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No 'Red Line' for Israel ~ link ~ But it seems that, this time at least, President Obama has decided against launching a world war on behalf of the Jewish State and its powerful lobby.
So it seems that for now, the Obama administration has come to its senses – it has said NO to Jewish pressure. Of course, this decision is far more likely to be political than ethically or morally driven. Amid the presidential election, Obama has been quick to perceive a window of opportunity that may prove to be a game winner. Obama lets the Republican party and their presidential candidate Mitt Romney operate as Netanyahu’s Sabbath Goyim.  Obama clears the stage to Romney who foolishly and voluntarily pushes for another Israeli war, he lets Romney be a Zionist mouthpiece, the one who scarifies America and American soldiers for Israel.  Consequently, Obama presents himself as a reasonable, sensible and responsible leader– all in all, a ‘real American patriot’.

Guardian: Anti-Islam Film Never Existed ~ link ~ Also see original article ~ linkWhat we are seeing here is a False Flag PsyOp by the usual suspects, Netanyahu and the globalists who want a new horrific global war, a Third World War.  This could be simply a case of "throwing another log on the fire" to keep the Middle East in crisis mode.  But it may well be the lead-in to something much more important, something far more dangerous.   The generals in Israel and Washington have firmly come out against a war on Iran/Syria and WWIII.  There is a battle involving them and others with real power on one side against the insanity of a Third World War with 21st Century weapons-of-mass-destruction vs the Netanyahu nuts and the Global Banking Cartel families who strongly desire war.  This battle is somewhat behind the scenes and somewhat in public view.  These "anti-Islam film and US Ambassador assassination" events may well be the set-up for a major False Flag attack, designed to take America and the British/French/etc. into a global war.  Only time will tell, but I don't have a good feeling about this.   I will also tell you that the British should damn well get Prince Harry OUT OF AFGHANISTAN as his death or capture could be used in the set-up of a coming war!   Stirling     

Pentagon prepares to drop the hammer on anti-US Muslim riots? ~ linkThe US has deployed military teams to respond to unrest in 17 or 18 locations in Muslim nations that are of strategic interest to Pentagon.
"We have to be prepared in the event that these demonstrations get out of control," Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in a Friday interview with Foreign Policy.
Panetta did not offer further details on the statement, but the magazine quoted a US defense official who confirmed that the Pentagon has deployed 100 Marines to Libya, Tripoli and Yemen, and is also considering whether to send 50 soldiers to Sudan.

Was Bizarre Muhammad Movie a Contrived Fraud? - video ~ link 

Such a Fuss over a sill anti-Islam movie! ~ link ~  Good One Mike!  This is one that you need to read all of it at the link!   Stirling   

In the months before 9-11, there was a sudden surge of embassy attacks, all blamed on Osama Bin Laden. Those embassy attacks were the "warm up", a pre-sell of the idea that America was under threat from "Radical Islam" to prepare them mentally to believe the official story when 9-11 itself finally happened. And I greatly fear we may be seeing a repeat of this tactic.
For months, Netanyahu has been pushing for the United States to commit to as war with Iran, before Israel's elections in October. President Obama, knowing that Americans are weary of wars on Israel's enemies, wants to wait until after the November elections in the US. That Netanyahu cannot do, as absent a war to wave at the Israeli voters, the Likud party may well lose to the Kadima party, which means a pink slip for Netanyahu. 
Netanyahu is in a corner, and desperate. His only remaining option is a new false-flag attack to be blamed on Iran, something spectacular enough to "motivate" the American people to throw their children onto the Iranian bayonets, something that will trick Americans into supporting Obama when he joins Israel's attack on Iran. Lastly, a spectacular false-flag attack, blamed on Iran, would undermine the Russian and Chinese commitments to defend Iran if Israel and the US attacks. If it is all "Iran's fault" in the eyes of their citizens, Russia and China may have to back down.

Debka: Post-Arab Spring "moderate" Muslim regimes cornered by radicals ~ link ~ Notice how this site, which is sometimes called the "posting board" of the Mossad, presents things.  The crazy Muslims are out to get us Americans/British/French/etc. so we better 'get them first'.  You always need to ask yourself this question when strange things (like the current riots over the "movie"/etc. happen), WHO BENEFITS?  The answer in this case is Netanyahu and the globalists, who desire war and are busy at work setting the stage for a new horrific global war.  Got to get the public fired up and scared to 'rally around the flag' and march off to war.  Keep in mind, that the so-called 'Arab Spring' was created by the Mossad and CIA (a key meeting took place in NYC over a year before the 'Arab Spring' began).  What we are seeing before our very eyes is a scripted strategy for world war and world domination.   Stirling     

World War III is Coming Soon and Here's Why? - video ~ link 
Four soldiers killed in roadside bomb blast in southeast Turkey ~ link Four Turkish soldiers have been killed by a roadside bomb planted by members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the southeastern province of Hakkari.

The blast took place on Saturday afternoon when a military convoy was passing on the Hakkari-Cukurca highway, according to a statement released by Hakkari governor's office.

The statement added that five other soldiers were wounded in the mine blast. 
Iran threatens Israel with Hezbollah retaliation if Islamic Republic is attacked ~ link ~ This is why Iran has invested years and a vast sum of money in Hezbollah and Syria.  The combined force of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and whatever the Gaza and Palestine areas can/will contribute is the 'ace in the hole' that Israel's enemies have...they have perhaps 150,000 unguided rockets and guided missiles aimed at Israel with a very large percentage in southern Lebanon manned by Hezbollah with Syrian and Iranian officers 'assisting'.  The actual number may be much higher, something like 250,000 or more, if the anti-Israeli alliance has been careful to hide true production efforts and outputs, as well as emplacements of the missiles/rockets.  Four years ago, Israel tried to take out the Lebanon based rockets/missiles in the Second Lebanon War but was resoundingly defeated.  This war was intended as the strategic prelude to a war on Iran and Syria.  During the Second Lebanon War, Hezbollah was able to continually 'deliver ordinance on target' in the face of all Israeli attempts to stop it...they chose to use only simple 'dumb bombs'...conventional high explosive warheads instead of Fuel Air Explosives, Chemical, Biological, or Radiological warheads.  Similar to what Saddam did in the First Gulf War and why the Allied Forces did not dare go into Baghdad at that time (Saddam had a reserve force of Scud-type missiles with WMD that could have played hell with Israel and other locations in the Middle East). The numbers of rockets and guided missiles in southern Lebanon and Syria and Lebanon have vastly grown since the Second Lebanon War.  Considering the recent history of the West in Libya and the serious nature of the threats against Syria and Iran, any war against Iran/Syria/Lebanon is apt to be one that involves the rapid use of WMD on large numbers of delivery vehicles on all sides...a battle to the death, that is apt to leave most nations in the area (including Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.) with too few survivors to bury the dead!!!  Stirling     See this link for a collection of article that I have written on what may happen when war begins.  Stirling     
Top Ten Reasons Obama will appear on Letterman Show instead of meeting Netanyahu ~ link Cute.  Stirling   
US President Barack Obama will appear on a late night comedy show during a September 18 visit to New York at the same time he could have met Israeli premier, reports say. Reports by Israeli media outlets of Obama’s presence in David Letterman’s comedy show, instead of meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, come amid mounting tensions between the two allies over setting “red lines” by Washington on Iran’s nuclear energy program, a request the US has rejected. 

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