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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
A World infected with US-Israeli psychological operations ~ link ~ Remember who is the 'father of all lies'...Lucifer himself.  That should tell you something of the nature of the beast that is against us and God.  This is a great article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling    
Military deception is called “psyops” or “psychological operations” and is, frankly, tasked specifically with creating wrong beliefs to rob leaders or entire populations of their judgment.

A successful “psyop” can be more powerful than any attack. Without firing a shot, you can seem to be defeated, be fooled into misjudging enemies and allies or be set on the path of destroying yourself.

If you are a nation, you are constantly under attack from psychological operations. If you are a nation, it is a prime responsibility to defend your people from “psyops” attacks designed to undermine faith in institutions, to foster dissent and exploit fear or create anger and feelings of being cheated.

Today’s world view, from the economic to racial and religious to social, political and military is all hopelessly infected with calculated disinformation created in order to realign society based on belief in falsehood in order to enfeeble and enslave, to drive the civil and good to acts of bestiality through exploiting the genetic weakness Darwinists tell us is bred into man’s character, our “reptilian mind.”

Deception is the basis of any military education, the basis of business practices, the basis of diplomacy, the underlying basis of the world’s currencies and economic systems and, more than ever, how civilization with 5000 years of learning and advancement can justify unbridled killing of the innocent or “collateral” as justifiable for a “common good” none ever understand or agree to.  
US snubs Israeli call for 'red lines' on Iran nuclear program ~ link ~ Looks like the US generals refusal to go to war (World War III) is holding for the time being.  Pray that it does.  Stirling    
US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Monday that the idea of deadlines or red lines is “not useful,” AFP reported.

Tension between Israel and the United States over Iran's nuclear energy program bubbled to the surface again on Monday when White House spokesman Jay Carney said that Washington insists there is still "time and space" to resolve the issue.

"We believe that there remains time and space for that effort to bear fruit…” he told reporters at a news briefing.

Earlier in the day, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Washington is “not setting deadlines” for a diplomatic resolution of the dispute over Iran’s nuclear energy program. 


US 'hushed up' Soviet guilt over Katyn Forest Massacre ~ link ~ More than that, FDR sent several millions in gold to the Soviet Union in the early 1930s, which helped the horrific communist state to survive.  Why?  FDR was a puppet of the Global Banking Cartel and they set up communism.  Economic and political reality is often very different from that which most people believe is the truth.   Stirling     
New evidence appears to back the idea that the Roosevelt administration helped cover up Soviet guilt for the 1940 Katyn massacre of Polish soldiers.

In an exclusive story, the Associated Press says that newly released documents support the suspicion that the US did not want to anger its wartime ally, Joseph Stalin. The documents were made public by the US National Archives on Monday. More than 22,000 Poles were killed by the Soviets on Stalin's orders.
China's absent Vice-President Xi Jinping prompts rumors ~ link ~ China does not have a transparent political process...but then neither do most 'democratic' nations either.   Stirling    
Speculation has been mounting about the whereabouts of China's Vice-President Xi Jinping, who has not been seen for over a week. He cancelled a meeting with the visiting Danish prime minister on Monday - his fourth missed appointment.
He also failed to attend an important Communist party meeting on Friday.

Mr Xi is expected to be appointed China's president at a party congress next month that will see major changes in the top echelons of leadership.

Mystery absence of Chinese leader fuels frenzy ~ link ~ The key question for the World at large in the short run, how does this fit into the current crisis in the Middle East and the drive towards World War III by the globalists???   Stirling      

Rothschilds BCCI Shake Down of Arabs ~ link ~ The real face of evil.   Stirling      

Double Down: Vladimir Putin's billions into Gold in anticipation of Global Upheaval ~ link ~ Putin is nobody's fool.   Stirling     

In the last seven months alone the People’s Republic of China has added more gold to their reserves – over 500 tons – than the entire holdings of the European Central Bank. They aren’t alone.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has been aggresively investing into the precious metal over the last five years – spending some $500 million monthly as he diversifies his country’s assets out of Dollars and Euros. Currently, 9% of Russia’s reserves are held in gold.

This, of course, begs the question: why?

Cleveland State University develops wind turbines that generate about five times as much energy as usual ~ link ~ That could be a real 'game changer'.   Stirling       

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