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9/11: The Oppressor uses the Mind of the Oppressed ~ link ~ Please do take the time to read all of this excellent article at the link.   Stirling  
Undaunted by the facts of physics, believers in the official story make a cause and effect relationship between planes and fires and the disintegration of the buildings. 

The fact is the planes and fires had nothing to do with the disintegration of the buildings which was the equivalent of "sticking a pencil through a screen door", according to the architect of the WTC complex. 

The fact that the buildings hit the ground in 10 seconds led researchers to conclude that explosives or nukes must have been employed, but further research shows that neither nuclear bombs nor nanothermite could possibly do the job because there were no chunks of the building, no rubble, only dust and a pile of debris not more than 2 stories tall. 

110 stories should have produced a pile around 30 stories and we should have seen desks and toilets and big slabs of concrete, but there was mostly just dust. That dust contains within it microscopic iron sheres, smoking gun evidence of aerosoled molten steel, caused by high heat and explosives. But what explosive could possibly have turned the buildings to dust in 10 seconds? Furthermore, the Towers should have produced a seismic signal of 6.0, not the 2.3 that was recorded. Dust doesn't make a thud.

Whoever demolished the WTC Towers apparently used a weapon that utilizes the nuclear bonds within the molecules of the buildings themselves.
Iran threats help Bibi and Barak ~ link ~ These two evil jerks are driving the human race to the end point where Lucifer and his minions, especially the Global Banking Cartel families, have been leading us to for over 200 years...Armageddon.   Stirling     
You don't have to be a political strategist to realize that Benjamin Netanyahu can take advantage of the Iranian nuclear threat to divert attention from his failure to provide solutions for the economic troubles of his citizens. His partner, Ehud Barak, also realizes that the future of his political career depends entirely on his ability to 'market' himself as a defense minister for times of peril - real or fictitious.

The Iranian nuclear threat has become the lifeline that connects these two swashbucklers. How ironic is it that they owe their political future to Ahmadinejad. And he doesn't disappoint. Whenever it seems that Israel's domestic woes have moved back to the top of the country's agenda, the kind Iranian president releases another statement regarding Israel's imminent demise.
Netanyahu: World Powers Have NO MORAL RIGHT To Block Us From War On Iran ~ link ~ What a totally outrageous and totally evil thing to say.  This is the Antichrist at his finest!!!  He is the man that will begin the Final Battle that will kill most of the Human Race!!!  Stirling    
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ramped up on Tuesday threats to attack Iran, saying if world powers refused to set a red line for Tehran's nuclear program, they could not demand that Israel hold its fire.

"The world tells Israel 'wait, there's still time'. And I say, 'Wait for what? Wait until when?' Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel," Netanyahu, speaking in English, told reporters in a press conference with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

In secret visit to Israel, UK officials warn Netanyahu against unilateral attack on Iran ~ link There are many ways that deal old Bibi 666 Netanyahu can find to jump start his war.  Stirling      

Israeli Assassination Attempt on General Dempsey in Afghanistan ~ linkNews agencies buried the failed attack...

(BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan) - Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of America’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, the man who flew to Tel Aviv and informed Netanyahu that America wanted no part of his scheming against Iran was the subject of an assassination attempt in Afghanistan.

This wasn’t an act of terrorism or Taliban militants. It was a “mob hit” against someone who failed to kiss the feet of Netanyahu. His response was to unleash killers, not a fact for the public but a fact just the same, one the American military knows very well. Netanyahu has a problem with “hubris.”

Four Israeli military aircraft violate Lebanese airspace ~ link Four Israeli military aircraft have entered Lebanese airspace and flown over areas of the country in blatant violation of a UN Security Council resolution.

An Israeli reconnaissance plane crossed into Lebanese airspace over the southern border town of Alma al-Shaab at 7:35 local time (0435 GMT) on Monday, according to a statement issued by the Lebanese military.

The remote-controlled aircraft made surveillance flights over several areas in southern Lebanon before it left Lebanese airspace at 7:15 p.m. local time (1615 GMT) while flying over the southern village of Rmeish.

On Tuesday, an Israeli drone violated Lebanese airspace over the southern village of al-Naqoura, situated 91 kilometers (57 miles) south of Beirut, at 6:30 a.m. local time (0330 GMT) and flew over several areas of southern Lebanon.

The Israeli aircraft left Lebanese airspace at around 1:30 p.m. local time (1030 GMT) while flying over Rmeish village.

Later in the day, two Israeli fighter jets breached Lebanon's airspace over the border village of Kfar Kila, located 96 kilometers (59 miles) south of Beirut, at 10:40 a.m. local time (0740 GMT). The warplanes left Lebanese airspace at 12:20 p.m. (0920 GMT) local time. 

'Japan playing with fire': Chinese warships deployed to disputed islands ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  Setting up one of the coming War Theaters in WWIII.   Stirling    
Two Chinese patrol ships have been dispatched to a group of disputed islands following Tokyo’s announcement that it would purchase the isles from private owners. Beijing has vowed “reciprocal measures” should the situation escalate.

Two ships from the China Marine Surveillance (CMS) – a paramilitary maritime law enforcement agency – were dispatched to the tiny archipelago in the South China Sea “to assert the country’s sovereignty,” the official Chinese Xinhua News Agency said Tuesday.

Guantanamo death: 'We may never know how the person died' - with video ~ link ~ Guantanamo, just another horror from the 9/11 False Flag event.  Stirling    

It’s not uncommon for inmates to be tortured and die in suspicious circumstances in Guantanamo, journalist Ryan Dawson told RT.

He adds that the coming handover of the Bagram prison to the Afghans is just a “handover on paper” and that the US will retain control of the fate of the prisoners.

A prisoner who had been in solitary confinement in Guantanamo was declared dead by guards on Tuesday, while an investigation into the cause of death has been launched. 

New Poll: Majority of Americans oppose military strike on Iran ~ link ~ As tensions mount between Israel and the U.S. over Iran, a poll by the Chicago Council for Global Affairs shows widespread support for the Administration’s cautious policies.

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama ~ link ~ The tea readers in the Obama campaign have realized that a majority of voters are beginning to wake up to the very real dangers that Israel poses to America and the entire World.   Stirling     
The Federal Reserve;s Cargo Cult Magic: Housing will lift the economy again ~ link ~ The bullshit is getting a bit obvious from the Fed as they take us into the planned economic global collapse.   Stirling     
I have often identified Keynesian economists and the Federal Reserve as cargo cults. After the U.S. won World War II in the Pacific Theater, its forces left huge stockpiles of goods behind on remote South Pacific islands because it wasn’t worth taking it all back to America. After the Americans left, some islanders, nostalgic for the seemingly endless fleet of ships loaded with technological goodies, started Cargo Cults that believed magical rituals and incantations would bring the ships of “free” wealth back. Some mimicked technology by painting radio dials on rocks and using the phantom radio to “call back” the “free wealth” ships.

The Keynesians are like deluded members of a Cargo Cult. They ignore the reality of debt, rising interest payments and the resulting debt-serfdom in their belief that money spent indiscriminately on friction, fraud, speculation and malinvestment will magically call back the fleet of rapid growth.

To the Keynesian, a Bridge to Nowhere is equally worthy of borrowed money as a high-tech factory. They are unable to distinguish between sterile sand and fertilizer, and unable to grasp the fact that ever-rising debt leaves America a nation of wealthy banks and increasingly impoverished debt-serfs.

Huge turnout for Catalan independence rally in Spain - with video ~ link ~ Tens of thousands of people poured into the city waving the region's independence flag and brandishing the colours red and yellow.

This year's march aimed to be the biggest ever - and a protest against the Spanish government's tax laws.

Catalonia wants Madrid to review its tax agreement and provide a bailout.

South African miners "playing dangerous game" as tensions rise again - with video ~ link ~ While it appears the mainstream media has forgotten about the ongoing drama in South Africa, the tensions are rising rather dramatically around the Marikana mines (owned by LonMin mining). As Al Jazeera reports, thousands of miners (along with wives and supporters) have defied an extended deadline (brokered by the government) and decide to remain on strike. The following clip provides some rather concerning color on what is occurring as Julius Malema, the expelled ANC leader, has already been charged with inciting violence - and is "playing a rather dangerous game." He is calling for a national strike as he addresses the people: "they have been stealing this gold from you. Now it is your turn, you want your piece of the gold." The tough reality is that as extraction costs rise (energy/depth) and now miners' costs rise, then the end-product's cost must rise, or - as Melema suggests - supply goes offline

Mammoth hunt: Perfectly preserved Siberian mammoth fossils spread cloning rumor ~ link ~
Russian scientists in Siberia have discovered the perfectly preserved remains of a mammoth that reportedly contain living cells. The findings have sparked media speculation over the possible cloning of the wooly Ice Age giant.

The scientists were quick to deny the report of living cells, calling it“a misunderstanding.” 

Cloning is reconstructing an organism from a somatic cell, while what scientists want to do with mammoths is to add mammoth DNA to an elephant’s egg cell – a completely different procedure, he explained. 

The moment Jupiter was hit by a large asteroid yesterday - with photo ~ link ~


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