Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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On this day, eleven years ago, America was attacked by elements of its own government and a foreign 'friendly' state, Israel.  Over 3,000 people lost their lives with one and a half million dying in various nations since then in the wars that the 9/11 False Flag Attack gave birth to.  The US Constitution has been largely shredded and the American economy has been ruined with over 100 million people out of work or working only part time jobs.  Even more than the series of assassinations in the 1963 and thereafter time period (JFK, MLK Jr., RFK, JFK Jr., etc.), the fact that the criminal element in American life has gotten by with these 9/11 mass murders is a dark mark on the souls of Americas, who have set on their asses and allowed the worst of scum to rule over them.  We have allowed the Zionists to turn our friendly compassion towards them into poison for ourselves.  We have allowed a tiny mostly foreign banking element to control our financial affairs and we continue to feed this monster Federal Reserve as it destroys us and our future.  We allow six globalist Zionist companies to control over 95% of America's mainstream news media and promote non-stop propaganda lies and moral filth.  In short, the enemy is a horrific evil monster, but we could have made things right at any time by insisting on truth and morality instead of allowing the criminal trash to lead us to our own demise.  Now we watch, spellbound, as our "leaders" maneuver the entire World towards a new global war with weapons of mass destruction and can 'only' hope that the worst does not befall us.  The failure does not just lie with the evil ones who did 9/11 and all the rest, the failure lies with us for accepting it.   Stirling      

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Good for you , Lord Stirling!A magnificent statement.