Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

War games kick off in Russia with amphibious landing ~ link ~ The world is preparing for World War III.   Stirling      
Uri Avnery on Romnyahu ~ linkTake the time to read this one on the Antichrist and his favorite American presidential candidate.  Stirling    
We piss trillions away overseas as our infrastructure crumbles ~ link ~ Everything for the global banksters and Israel...nothing for the people!  Stirling      
Houston police officer kills unarmed double amputee in wheelchair ~ link ~ I bet the "officer" does not even face criminal charges!   Stirling    
Emergence of police state expedities the Fascist takeover of America ~ linkAs our Constitutional Republic descends into a total Fascist Dictatorship, there is a clear emergence of a police state to facilitate the instillation of this incredible takeover. Americans are monitored at every point of their existence; surfing the internet, speaking on the phone, text messages, emails, social media routines, CCTV cameras on every street corner, TSA internal checkpoints, Stasi networks through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) See Something, Say Something campaign. And the list goes on and on . . .

Coinciding with the severe restriction on our freedoms afforded us by our Constitution; the US government is amassing unmistakable amounts of armory designed for protection against an unknown threat. The DHS have acquired an estimated 2,500 heavily armored vehicles under the cover of Police Rescue.

Going solo: Scots gather for independence march - with video and photos ~ link 

Drastic fluctuations in ice accumulations at both poles reported ~ link 

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