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Some "curious" US and French military deployments ~ link ~ What the ultimate purpose of these movements is for now unclear - they may be perfectly normal deployments or they may be a precursor to something more. Remember: we know that both CVN-74 (which is currently just briefly caught up in that whole Senkaku Snafu between Japan and China) Stennis and Marine force LHA-1 Peleliu are en route to Iran, where following last week's modestly paliative Netanyahu comments, the military strategists believe the tide has turned and there will be no war with Iran in the immediate future. Ironically, following a spike in war chatter in the early summer, we said that precisely because of that there will be no conflict imminently as the Israeli military will never telegraph what it plans on doing in advance.

And, as always when dealing with military data originating from "sources", reader beware. Ultimately, even if untrue, the information will provide hints about whose agenda it is to foment military tensions.
Bibi's Crazy UN Speech - Medievalist posses as champion of "modernity" ~ link ~ It's no wonder the Israeli Foreign Ministry initially held back from releasing a transcript of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the UN General Assembly: Bibi's wackiness doesn't bear close scrutiny. Perhaps "wacky" isn't quite the right word for his 40-minute peroration, during which he pulled out a bomb "diagram" and a red marker to illustrate where he would draw a "red line" defining the outer limits of Iran's nuclear program. Cartoonish is more like it. The cartoonish quality of the bomb drawing underscored the content and tone of the speech, which was the jeremiad of a radical ideologue rather than anything one would expect from a statesman:
The US Navy and allies just showed Iran who really controls the Strait of Hormuz ~ link ~ I have great respect for the American Navy, they clearly are the world's best.  However, I rarely see potential military conflicts as simple one-sided wins.  War simply does not normally work out that easy.  I fear a multisided nightmare if war breaks out.   Stirling    
Outside meddling in Syria is Threat to Whole World Order says Russia ~ link ~ Russia and China keep issuing the most serious warnings about Syria and Iran, so they must be of the opinion that the dangers of a war are still real and current.   Stirling     
A closer look at the J-15 Multirole Naval Fighter Project in China - with video ~ link 
India inducts latest Su-30 MKI variant ~ link 
Italy's south is headed for Economic Meltdown ~ link ~ Italy's blighted south is heading for social and economic meltdown as a result of job losses, a massive exodus of people and "industrial desertification", according to an alarming new report.

Less than one in four women work, 147,000 jobs were lost between 2007 and 2011 and 1.35m southerners fled the region in the last decade in search of better opportunities.

Europe sees unprecedented Social Polarization as Poverty returns to Europe ~ link ~ But mass hardship is by no means confined to southern Europe. Two recent reports on conditions in Britain and Germany reveal sharp social polarisation in Europe’s “core”. Who Gains from Growth?, drawn up by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and the Institute for Economic Research (IER), forecasts that living standards for Britain’s low- and middle-income households will fall sharply over the next eight years, even if the country manages to emerge from its current double-dip recession.

Such households will see their incomes fall by up to 15 percent by 2020. A typical low-income family currently struggling on £10,600 per annum will see its net income fall in real terms to £9,000 at the end of the decade, while a middle-income family on £22,900 per annum will see a 3 percent decline. In contrast, the rich will see a rise in living standards.

$80 TRILLION of Unfounded Liabilities ~ link ~ The trouble with socialism is that eventually … you run out of other people’s money” Margaret Thatcher …
Our Community Organizer… LACKS the ABILITY and KNOWLEDGE to correct anything but GIVE OUT MORE OF YOUR MONEY…. THAT IS NOT THE ANSWER…. 80 Trillion of Unfunded liabilities, i.e., Medicare, SS, etc. 730 Trillion in derivatives (funny money collapsing now and you’re on the hook for it (so say the evil banksters)). That’s 826 TRILLION dollars in the hole: $826,000,000,000,000.00

Austerity budgets imposed across Europe ~ link ~ The fascists in the Global Banking Cartel families want it ALL and are in the process of taking it!!!  Stirling    

Slovenia: Government and opposition join forces to impose austerity ~ link ~ This is happening time and time again across Europe.  It is proving that the European political class, like the American political class, is simply bought-and-paid-for political whores of the worst type and there there is not much hope for normal politics saving the people.   Stirling      

Death of Democracy Propagated on Purpose ~ link ~
The book is about how British political analyst Philip Gould shook up the Labour party by modernizing it. Of course, Cameron didn't need to write about the book necessarily so we are still left with questions about how such an incendiary article could appear so prominently and at such length.

Since her brief at the Telegraph involves covering politics as a columnist, we can interpret this perhaps as an aberration, a yelp of frustration over the way her "beat" is headed. In any event, the article presents us with many salient points, especially in light of upcoming US elections. It reminds us that many US political issues and problems are shared by Britain.

Killers on the loose: The Deadly viruses that threaten human survival ~ link ~ As you read this article remember that Advanced Biological Warfare is one of three major types of global strategic warfare that can end the Human Race: Nuclear, Advanced Biological and Scalar.   Stirling      

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