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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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Netanyahu brings visual aid "Bomb Drawing" to UN General Assembly Speech - video ~ link ~ This is classic Netanyahu...very smooth...very insulting to the intelligence levels of the audience.   What he is lying about is that every step in the enrichment process is a very major technological step.  To get Uranium to Weapons Grade is a major technological hurdle that Iran is no where near...NOT weeks away once they get to the next (medium grade enrichment).  His childish "bomb drawing" and his lies are a arrogant slap in the face to anyone with a high school level education or better.  Furthermore, the whole question of the underlying assumption is one that needs to be covered...that is WHY is it so bad if Iran gets a couple of nuclear bombs when Israel has many hundreds of nuclear bombs.  Iran has not attacked anyone for over 200 years, Israel however is currently the most aggressive nation on Earth!!!  Stirling     
Netanyahu draws 'red line' on Iran nuclear bomb chart at UN speech ~ link ~  This guy must really think that goy are beyond STUPID to pull this stunt!!!    Stirling     
Speaking at the United Nations general assembly in New York, the Israeli prime minister unfolded a chart with a cartoon-style drawing of a nuclear bomb, and proceeded to draw on it with a red magic-marker.

"This is a bomb," he says. "This is a fuse."

Nuclear hypocrisy in the Middle East - video ~ link 

Spain teeters on the brink ~ link ~ The dying Euro just might take out not only the EU but democracy in many states in Europe.   Stirling      

All of a sudden, the talk is of the breakdown, not just of the single currency, but of the parliamentary system on which it rests. Commentators across Europe fret that Spain, which emerged from dictatorship less than 40 years ago, might give up on multi-party politics.

Every round of economic figures is worse than the last. The deficit is massively larger than forecast. A bailout of unprecedented size is becoming inevitable, even as the prime minister gives his countrymen a ‘one hundred per cent assurance’ that he won’t apply for one. (He said much the same thing a few days before applying for the last one.)
Hundreds of thousands of people are protesting, some violently. The secretary-general of the governing party was so shaken by the disturbances in Madrid this week that he described them as ‘an attempted coup’.

Not even the great economists of history can get us out of this fix ~ link ~ I strongly disagree...we have to first kill the power of the Global Banking Cartel and their Federal Reserve and similar central banks and have the people resume control.  After that the rest is very doable!   Stirling    
Athens descends into violence as 200,000 march against austerity - with video ~ link
Demonstrators in Athens clash with riot police during a nationwide general strike in protest at austerity measures Link to this video Violence erupted in the heart of Athens as mass protests against further austerity measures in crisis-hit Greece escalated on Wednesday.

Police fired tear gas at crowds throwing rocks and petrol bombs. The exchange disrupted an otherwise peaceful march through the capital by up to 200,000 demonstrators participating in a general strike, the first big confrontation with Greece's three-month-old coalition government.

LRAD Sonic Weapons to be deployed throughout America for economic crisis ~ link 


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