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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Weighing The Options: Everything Else Is Worse Than A US Military Coup ~ link ~ This is one that you should read in full at the link!   Stirling     
What about Israel's nuclear weapons? ~ link ~ Israel is often said to have some 200-300 nuclear weapons.  It has been said to have this number for the last 20 years.  The sad reality is that Israel has the world's third largest arsenal of nukes of all types, larger than France, China, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, etc.  Little tiny hyper-racist aggressive Israel has up to 1,000 nuclear weapons.  This is totally outrageous.   1% of that number, that is 10 nuclear weapons, would be sufficient to ensure that it is not overrun.  10% of that number would destroy every major Arab and Iranian city on Earth.  What Israel has is a arsenal to threaten the entire World and that should never be allowed.  They already have the capability of launching satellites into space and thus have the capability of launching fractional orbital nuclear weapons to almost any spot on Earth.  That is beyond outrageous for a nation smaller than Wales.   This is the real nuclear danger in the Middle East...not some non-existent Iranian nuclear arsenal.   Stirling     
Nasrallah: If Israel attacks Iran, US Middle East bases will pay dearly ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkCutting through the US-Israeli debate over where to put “red lines” for Iran, Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Monday night, Sept. 3 that Iran would hit US bases in the Middle East in response to any Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities, even if the Americans were not involved in the attack.
French Foreign Minister: Strike on Iran will haunt Israel ~ link ~ The Israeli generals will not allow such a stupid suicidal event to take place...so all this from the French FM is BS to allow Netanyahu to back down.   Stirling     
Former Malaysian First Minister: UN Security Council will pave the way for World Parliament and a World Cabinet ~ link ~ This is the dream of the Global Banking Cartel, their New World Order one world government that will be both satanic as Hell and high-tech.  It will not happen, but the attempt to make it happen will just about destroy the planet and all life thereupon.   Stirling     
Yesterday the Malaysian Daily Express reported on a plea by former Malaysian “first minister”, Harris Salleh calling on the United Nations to reform itself, changing the current system to a single “World Parliament with member countries’ representatives as members”. This proposed parliament must co-exist with, as Harris explains, a “World Government Ministry” which in turn must direct a UN Police Force, to be deployed all over the world to enforce decisions green-lighted by the World Parliament.

“Make the United Nations the only authority vested with power and authority to solve country to country international finance, monetary and trade problems”, Harris states in his paper “United Nations Needs Reform and Restructure Very Badly”- which apparently he e-mailed out to all member countries at UN headquarters in New York.

Shoot to Kill: Antonomaus Robots Developed by DARPA will NOT question orders ~ link ~ A key part of the high-tech slave state that the globalists plan for us.   Stirling   
18 Indications that Europe has become an Economic Black Hole which is going to suck the life out of the global economy ~ link ~ Summer vacation is over and things are about to get very interesting in Europe.  Most Americans don't realize this, but much of Europe shuts down for the entire month of August.  I wish we had something similar in the United States.  But now millions of Europeans are returning from their extended family vacations and the fun is about to begin.  During August economic conditions continued to degenerate in Europe, but I figured that it wouldn't be until after August that the European debt crisis would take center stage once again.  And as I wrote about last week, if there is going to be a financial panic, it typically happens in the fall.  The stock market has seen quite a nice rally over the summer, and many investors are nervous that we could see a significant "correction" very soon.  The month of September has been the absolute worst month for stock performance over the past 50 years, and it has also been the absolute worst month for stock performance over the past 100 years as well.  Of course that does not guarantee that anything is going to happen this year.  But things in Europe continue to get worse.  Unemployment rates are spiking, manufacturing activity is slowing down, housing prices are crashing and major financial institutions are failing.  What is happening in Europe right now appears to be an even worse version of what happened to the United States back in 2008.
But most Americans aren't too concerned about what is happening in Europe.

In fact, most Americans don't believe that a European financial collapse would be much of a problem for us.

Well, just remember what happened back in 2008. When the U.S. financial system started coming apart at the seams it sparked a devastating worldwide recession which was felt in every corner of the globe.

If the European financial system implodes, the consequences could be even worse.


Europe has a larger population than the United States does.
Europe has a larger economy than the United States does.
Europe has a much, much larger banking system than the United States does.

If Europe experiences a financial collapse, the entire globe will feel the pain.

And considering how weak the U.S. economy already is, it would not take much to push us over the edge.

What is going on in Europe right now is a very, very big deal and people need to pay attention.

The following are 18 indications that Europe has become an economic black hole which is going to suck the life out of the global economy....

Depression, suicides rise as Euro debt crisis intensifies ~ link ~ More delightful things brought to you by those fine folks at the Global Banking Cartel!  Stirling     

Poland and Bulgaria now both shelve plans to join Eurozone ~ link ~ Smart move!  Stirling  

UK "recession" wipes out many full-time jobs ~ link ~ Yes but the banksters are doing quite well thank you.  All power to the global banksters...NOT.   Stirling      

The American People Are Angry - video with US Senator Sanders ~ link ~ Give them hell Bernie!  Stirling    

Austerity Sledgehammer: At least half a million university students on waiting lists as loans dry up - Schools face mass lay offs ~ link ~  The effects are already being felt in colleges and universities across America.   Stirling      

Austerity measures, though unpopular and not discussed by government officials and media pundits, are in full effect across a broad spectrum of services and industries. In many parts of the country local governments are being forced to layoff or cut the salaries of thousands of emergency personnel. Education spending cuts across debt behemoths like California, Illionois and Michigan are forcing elementary and high school classrooms to capacities exceeding thirty or forty students at a time and removing subjects like art, music and physical education from school schedules.  Towns and cities all over America are declaring bankruptcy on an almost weekly basis. Government sponsored health care systems are feeling the pressure with major cuts in access to key prescription medications quickly becoming the norm.

Just two years ago the idea that austerity cuts would hit America like an 8-pound sledgehammer was inconceivable.

Hospitalized H3N2v Cases Identify Community Transmission ~ link ~ The slow but sure development of this 'swine flu' is bad because it has the potential of becoming a real human killing machine in the future.   Stirling    

Minnesota H1N2v has 2011 H3N2v Genes Including MP ~ link ~ Unlike the H1N2 isolate from 2011, A/Minnesota/19/2011, the current sequence has an H1N1pdm09 M gene that is closely related the M gene in 2011 human cases, which is also true for PB2, PA, NA, and MP, raising concerns of human adaptation.  This increased transmission is also supported by the detection of three cases, which is more than the two H1N2v human cases described previously.

In addition the other three genes are from lineages found in prior human isolates.  The H1 is the same lineage as the 2011 case, A/Minnesota/19/2011, which was a case with no swine exposure.  The PB1 is the same lineage found in the two 2007 cases, A/Ohio/1/2007 and A/Ohio/2/2007, while the NS is the same lineage as the H1N1v from Wisconsin, A/Wisconsin/28/2011.

H3N2v Pennsylvania Cases Increase to 38 in 5 Counties ~ linkOne set of sequences, A/Pennsylvania/13/2012, collected August 13 has been released.  It is closely related to the other 40 July/August sequences, signaling human clonal expansion. 

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