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American has become the world's first FOURTH WORLD NATION.  Definition of a Fourth World Nation is a former First World country that is failing and has a very high level of official corruption at the highest levels of government, business and finance but not at the petty levels normally seen in Third World Nations.   

Deliberate BP Oil Disaster + Corexit = Death of Loop Current = Less heat in Thermohaline Circulation System = Loss of steering mechanism effect on atmospheric Jet Steam = global abnormal weather patters = drought and floods = starvation = more global death and chaos = part of the 'perfect conditions' to bring about the satanic global police-state New World Order  

Ancient Scottish title of Baron for sale   ~ link

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

Third World War is very close.

Israeli Grasping at Invasion Straws ~ link ~ It is being reported that Israel is strengthening its missile defense shield in preparation for the Iranian missiles that it expects to receive as a consequence of its upcoming invasion into Persia.  Truth be known, it is the US taxpayer that is strengthening the Israeli defense shield as surely as it was the US taxpayer that paid to send the Patriot missiles to Israel prior to the 2003 US invasion into Iraq. The Zionist Israeli frustration over delays in their Middle East conquest are beginning to show, as the truth behind Zionism is revealed more every day via the internet.  The dual citizen Israeli-American Zionists operating within the US government are likewise being forced to show their true intent in that their loyalties lie with Zion and not the American people, whom they are anxious to sacrifice to their bloodthirsty god.

Syria arrests Turkish Army General in Aleppo ~ link 
~ also see ~ link

Syrian Prime Minister sacked as "rebels" bomb Damascus TV building ~ link ~ The explosion was the latest in the Syrian capital, which has seen a string of suicide attacks and other bombings in the past few months as the country's civil war has escalated and the rebels grow bolder in their tactics. The TV building, which also houses state-run radio, is located at the Umawiyyeen roundabout in central Damascus.

Also on Monday, Syria's Prime Minister Riyad Hijab was sacked, as government forces appeared to prepare a ground assault to clear battered rebels from Aleppo, the country's biggest city. 

Syrian PM defects ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ A big win for the 'opposition'.  Keep in mind, every 'big win' for them moves us closer to the day that Syria and Iran and Hezbollah will LAUNCH and that means WWIII and most of us end up dying in WWIII.   Stirling    

Japan's defense report takes tough line against China ~ link ~ Laying more ground work for what will be one of many Regional Theaters to the coming Third World War.    Stirling   

In another sign of growing tensions in Asia, Japan’s annual defence report last week issued strident warnings about China’s military build-up. Prime Minister Yoshiro Noda will use the report to seek to justify aligning Japan even more closely with the Obama administration’s confrontational “pivot” aimed at undermining Chinese influence throughout Asia.

First published in 2008, Japan’s defence white papers have always expressed “concern” about the Chinese military. “Defence of Japan 2012,” however, contains alarmist statements, warning of China’s “plans to expand the sphere of its maritime activities” in the Pacific, including in the East and South China Seas, and to step up “surveillance operations near Japan.”

US and Israel arranging roles in Iran/Syria War Theater ~ link ~ Reports are surfacing of a US-Israeli plan to attack Iran’s ballistic missile batteries, giving Israel extra space to tackle Syria and Hezbollah. While no talks have been confirmed, anonymous sources claim that war plans have been put to paper. While it’s unclear how far-reaching the US and Israeli plans are, some say the allies have detailed intentions to destroy the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missiles – and let Israel launch an assault on Syria and Hezbollah to boot.

Egypt: Mossad was behind Sinai attack ~ link ~ Muslim Brotherhood says Jihadist attack on Egyptian patrolmen, breach of Israeli border a Mossad ploy meant to rattle Egyptian president's fledgling regime.

Israel-Sinai border attack thwarted ~ link 

Syria and America's New World Order ~ link ~ Americans look at the Russian and the Chinese position as a confrontation. So, it is confronting not only the Syrian regime, it is confronting international law, it is imposing on Russia and China new rules of the world order, that they prefer to be dominating in the 21st century in relation with the Russian Federation, with the Chinese Republic, with all the world. I think that we are witnessing new efforts of the US administration to impose on the world the new order of a power that can dominate and can give orders to other states.

Kidnapped British journalist "no Syrian among the rebels" ~ link ~ This is not a Civil is an invasion by mercenaries paid for by the GCC states, by NATO and by Israel.   Stirling     

Saudi Arabia on War Footing ~ link ~  Prince Bandar is most likely dead.  Stirling   

By appointing Prince Bandar bin Sultan as its new intelligence chief, Saudi Arabia has installed what looks like a war cabinet at a time of rising tensions with Iran and growing internal dissent from its Shiite minority. The Saudis have also heightened their alert level in other ways to prepare for possible regional conflict. Some Saudi military and security personnel were mobilized last month — called back from summer leave or told to cancel planned vacations.

Senior Rabbi believes that war and "time of Redemption" is coming ~ link ~ Interesting that Christians feel that the End Time is upon us; that Muslims feel that their end time is also here; and some Jews feel that their "Redemption" is at hand.  Something big is about to explode in our faces.  Stirling       

Conspiracy Truth vs the Media Gulag ~ link  

The New American Century - video ~ link  

Completely Surrounded by Psychopaths and Sociopaths as we approach the Edge of Societal Collapse ~ link Do you remember when America was a place where you could attend a public gathering without having to worry if a sociopath was going to set off a bomb or start wildly shooting people?  Do you remember when America was a place where you could walk down the street without having to worry that a vicious pack of teens might attack you for no reason whatsoever?  Do you remember when America was a place where you could leave your car unlocked, your house unlocked and your garage open without having to worry about thieves?  Well, only old timers are likely to remember a time when you could leave your front door unlocked, but it was once like that in America.  Over the past 50 years America has fundamentally changed.  Once upon a time you could trust just about everybody, but these days it is difficult to find anyone that you can truly trust.  We are literally surrounded by psychopaths and sociopaths as we approach the edge of societal collapse.  The truly frightening thing is that we are watching society break down rapidly even though economic conditions are still relatively good.  If this is how bad things are right now, what are they going to look like after the economy collapses and people become really desperate?

So What Happens When The Number Of Poor In America Goes From 100 To 280 Million??? ~ link ~
Professor Steve Keen who champions Debt Cancellation told us that wages go down and unemployment goes up as total debts increase. In 1970 the total amount of debt in the US was less than 2 trillion dollars. Today it is almost 55 trillion. In 1950 more than 80% of all men in the US had jobs. Today that is less than 65%. The number of Americans “not in the labor force” rose by 17.9 million between 2000 and 2011.  Since 2001 the US lost more than 56,000 manufacturing plants and is still losing 23 per day.Today 25 million American adults are living with their parents.  Only 51% of last years college graduates have fulltime jobs with an average income $27,000 which is $12.27 an hour.

But suppose the Petrodollar system ended in 2013 and everyone had to buy oil with something other than dollars. Prices will double as the more than 50% of currency held outside the US is dumped. There are currently 100 million poor Americans. I estimate 280 million Americans will be at or near poverty before the end of 2013 if we do not reform the system.

Growing signs of global slump ~ link ~ The engineered new Global Depression begins to 'bit'.  Stirling     

The impact of the continuing crisis of the euro zone is spreading outwards through the global economy, bringing signs of a gathering world slump.

The Ascendancy of a Criminal Financial System ~ link ~ The Two Faces of a Police State: Sheltering Tax Evaders, Financial Swindlers and Money Launderers while Policing the Citizens

Serbia tightens control over central bank ~ link ~ The banksters need to have something tightened around their necks and it is not their ties.   Stirling    

Banking crisis intensifies in Slovenia ~ link ~ The global banksters are parasites of the worst type.  They are deliberately bringing chaos throughout the world to usher in their long-sought satanic New World Order.   Stirling     

After Greece and Spain, now Slovenia, once the “model pupil” of the European Union in Eastern Europe, is slipping into the vortex of the European banking crisis. The former Yugoslav republic, which joined the EU in 2004 and introduced the common European currency in 2006, is becoming the “Spain of Eastern Europe”, as the Financial Times Deutschland wrote.

Recently, the Slovenian Ministry of Finance confirmed that the country’s largest bank needed additional assistance of €500 million. The Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB) holds bad loans totalling €1.5 billion. It had already received emergency funding of €380 million in late June.

Spain and Italy are toast unless Germany allows the ECB to print TRLLIONS of Euros ~ link ~ Talk about being 'caught between a rock and a hard place'.  Stirling    

Employment Rate in the USA lower than it was during the last recession ~ link ~ We are not in a 'recession', we are in a global depression.  Stirling   

Only 24.6% of All Jobs in America Are Good Jobs ~ link ~  The only thing that has kept the America people from a new revolution is that they have been dumbed down to the max by the propaganda matrix.  That only works to a point, however.   Stirling    

Do you want to know why it seems like good jobs are very rare in the United States today?  It is because good jobs are very rare in the United States today.  According to a paper that was just released by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, only 24.6 percent of all American jobs qualified as "good jobs" in 2010.  Over the past several decades, there has been increasing pressure on corporations to reduce expenses and increase corporate profits.  One of the biggest expenses that any corporation faces is labor.  Large corporations all over the globe are in an endless race to gain a competitive advantage by pushing labor costs as low as possible.  Sometimes this is done by using technology.  Computers, automation, robotics and other forms of technology have eliminated millions of jobs in the United States and those jobs are never coming back.  Millions of other jobs have been eliminated by offshoring.  In our globalized economy, American workers have been merged into one giant labor pool with everyone else.  That makes it very tempting for big corporations to move jobs from areas where workers are very expensive (such as the United States) to areas of the world where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.  When big corporations do this, corporate profits go up, but the number of good jobs in the United States goes down.  As a result, there is increased competition for the jobs that remain in the United States and this drives down wages.  Meanwhile, the cost of living just keeps going up.  So millions of American families have fallen into poverty in recent years, and millions of others have gone deep into debt in an attempt to survive.  This dynamic is absolutely shredding the middle class in the United States.

So how exactly did the authors of the paper mentioned above come to the conclusion that only 24.6 percent of all jobs in the United States are good jobs?

Well, they had three criteria for what a "good job" is....

Is Sikh temple shooting staged to ban guns? - with video ~ link ~ Do bears shit in the woods?  Stirling   

Obama insiders have publicly bragged that they have an ace up their collective sleeves against political enemies-staged mass shootings, bombings and other nasty terror. It is so easy to carry out a false flag and cast yourself as the hero while demonizing your opposition. All you need is a drugged up patsy to take the fall. This new tragedy has all the classic hallmarks of a sloppy false flag and the timing is just what the tyrants ordered.

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” David Rockefeller
“Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.” — Adolf Hitler

Sikh temple shooter was in Army Psychological Operations ~ link ~ “A U.S. Army spokeswoman told Yahoo News that Page served from April 1992 until October 1998 as a member of the psychological operations unit. He was never deployed, but won numerous medals, including two for good conduct and one for humanitarian service. Wade received basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, moved to Fort Bliss in Texas and finished at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.”

Disarming America ~ link ~ It will begin with calls for “reasonable” gun controls, banning all new sales of semi-automatic weapons, bulk gun purchases, or magazines with a capacity greater than an arbitrary number determined by gun control advocates inside of the beltway. It will end very badly.

Shooting at Sikh temple - Who benefits Big Time? ~ link ~ That's an easy question: Only the fascists who want to take away American's guns...their last line of defense against a fascist government.   Stirling    

The official and repeating scenario (“we believe there was only one shooter”) has already been contradicted.

Two witnesses (one who was apparently inside the temple and one outside who obtained information from his father) state there were multiple shooters.

The second witness says four white males unleashed a coordinated attack inside the temple. The first witness says gas was released.

Sikh shooter a Former Psyop soldier linked to FBI's National Alliance ~ link ~ The National Alliance, like most white supremacist groups, is controlled by the FBI.

World Depopulation - with video ~ link ~ link ~
Never before has the New World Order been exposed to the degree that Shepard Ambellas and Jason Bermas do in the film SHADE the Motion Picture.

Once again the elites have something to fear as their sinister Master Plan for Global Domination is exposed.

Confirmed H3N2v cases at Jackson County Fair in Indiana ~ link ~ Friday the CDC released additional H3N2v sequences from recent cases linked to county in LaPorte and Jackson Counties in Indiana, Butler County in Ohio, as well as a Maui resident in Hawaii.  All of these sequences matched the novel sub-clade, which was first reported at a Mineral County day care center in West Virginia, which had an N2 gene which was distinct from the N2 gene in the first 10 H3N2v cases in 2011. 

All of the recent sequences are from July, 2012 collections, and the sequences from Indiana, Ohio, and Hawaii are more closely related to each than the earlier cases in West Virginia and Utah.  This close relationship, as well as the finding that all human cases since late 2011 have been from the novel sub-clade,, supports transmission and evolution in humans, not swine.

The Martial Flu: US Pandemic Laws Align with International Health Regulations ~ linkAll of the new vaccines are DNA vaccines which contaminate normal human DNA with patented GMOs, just as Monsanto has been doing to organic fields with pollen drift.

The public has not been informed of this or given legal papers to release their intellectual property rights over their own unique DNA.

But under GW Bush, whose family is deeply connected to the biotech/pharmaceutical industry that put Hitler into office, laws were put in place that would use the military to force such vaccines, and with unknown content, on the entire population, under the pretext of a flu. 

Chemotherapy can backfire and boost cancer growth ~ link ~ Yes but it is very profitable for Big Pharma!  If you or someone you know has cancer, do a good search on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his Rife Machines.   Stirling      

War on Cold Fusion - The Hidden Truth - video ~ link


NASA Mars Landing: 'Curiosity' arrives on the Red Planet ~ link ~ Nasa has successfully landed Curiosity, a car-sized rover, on Mars in a triumph for space exploration which could establish if life ever existed on the Red Planet. 

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