Friday, August 10, 2012

Major New Effort To Begin War Begins


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Major New Effort To Begin General Middle East War Has Started With New PsyOps Focusing On New Assessment Of Iranian Nuclear Warfare Efforts   

Three to four weeks ago, we saw a week long, mainstream news media supported, barrage of statements from senior Israeli and American and British officials talking about the grave danger to Israel and the region from the Syrian chemical warfare arsenal.  

We were told that if Syria attempted to move their chemical weapons, or to give them to Hezbollah, or if the Assad regime were about to fall, that Israel and/or the West would have to strike to neutralize this grave danger.  

Then, after about a week of this psyop preparation, it was announced one morning by the Syrian "rebels" that Syria was moving its chemical warheads to airbases near Israel and was preparing to bomb Israel.  

Then something almost unbelievable happened...the senior non-political officials in the Israeli Defense Ministry and the senior generals (headed by the Chief of the IDF himself) mutinied and they announced that the "rebel" report was a lie, that Assad had good control of his "non-conventional" weapons, that while Israel was watching things closely there was no imminent danger, "no reason to panic", and that the IDF was NOT going to attack Syria, that such an attack would bring Iran into a war and that they did not want that.  

Now if this was any other nation, the mainstream news media would be headlining the fact that the IDF had mutinied against the Netanyahu Government.  But that did not happen, and the event was largely unreported by the world's mainstream news media.  

I said at the time, that Netanyahu and the globalists would do a 'work-around', that the outbreak of World War III had been averted by hours at the most by the courageous action of the senior IDF and Defense Ministry non-political officials, but that this would only hold for a while. The the senior people actually in charge of fighting a war, knew damn good and well that any war with Iran and Syria and Hezbollah would effectively destroy Israel and wipe out most of its population, regardless of what horrors Israel would inflict on its enemies.

Now we see a new drive "alerting the world to the grave dangers of Iran's nuclear weapons program".  This is, of course, all bullshit, just like the "movement of the Syrian chemical weapons" was bullshit.  We have been told that, based on leaks from Israel, that America has a new Intelligence Assessment of the "Iranian nuclear weapons program" and that they are "very close" now to going nuclear.  That they have made much faster progress than expected.  

What this really is, is the latest psyop groundwork for the next attempt to attack Syria/Iran/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza and begin World War III.  Whatever is planned by the globalist and Netanyahu forces is designed to get around the opposition of the IDF to going into a war that will get most Israelis killed.  They intend to begin their "little" war and to do so soon.   


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