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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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DEBKA: "Chemical threat is back. Hezballah, Israel close to clash" ~ link ~ This article is a combination of fantasy, desire, bullshit and reality.   The "chemical threat" was used to try to start a General Middle East War/World War III over a month ago.  When, after a week of careful propaganda set-up about the grave dangers of Assad using his chemical weapons if he was about to fall, the "rebels" fighting the Syrians announced that Assad was moving his chemical warheads to airbases near Israel and was about to attack Israel.   The generals in Israel refused to go along with the lies and stopped the war before it could get started.   About two weeks ago, American generals did much the same.
About four years ago, Israel launched the Second Lebanon War, and lost same, in order to clear out the large number of unguided rockets and guided missiles located in southern Lebanon.  Now the number of rockets and missiles has grown perhaps threefold or more to over 150,000 with FAE (fuel air explosive), chemical, Advanced Biological, and  radiological warheads.  Additionally, the Syrians have greatly expanded their missile and WMD arsenal, as have the Iranians.  In any new general regional war in the Middle East, there are not apt to be sufficient numbers of surviving people in Israel, Syria, Iran, etc., to bury the dead!  Such a war is almost certain to become World War III.  The Iranians, have a global MAD (mutually assured destruction) against the North American, European and Middle East homelands of its NATO/Israeli/GCC enemies using its massive Advanced Biological War arsenal.
Right now, there is this gigantic battle going on...somewhat behind the scenes but also somewhat begin or prevent World War III and a General Middle East War.  The Global Banking Cartel families want yet another global war...the third in less than 100 make vast amounts of money and power from and to usher in their global high-tech slave state, the satanic New World Order.  Some fools in Israel, want a regional war to expand their dominion over all of the Middle East.  Now many people, including some powerful ones and many in the military, all over the world see all of this as stark raving madness and do not want to see the world blown up by 21st Century weapons-of-mass-destruction.   Many in Israel, including many senior military and intelligence officers, know that the war planned will simply sacrifice their Israel for the goals of the Cartel and see it as the greatest danger facing Israel.  Others, in Israel and throughout the World want World War III.  These people are satanic and insane, and I would say that the use of the words "satanic" and "insane" is totally proper and reasonable for these nuts.  The trouble is, these nuts have a great deal of power and they just may win and get their war in the end, but so far they have been checkmated.   The 'Battle to have or not have the War' will determine mankind's fate in the next weeks and months.   Stirling    


chantalouette said...

Thank you for all the information you give,
I read your blog as often as possible(that's to say nearly every day)
Good of them generals, I hope they can hold on and prevent things.
My son as friends in Syria(that I've also met when they came last year on a visit to France),
and one of them told him recently on facebook, that outside in Damas it was"swish! boom! " very often.

chantalouette said...

Needless to say the information our syrian friends give, confirms what you write

chantalouette said...

I found this article on a french Canadian blog
and at the end of the article I found the original link
What do you think of it?