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Massed US, French and UK navies drill breach of blocked Strait of Hormuz ~ link ~ The citizens of these nations and even the generals of these nations don't want a war in the Middle East that will quickly become WWIII, but the globalists want it bad!  So we see the continuing war games and other foolishness.  The people of this world had better fully wake up and do so quickly.  The Global Banking Cartel families are totally satanic and they created World War I, World War II and most wars over the last couple of hundred years, but World War III with 21st Century weapons of mass destruction is NOT survivable for the Human Race.   Stirling     
The third US aircraft carrier, USS Stennis, is moving into place off the Iranian Gulf coast to lead a 12-day naval exercise of 25 nations on Sept 16-27, that will include a large-scale minesweeping drill simulating the breaching of the Strait of Hormuz against Iranian efforts to block oil passage through the strategic waterway. President Barack Obama may see Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on the last day of the exercise. He hopes to present him with proof of US readiness for military action against Iran and demonstrate that an Israeli strike is superfluous.
The Stennis will join two other aircraft carriers, the USS Enterprise and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, and their strike groups, which are already on operational duty off the coast of Iran, ready for the drill which kicks off in the strategic Strait of Hormuz on Sept. 16.                                                                 

Hot off the Israeli Press ~ link ~  The battle to stop Netanyahu and the globalists from starting World War III goes on, even inside the Israeli Cabinet.  The battle is NOT over, however.  It may be delayed..."may be"...but the final outcome is still up in the air.   Stirling     
Israeli press reports today that PM Benjamin Netanyahu dissolved an Israel’s security cabinet meeting on Wednesday, saying someone in the forum “betrayed the national trust by leaking details of its top-secret discussions on Iran.” 

It is pretty easy to grasp why PM Netanyahu reacted angrily. The pretext for a new world war is pretty much gone – the Hasbara lie is exposed once again.

PM Netanyahu was quick to say today that  “the security of the state and of its citizens depends on the ability to have confidential and in-depth discussions in the security cabinet.” Netanyahu was practicaly suggesting that ‘the security of the Jewish State’ depends on the ability of Israeli official to spread propaganda lies and commit more and more crimes in the name of the Jewish people.

I guess that for the time being, there is no Israeli plan to attack Iran. Israel doesn’t posses the military capacity to execute such a strike. And as we learn from Israeli press, even Israel ministers realise that Iran is not exactly a threat anyway.

Syrian opposition and Western powers push for regime change in Syria ~ link ~ The on-going battle, behind the scenes, for World War III or NOT, will seal the fate of most of us.  Stirling    

The Western powers and the pro-imperialist Syrian opposition are intensifying their campaign for regime change in Syria. On Monday the Syrian opposition reiterated its calls for military intervention in Syria, demanding more weapons to fight the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

In a joint news conference with the Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, Abdel Basset Sayda, the leader of the Syrian National Council (SNC), said: “I am going to be very clear, we are requesting military intervention in order to protect Syrian civilians who have been constantly murdered over the last year and a half. I have the duty of asking for weapons that will allow us to defend against the Syrian armor and weapons that are killing civilians all the time.”

Russia: Syria "rebels" airport threat 'unacceptable' ~ link ~ Russia is correct, it is unacceptable.  It is clearly an illegal act of terrorism, not an act of war and as such those supporting it are liable to international criminal charges of war crimes.   Stirling    

Russia said on Monday it would work with other countries to ensure that the rebel Free Syria Army stops making “unacceptable” threats, following the announcement on Friday that the FSA now views Syria’s two biggest civil airports as “military targets,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said on its website.

“These kinds of threats are absolutely unacceptable,” the Foreign Ministry commentary said. “They are a gross violation of international law, first and foremost the Chicago Convention of 1944 governing international civil aviation,” it said, and called on countries that have influence with the FSA to put an end to the threats.

Catholic Church condmns "price-tag" attacks on monastery and urges Israel to change 'culture of contempt' ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ and ~ link ~ The religion that many in Israel practice is nothing like that which the ancient Hebrews practiced in the Old Testament.  Rather, it is based on the Talmud which places the writings of 'learned rabbis' ahead of Sacred Scripture/the Torah.  Much of the Talmud can be described as satanic, such as the comments that killing a goy (gentile) is not murder because the goy are but two-legged soulless animals, etc.  It is racism taken to the extreme and then some, where only a few million of the 7 billion people on Earth are really human, and the rest of us are but animals.   This cannot but encourage the worst behavior in Israel and especially in the settlements where this form of Judaism is culturally strong.   Stirling     

Christians disrespected in Christ's Motherland ~ link ~ If you are a Christian, you really should take the time to read all of this article at the link.  Stirling 

After the "Arab Spring" the life in a number of countries in the Middle East became dramatically more extreme. In Iraq, Egypt and Syria, life for Christians became very difficult. But there is a Middle Eastern country whose main religion is not Islam. How do Christians live in Israel? Was Prime Minister Netanyahu right when he said that Christians freely profess their faith there?
Israeli experts interviewed by a reporter of GTimes said that Netanyahu's words of the free exercise of Christianity in Israel were, to say the least, wishful thinking. "Netanyahu is a pathological liar. There is discrimination against Christians in all areas. Recently one man, accused of baptizing his children, was deported from Israel. "Especially hard is the life of Jewish Christians," said an Israeli human rights activist Maria Pesikova. "According to the Israeli law, a converted Jew has no right to repatriation, so Christians have to deny their faith when entering the country, in other words, to renounce Christ. Children of Jewish Christians are bullied in schools. Moreover, Christian parents of Jews are not allowed to teach their children faith. If Social Services find out that a Jewish child is a Christian who fasts, prays and goes to the temple with her parents, the authorities have the right to take away custody of the child from the parents, as it is considered child abuse."

Israeli writer Israel Shamir, who came from the Soviet Union, is a Jew who converted to Orthodoxy. "Israel does not carefully and persistently chase Palestinian Christians to replace them with Christians from Iraq or Syria," he said in an interview with GTimes. "In the homeland of Jesus Christianity is persecuted: churches are set on fire, there are laws against missionaries. In Knesset the Gospel was publicly destroyed."

Frankfurt protest against Western intervention in Syria ~ link 

Syrian Minister accuses Mossad of assassinating Syrians ~ linklink Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoebi accused Israel's Mossad on Monday of carrying out targeted assassinations in Syria, as well as aiding the rebellion which has brought Syria to civil war.

Catherine Austin Fitts: They're going to depopulate or bankrupt the rest of us - with video ~ link ~ So true!  And make no mistake about it, this is first and foremost a spiritual battle...a battle between the forces of the fallen Lucifer and those of God Himself!!!   Stirling      

Catherine Austin Fitts calls what happened to the U.S since the market meltdown of 2008 a “fiscal coup d’├ętat.”  Fitts should know because she is a former Wall Street insider who has managed investments worth $300 billion.  She is also a government insider.  Catherine Austin Fitts was an Assistant Secretary for HUD in the first Bush Administration more than 20 years ago.  She says our leaders are “. . . doing a number of things that are going to depopulate or bankrupt the rest of us.”  Why are people so ill-informed?  Fitts says it’s because, “Corporate media is lying to you and wasting your time.”  She also says, “Were going through a period of great change, and the pace is going to accelerate.”  And, “Gold will be at the center of a new currency that will emerge.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts of The Solari Report. 

Netanyahu - The Mouth That Roars ~ link ~ I don't have visions or whatever, but I am somewhat psychic at times.  Over twenty years ago, during the lead-in to the first Gulf War, I watched a young Bibi Netanyahu, who was then an Assistant Minister of Information in Israel, on American television.  He was so smooth, he could lie better than almost anyone I had ever seen.  I had a strong feeling about him, that someday he would be the leader of Israel and would trigger the 'Big One'/World War III/Armageddon.   I said to my late wife, Michele, "He's the one".  She said, "what one".  When I told her that I had this feeling that he was the actual Antichrist that someday would bring the greatest nightmare the human race had ever seen upon us all, she said to keep it to doubt wondering about the saneness of her husband.  Sadly, I seem to have called it right about old Bibi 666 Netanyahu.  The jerk is doing all he can, in cooperation with the Global Banking Cartel families, to light the fuze on the greatest and most horrific war in human history.  Stirling     

Growing numbers of Israelis reject him for good reason. He menaces them like others. Attacking Iran assures retaliation most Israelis fear. It'll mean widespread destruction, radiation contamination, and large numbers killed or injured.

Gush Shalom founder Uri Avnery asked if he and Barak are mad or crazy? Netanyahu "may be crazy, but he is not mad. (Barak) may be mad, but he is not crazy."

On the 15th Anniversary of Princess Di's death, reasons have probably become clear ~ link ~ I don't agree with much of what is written here but some of it, the part about the City of London and the banking families, is 'right on'.  One always reads negative stories about members of the British Royal Family, but one NEVER reads negative stories about the Rothschilds or other Global Banking Cartel families.  As I have explained to friends and people who have make comments about how powerful the British Royals are, they are NOT powerful nor do they rule.  The real power is with the bankers.   Stirling      

What Diana perhaps did not comprehend fully was that the Royal family in aggregate serves at the pleasure of the City of London and its central banking families.

It is these globalist families that prop up royal prerogatives and have no doubt insisted on supporting the most high profile royal family of them all, the British Royal family.
One can speculate they do it to ensure that the spotlight is directed away from THEM.

They are the true rulers of Britain and indeed most of the world. Britain's empire never really died and Money Power is regnant today as never before.

Conclusion: She didn't understand the depths of the waters in which she was swimming. Neither did most of us before the Internet.

Economist says Eurozone fall akin to the Great Depression ~ link ~ The global banksters have a really really bad stretch of road mapped out for us to travel (economically) in the near future.  They could care less for us unnecessary eaters/two-legged soulless animals, they only care about achieving their long-sought satanic global high-tech slave state, the New World Order.   Stirling     
Supermarkets being looted in Spain - with video  ~ link ~ Just a 'test run' of something the usual suspects have cooked up for us all.   Stirling     
Well, its not the term used by them, they call it food expropriation, but what else can you call filling carts with stuff and leaving by force without paying?

When thousands of Argentineans left after the crisis and moved to Spain I’m sure they never thought they would see that again.

To be fair they aren’t taking booze and big screen TVs, but taking what isn’t yours is still under the same principle.

Stealth Corporate Coup d'Etat ~ link ~ Obama and other Washington extremists support an alphabet soup of federal and international freedom-destroying measures.

SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, ACTA, and now TPP are stealth pro-corporate, anti-populist hellish schemes.
First Audit Results in the Federal Reserve's nearly 100 year history ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ You should read this!  Stirling     
Myanmar forcing Christians to convert to Buddhism ~ link ~ Not a word most of the mainstream news media; not a word from the governments of this world.  What do you think would be the response if they had a Jewish minority and were forcing them to convert to Buddhism???   Bet there would be hell raised then!   Stirling     
Quebec separatists win, expected to form minority government, shooting mars victory ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ A gunman has brought chaos to a separatist election victory rally in the Canadian province of Quebec, killing one man and wounding another.

The shooting cast a shadow over initial results indicating the Parti Quebecois was set to form a minority government after nine years in opposition.

Powerful earthquake rocks San Jose, Costa Rica ~ link ~ The quake was centred about 50 miles (80km) south of the town of Liberia and was at a depth of 12.4 miles. It rattled buildings and cut power in some parts of the capital of San Jose, Reuters news agency reported.

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