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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

Dr. Barrie Trawer on Microwave Weapons - ICAACT interview - video ~ link ~ This is a long video but one that I strongly recommend to my viewers.   It covers many topics, some of which are quite surprising such as infecting harmless bacteria with a genetically engineered virus that lies then spread over a nation or area...and then HAARP, or something like HAARP, beams a microwave tuned to a specific frequency to the area and this triggers the deadly virus to become active.  What sick bastard came up with this???   Stirling     

Israeli regime and West apoplectic over Syria says Tarpley - with video ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling    
“The US, the British, the French and indeed the Israelis are now apoplectic,” said Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley in an interview with Press TV on Friday.

“That’s what you see with Fabius. I would call attention to the language he decided when he says the Syrian regime should be smashed fast,” Tarpley added, referring to recent remarks by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

On Friday, the French foreign minister said, “The Syrian regime should be smashed fast… Bashar al-Assad doesn’t deserve to be on this earth.”

“This is a language we haven’t heard in Europe since the fascist era. This is the language of a fascist dictatorship and, well, Fabius is not quite that yet but you get the idea. It’s going in that direction,” Tarpley stated.

He also pointed out that the “desperation of the US regime is that Assad was supposed to be brought down in July… terror attacks to decapitate the Syrian armed forces.” 

Syria denies Assad's deputy tried to defect ~ link ~ More PsyOps from the crazies determined to spring WWIII upon the human race.   Stirling    

Senior Iranian commander: Israel 'will cease to be' if Iran hit ~ link ~  Both sides have WMD that can destroy the other side (I am including North America and Europe in this as the Iranian Advanced Biowar program can kill hundreds of millions in USA-Canada and in Europe).  What is so damn scary is that only one side, the Iranian/Syrian/Hezbollah/Russia/China/etc. side, are trying to stop the coming madness!!!  Stirling     

Syria: Christians Fleeing by Thousands ~ link ~ Under Assad the Christians have always been free to worship as they wish.  The foreign mercenaries are trying to change all of that.  NATO nations, this is your tax dollars at work!!!   Stirling   

Americans tired of Netanyahu's clownish anti-Iran threats ~ link ~ As a former Israeli PM once said, "Don't worry about what the Americans will do, we control America".  The people of America have lost any real voice in their former democracy.  It was lost to PACs, to all-out corruption in Washington and Wall Street, to fraudulent computer based voting, and to a mainstream news media that belongs to the globalists (six companies control over 96% of MSM) and is ran by Zionists.   Stirling      

Then we learned in a recent poll that only 4% of American Jews feel Iran is a threat of any kind. What that fails to mention is that the other 96% must believe something else, like Netanyahu is lying and that any additional illegal war in the Middle East will not receive support, not from them, not from other Americans.

Going even further, there are many Americans that see the idea of the US being ordered around by Wall Street and organized crime, time we admit that is who is calling for war, as treason.

Are Spetsnaz commandos within USA in large numbers? ~ link ~ Also see this story ~ link ~ I have heard detailed reports of this for some time.  However, I do not have proof and I am not sure that I believe this.  Could be, but I am not sure.   Stirling      

Thermonuclear World War 3 ~ link
  • Albert Pike’s Satanic World War 3 Plan
    “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…
  • The Illuminists are playing a rather complex chess game. They are setting up Zionist ’666′ Israel as the deceived useful idiots to do the dirty work in the coming Satanic World War 3. They are using their agent provocateurs in the ruling political class in Israel to promote this war to the destruction of Israel. Both US and NATO do not want to get directly involved in a war against Iran because it means thermonuclear war with Russia/China. The western Illuminati are building up their game plan to disavow any actions taken by the Zionists. Ie. the Zionists will be painted as crazy, rogue, uncontrollable militants acting independently without the approval or support of the US. This is of course false! (emphasis mine)

Egyptian President to attend NAM summit in Tehran ~ link ~ It is a most interesting question, what will Egypt do in the coming General Middle East War???  Stirling     
Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi will attend the upcoming summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Iran's capital, Tehran, the Egyptian state media say.  
The 16th summit of the NAM member states will be held in the Iranian capital on August 26-31.  

Angel Flight: Bringing home dead American troops - video ~ link ~ WHY are we still fighting in the Middle East, loosing good men???  Stirling     

Finland signals Euro walkout as Austria asks for exit mechanism ~ link ~ Eurozone member Finland is preparing for a potential break-up of the single currency block, the country’s foreign minister said in an interview with a British newspaper published on Aug. 17. This came one day after Austria’s call for a eurozone exit mechanism.

“We have to face openly the possibility of a euro-break up,” the country’s Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja and member of Finland’s coalition government told The Daily Telegraph.

What to do when every market is manipulated ~ link ~ What do the following have in common? LIBOR, Bernie Madoff, MF Global, Peregrine Financial, zero-percent interest rates, the Social Security and Medicare entitlement funds, many state and municipal pension funds, mark-to-model asset values, quote stuffing and high frequency trading (HFT), and debt-based money?

The answer is that every single thing in that list is an example of market rigging, fraud, or both.

Rense & Celente - Society Is Now a Rotten Fish - video ~ link ~ This is what happens when you allow satanic people to have a free reign over the economy and politics!  Good video!  Stirling      

Israeli-controlled businesses and banks direct US foreign policy - with video ~ linkAn analyst says the Israeli-controlled banks, corporations and arms dealers determine the United States foreign policy, Press TV reports.

“Our (America’s) foreign policy is driven by Israel, by the banks and by the, yes multinational corporations and by the arms dealers, all of whom have a very symbiotic relationship with the Zionist Israel and what is overwhelmingly and provingly a Jewish-dominated international banking system,” said political commentator Mark Dankof in a Friday interview with Press TV.

He added that, the US presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Barack Obama continue to support the “dangerous moves that are being foisted upon [them] by the Israeli lobby.”

“You have a situation where the federal government is running a trillion-dollar budget deficit where the actual unemployment rate in the United States according to Paul Craig Roberts is 22 percent and where there is no sense that either Mr. Obama or Mr. Romney has any idea as to how to get us out of this situation,” Dankof noted.

The analyst further argued that, the US will follow the path towards poverty at home and warmongering abroad regardless of the results of the upcoming presidential elections.

The 11 Worst Companies To Work For In America ~ link ~ The old Greek saying that "a fish rots from the head down" is appropriate here.    If you have a rotten company it is almost always because the people at the top are at best sociopaths.   Stirling     

Television advertisement from the Catholic Church on Freedom and the American election - video ~ link ~ I have to say that I agree with the ad.   Stirling     

Late Winter may be bad in US's Northeast ~ link ~
“I think the East Coast is going to have some battles with some big storms,” says Paul Pastelok, Accu-Weather’s lead long-term forecaster in State College, Pa.

However, Mr. Pastelok predicts the battles won’t start until January and then will extend into February. “November in the Northeast could be above-normal temperatures and below-normal precipitation, and December could be a transition month,” he says. “By January and February it’s going to get pretty cold.”

Low levels on the Mississippi River threatening cargo business and drinking water - with video ~ link 

Nurse who treated victims of Batman Massacre drowns - Was she talking? ~ linkThe Batman Massacre has disappeared from the public's view, just a nasty image of "what can happen when people have guns" remains.  However, the very serious questions about how many shooters were involved, who were they, and did the 'joker' arrested even have anything to do with it, these questions are unanswered!  Stirling    

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