conduct a thought experiment of the absurd as these are usually the best demonstration of modern-day economic insanity, when we extrapolated, based on trailing 12 month average data in the key labor market indicators, namely the number of total employees, the number of unemployed, the size of the labor force, and most importantly, the number of people not in the labor force, just when the US unemployment rate would hit not only zero, but go negative. As a reminder, we found then "that at the current surge of those leaving the labor force, the US unemployment rate will hit 0.0% in December of 2021 and finally go negative, or -0.1% in January 2022." Today, in the aftermath of Friday's farcical jobs data, we decided to update his absurdist thought experiment, because sadly what we thought was absurdity four months ago has proven to be reality.

To recap Friday's data: the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1% from 8.3%. This happened even as the household survey showed a decline in the people employed from 142,220 to 142,101. What also dropped was the labor participation rate, which slid to 58.3% or a 31 year low.  What soared was the number of people not in the labor force, which exploded by unprecedented 581,000 in one month, from 88,340K to 88,921K! (source: BLS) Sadly, it is this statistical ploy on the number of departures from the labor force that continues to pain the US economy in a favorable light. So let's see just how "favorable" that statically absurd future is? Reruning the numbers in our model, based again on trailing 12 month data, "A(bsurd)-Day" is now even closer - instead of hitting 0.0% unemployment in December 2021, the US will have zero unemployment in September 2021, and its first negative unemployment print in October of 2021. The one trade off: on this date the labor force participation rate will drop to 53.6%, from the current 63.5%, as barely half of those eligible for work in the US will have a job. 

Greeks take to streets in light of new austerity cuts - with video ~ link 

Investors exit hedge funds after another bad month ~ link ~ Hedge funds wrapped up another lackluster month in August by substantially underperforming the stock market, and investors are showing signs that their patience is wearing thin.

American Catholic bishop convicted of covering up clerical sex abuse refuses to resign ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkPressure is mounting on the highest ranking US catholic official yet to be convicted of covering up clerical child sex abuse to resign from the church.

Bishop Robert Finn was found guilty Friday of failing to report suspected child sexual abuse to authorities, prompting calls for him to step down or be booted from office.

A look at El Salvador gangs - with photos ~ link ~ You have got to see these 'delightful gentlemen'!  Stirling    

Top 10 Foods that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup ~ link It’s super cheap—cheaper than sugar—and that means processed food manufacturers can load up on it, sweetening their goodies at rock-bottom prices and further driving our waistlines out. It’s high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and it’s found in some pretty surprising places. In fact, the foods with high fructose corn syrup may be foods you eat every single day.

Here are some foods with high fructose corn syrup that you may have never expected to contain the ingredients – foods you may be eating every day.

New toxic strain of H5N1 Bird Flu spreading fast in Vietnam ~ link
The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part II - full video ~ link