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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

Norm Chomsky: Israel is a pretty crazy state - The United States is just a rogue state ~ link ~ There is a very good account of Operation Cast Lead by independent participants. For example, there were a couple of Norwegian doctors working at the Gaza hospital through the attack. I mean, they just called it infanticide. The IDF killed a lot of children, were attacking ambulances, committing all kinds of atrocities. [These doctors], they wrote a very graphic and dramatic account of what the invasion was like. The Israeli military must have killed 1500 people. There was a UN Security Council effort to call a ceasefire early in January, but the U.S. blocked it - it wouldn't allow it. It was very carefully planned. It ended right before Obama's inauguration. The point of that was to protect Obama from having to say anything critical about it. He was asked about it before he was elected and said 'I can't comment on that, I am not president'. It started a few days before the election, and ended before the inauguration. When he was asked about it after the election, Obama took the position that we shouldn't look backwards but should move forwards. There was no punishment for those involved, and, it was a really criminal assault on a completely defenseless population. It was one of the most brutal attacks in recent years - that's Operation Caste Lead. There is no pretext for it. They claim it was to protect the population from Hamas missile, but an easy way to do that would have been just to renew the ceasefire.
Netanyahu in secret discussions with USA on a Spring attack on Iran ~ link ~ debkafile quotes some Washington sources as disclosing that the White House and Israel emissaries have come to an understanding that Israel will hold back from attacking Iran’s nuclear sites before the US election in November, while a special team led set up by President Barack Obama completes a new paper setting out the end game for Iran.
 Netanyahu’s citing of late spring, early summer 2013, as the critical point on Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb appears to confirm that he has agreed to delay military action against Iran in negotiations with the White House. Our sources report that the prime minister was represented in those talks by Defense Minister Ehud Barak and National Security Adviser Yakov Amidror.
United Kingdom spends up to $2 billion on deadly drones ~ link ~ The ever larger scale use of these armed drones is the Beta Test for their use throughout the entire World, but especially in North America and Europe.  The Global Banking Cartel families intend to use this technology to control the sheeple as they proceed to kill off and enslave and rob the 99.9%!!!   Stirling     
Britain has spent over £2bn on buying and developing deadly military drones in the last five years and is said to be spending more, as the flying devices are known for killing civilians in current US-led invasions.

After the UK spent £2bn on funding the development of unmanned aircrafts in the past 5 years, it attempts to invest an extra £2bn for a newer type of drone.  The figures reveal how the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is committed to pouring money into the operations of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Guantanamo Bay: The Model for an American Police State? ~ link ~ For most Americans, the detention center at Guantanamo Bay – once the topic of heated political debate by presidential hopeful Barack Obama but rarely talked about by the incumbent President Obama – has become a footnote in the government’s ongoing war on terror.

Yet for the approximately 167 detainees still being held in that godforsaken gulag, 86 of whom have been cleared for release yet continue to be imprisoned at the facility, Guantanamo Bay is a lesson in injustice, American-style. It is everything that those who founded America vigorously opposed: kidnapping, torture, dehumanizing treatment, indefinite detention, being “disappeared” with no access to family or friends, and little hope of help from the courts...

The enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in January 2012, which allows the military to arrest and indefinitely detain anyone, including American citizens, only codifies this unraveling of our constitutional framework. Throw in the profit-driven corporate incentive to jail Americans in private prisons, and you have a 10-step blueprint for how to transform a republic into a police state without the populace cluing in until it’s too late.

Senator Lieberman urges President Obama to sign Executive Order to take over the Internet ~ link ~ Good One...please take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling     

It is more and more brazen  everyday. The political establishment hates our free speech. They hate the fact they no longer have a monopoly on the flow of information nor control the news anymore. The internet and alternative media now dominates the information war. They are losing the Public relations battle where a good majority of the American people have lost faith in the government and now see them as a threat to our freedom and security as a nation.
Even the political elite Zbigneiw Brzezinski and Hillary Clinton stated we have lost the information war. That is because the internet has bypassed the main stream dinosaur media. The major news outlets and newspapers have been losing viewers and readers because they are seen as a propaganda arm. They are losing revenue and are on the verge of collapse because they cannot compete with the alternative media.

The former Democrat and now Independent Senator from Connecticut Joseph Lieberman who is a Israeli duel citizen wants war with Iran. Sen Lieberman is the head Chairmen of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee wants the President to sign the Executive Order to take over the Internet. The White House has sent a five page draft out to certain members of congress. Since the Authoritarians in Congress could not get Internet bills like SOPA and CISPA passed because they kill free speech to pass the Legislation process.

America Going Orwell at Mach Speed - Authorities are starting to identify you by your voiceprint ~ link ~ In case Orwellian surveillance systems like  TrapWire weren’t creepy enough, we learn that  SpeechPro, a Russian-owned company, has helpfully invented a voice identification tool for law enforcement use called VoiceGrid Nation. American authorities are looking into using the software at 911 call centers and in police precincts. As Slate reports, it’s  already in place and working out pretty well in some other countries :

Wall Street loses faith in their man Romney - Six really bad new signs for the GOP candidate ~ link ~ There are two important things to keep in mind at this point in the election: (1) The Global Economic Collapse is nearing with the Eurozone Crisis the likely trigger point...if that happens before the election, it is apt to trigger panic voting against Obama; (2) With the widespread use of Computer based voting and vote counting in most of the United States, races are NO LONGER ABOUT WHO GETS THE MOST VOTES BUT ABOUT WHO CONTROLS THE SOURCE CODE FOR THE MOST VOTING MACHINES.   Stirling     

Wall Street braces for an Obama win ~ link ~ Mitt Romney was Wall Street’s dream candidate, a former private equity executive committed to lower taxes and less regulation who would never rip bankers as “fat cats” as President Barack Obama famously did.

But now many masters of the universe concede they may not get their man.

Eurozone Crisis: Spain inching closer to a meltdown ~ link ~ The people can only take so much.  In Spain the economy has been deliberately made so bad that restaurants, due to health concerns, have been installing pad locks on their dumpsters to keep more and more destitute and desperate people out of them.  At the present Spain and Greece are in a pre-revolutionary state, other nations are close.  All hell could break lose soon.   Stirling      

Day 2: People of Spain unite and occupy criminal government ~ link ~ Thousands of Spaniards have returned to Madrid’s Plaza de Neptune to protest the latest, highly contentious wave of austerity measures, following a violent police crackdown on Tuesday.

For the second day running, thousands of demonstrators led by the so-called indignados, or outraged, descended on the square – some 100 meters from Spain’s Congress building. Many in the crowd chanted “government, resign!”while hoisting up placards bearing the slogan “No” in opposition to the country’s austerity program.

There was a tense standoff between demonstrators and police, who have formed a security cordon around the square. Police eventually yielded, as the protesters poured onto the square amidst jubilant cheers.

Days of Rage in Greece as more stringent cuts loom ~ link ~ As the masses are hurt more and more deeply by the ever expanding/ever worsening global depression, they are beginning to become aware that there is no real reason for the Depression other then that it has been deliberately created by the global banksters to destroy the lives of the masses, to enslave them as they are robbed blind.  And that the political class has been the facilitators for the banksters.  As this understanding takes hold more and more, the conditions for serious revolution grow.   Stirling     

Walmart took over Chile in only three years - Is your country next? ~ link ~ Walmart and all the 'big box' stores are globalist parasites that destroy countless local small business and distort the economics of entire nations for the exclusive benefit of a tiny minority at the expense of 99.9% of us.   They should be subject to special taxes to 'even the decks' with locally owned firms.  Stirling    

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