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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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Israel facing 'most fateful days since 1973' says confidant to Netanyahu ~ link ~ Since its inception, all that the leaders of Israel can focus on is WAR and taking more land from the poor Arabs that surround their mini-state.  If they would turn from war, they could have a very long 'run in the Sun' of peace and prosperity.  Many in Israel can see this, others, sadly, are far too evil to go down any path but war.  The fate of not only Israel, but the world will be determined by what happens in the Middle East in the next few months.    Stirling     
Former MK Tzachi Hanegbi, considered a close associate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, tells Likud conference he believes a decision on Iran will be made within the next 50 days • Ehud Barak: U.S. respects Israel's right to decide on its own.
'Next 50 days most fateful since Yom Kipper War' says Hanegbi ~ link ~ These people are insane!!!  Stirling    
"We now stand, in my opinion, before the 50 most fateful days in Israel's history, since perhaps the Yom Kippur War, in which there were also several dozen fateful days."

So said the former Head of Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Tzachi Hanegbi, at a closed meeting of Likud activists in Yafo. A recording of his speech reached daily newspaper Makon Rishon's reporter, Ze'ev Kam.

This is what a US strike on Iran's nuclear facilities "could" look like ~ link ~ Sorry but this is Hollywood type fantasy.  Since all parties to the coming war know that this is a all-out battle and that if they don't "use it, they are apt to lose-it" when it comes to their missile forces and WMD.  This means that 'when the balloon goes up' all hell will break out.  While all sides will keep some reserve forces/missiles/etc. the great bulk of missiles and WMD will be fired in the first hour of the war.  The death toll will be immense in Israel, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Gaza, Saudi Arabia, and the various GCC states.  In many cities and military areas there will not be enough living to bury the dead!  Stirling  
Prince Harry back in Afghanistan for four-month deployment ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ This could end up being a death sentence for Prince Harry.  They never should have disclosed that he was in-theater or where he is located or what he is doing there!!!  I think that they (the UK Government and the Palace) wanted to 'explain' Prince Harry's wild time in Vegas (as his last party before going back to war) but they have made him the NUMBER ONE TARGET IN ALL OF AFGHANISTAN.  This is NOT wise!  Say a prayer for him and those near him, they will need it in the months to come.   Stirling        

Canada severs diplomatic relations with Iran ~ linklink ~ link ~ This makes me wonder if the real reason is to get the Canadian diplomats out before anything bad happens.  Stirling     
War Crime: Syrian Terrorists Blow Up Hospital And Brag About It - with video ~ link ~ Your American, British and French tax money at work!!!   Stirling     

A reporter in Syria captured shocking pictures of a tank blast ~ link
Russia warns against attacking Iran over nuclear fears ~ linkRussia has starkly warned Israel and the United States against attacking Iran, saying Moscow sees no evidence that Tehran's nuclear program is aimed at developing weapons, the Interfax news agency reported on Thursday.

"We warn those who are no strangers to military solutions ... that this would be harmful, literally disastrous for regional stability," Interfax quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying.
Fuji time bomb: Volcano to erupt under pressure ~ link ~ Japanese scientists predict Mt. Fuji will blow due to new tectonic pressures that are higher than when the volcano last erupted more than 300 years ago. Estimates say the eruption will affect more than 400,000 people and cost over $30 billion.

The National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention has issued a warning that Japan’s 9.0 magnitude undersea quake last year, plus an aftershock four days later near Mt. Fuji, has created large pressure on the volcano’s magma chamber, which could lead to an eruption.

Unemployment in Greece officially hits 24% ~ link ~ Jobless Greeks clean toilets in Sweden

Are you better off?  40 Statistics that will absolutely shock you ~ link ~ This is one that you will want to read it all at the link!   Stirling    
Are you better off today than you were four years ago?  This is a question that comes up nearly every election.  This year the Romney campaign has even created a Twitter hashtag for it: #AreYouBetterOff.  The Democrats are making lots of speeches claiming that we are better off, and the Republicans are making lots of speeches claiming that we are not.  So are most Americans actually better off than they were four years ago?  Of course not.  One recent poll found that only 20 percent of Americans believe that they are better off financially than they were four years ago.  But the same thing was true four years ago as well.  Our economy has been in decline and the middle class has been shrinking for a very long time.  The Democrats want to put all of the blame on the Republicans for this, and the Republicans want to put all of the blame on the Democrats for this.  A recent CNN headline defiantly declared the following: "Decline of middle class not Obama's fault", and this is the kind of thing we are going to hear day after day until the election in November.  But obviously something has gone fundamentally wrong with our economy.  So who should we blame?

Sadly, you hear very little on the mainstream news networks or the talk radio shows about the institution that has the most power over our economy.  The Federal Reserve has far more power over our financial system than anyone else does, but the media and both political parties tell us that the Federal Reserve is "above politics" and that their "independence" must never be questioned.

Unfortunately, most Americans have gone along with that.
But the truth is that the debt-based financial system that the Federal Reserve is at the core of is absolutely central to our economic problems.  If you do not understand this, please see this article: "10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve".

The Federal Reserve has done more to mess up our economy than anyone else has.

So shouldn't they be held accountable?

That is a very good question.

Have you ever wondered why financial markets move so dramatically whenever Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gives a speech?

The same thing does not happen when Barack Obama gives a speech.

That is because the financial markets know who holds the real power in our financial system.

But during this election season the American people are told to put all of their attention on the "red team" and the "blue team".  We are told that the two major political parties are philosophical opposites and that they want to take the United States is two completely different directions.

The "true believers" on the blue team are completely and totally convinced that Barack Obama will be able to rescue the economy and save America.

The "true believers" on the red team are completely and totally convinced that Mitt Romney will be able to rescue the economy and save America.

Once upon a time I was one of those political activists.  I was fully convinced that America could be turned around if we could just get enough Republicans into office.

But then I noticed that nothing really seemed to change no matter who was in power.  I became disillusioned as I realized that Republicans were doing things pretty much the exact same way that Democrats were doing them when they got into power.

Yes, there are some minor differences between the two parties on taxes and regulations.

If we elect one guy over the other our economy might decline at a slightly different pace.

But in the end both political parties are taking us to the exact same place.

Down the toilet.

Global economy entering into financial hurricane season ~ link ~ Yep, and the shit is about to 'hit the fan'!   Stirling      
Record 88,921,000 Americans 'Not in Labor Force' - 119,000 fewer employed in August than in July ~ linkWhen you consider that vast numbers of Americas are only working part time jobs because that is all they can find, the total number of American either unemployed or part time is way over 100 MILLION.   And still the government and the mainstream news media does NOT call that a DEPRESSION!!!   Stirling   

Wake Up Call - We are on the verge of an Economic Collapse ~ link This is no idle comment; in the past 18 years China has accumulated a  $3.2 trillion reserve of cash through their balance of trade surplus with the U.S. at the yearly average rate of $250 billion. Last year it was higher at $295 billion. China is now starting to cash in this money by buying America’s most strategic companies. We can’t stop these sales from taking place since most of our best companies are for sale on the open stock market. Other countries, like China, would never let their companies be sold to foreign interests. China’s state capitalism wouldn’t permit it. Conversely, the U.S. sold 16,613 of its best companies to foreign interests in the last 30 years alone.
Over 50 million face hunger in America ~ link ~ The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported Wednesday that 14.9 percent of Americans faced food insecurity in 2011. This means that one in six people lives in a household that is at risk of hunger. Of the more than 50 million people in the US for whom hunger is a reality, nearly 17 million are children.

In 2011, 5.7 percent of US households, or 6.9 million households, had what the USDA terms “very low food security.” This means that the food intake of some household members was reduced or the normal eating patterns were disrupted at times during the year due to limited resources.
Food Inflation, Food Shortages and Food Riots Are Coming ~ link ~ This is NOT an accident, but the planned outcome of the deliberate BP Oil Disaster and the death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico.   Stirling     
A devastating global food crisis unlike anything we have ever seen in modern times is coming. Crippling drought and bizarre weather patterns have damaged food production all over the world this summer, and the UN and the World Bank have both issued ominous warnings about the food inflation that is coming. To those of us in the Western world, a rise in the price of food can be a major inconvenience, but in the developing world it can mean the difference between life and death. Just remember what happened back in 2008. When food prices hit record highs it led to food riots in 28 different countries. Today, there are approximately 2 billion people that are malnourished around the globe. Even rumors of food shortages are enough to spark mass chaos in many areas of the planet. When people fear that they are not going to be able to feed their families they tend to get very desperate. That is why a recent CNN article declared that “2013 will be a year of serious global crisis“.

The truth is that we are not just facing rumors of a global food crisis – one is actually starting to unfold right in front of our eyes. The United States experienced the worst drought in more than 50 years this summer, and some experts are already declaring that the weather has been so dry for so long that tremendous damage has already been done to next year’s crops. On the other side of the world, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have all seen their wheat crops devastated by the horrible drought this summer. Australia has also been dealing with drought, and in India monsoon rains were about 15 percent behind pace in mid-August. Global food production is going to be much less than expected this year, and global food demand continues to steadily rise. What that means is that food inflation, food shortages and food riots are coming, and it isn’t going to be pretty.

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