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Holy Shroud of Turin
 The 'Land of the Free' (USA) has become the 'Land of the Enslaved Sheeple'
No Time Left - The Dynamics of the New Resistance ~ link ~ This is a very interesting article.  It is long but very well worth you time to read it all.  I recommend it.  Stirling    
Silent Running ~ link ~ As we move ever closer to the Third World War we should be aware that the dangers to humanity's very existence did not end with the Cold War.   Stirling      

A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with long-range cruise missiles operated undetected in the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks and its travel in strategic U.S. waters was only confirmed after it left the region, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

The stealth underwater incursion in the Gulf took place at the same time Russian strategic bombers made incursions into restricted U.S. airspace near Alaska and California in June and July, and highlights a growing military assertiveness by Moscow.

Foreign mercenaries in Syria now armed with T-62 tanks ~ link ~ As tanks go, these are 'antique junk', however, they are still damn dangerous to the infantryman and have to be 'taken out'.  Just one more step-up for the fascist forces behind the so-called "rebels".   Stirling      

Sources in Ankara report that Turkey has drawn up plans for carving out those safe havens between 5 and 25 kilometers deep inside Syrian territory and on its borders with Turkey and Iraq.  

The supply of tanks and the Stingers lays the ground for the sanctuaries’ defenses against Assad’s warplanes and tanks, which until now had free rein of the skies and the battlefield. 

How much will American's animus against Iran distort US policy toward Syria? ~ link ~ I would say 100%.  Stirling     

Israel's Plan for Syria: Somalisation ~ link ~ This is an satanic pipe dream by a bunch of hyper-racist fools who are being used by the globalists and Lucifer himself.  The Syrians will destroy Israel long before they allow themselves to be destroyed by Israel and NATO/GCC!!!   Stirling     

The Overpopulation Myth is a Distraction from Our Real Problems: Poverty and War - video ~ link 

Riots break out in northern France led by unemployed young men - very violent ~ link ~ Make a note of this.  This is apt to be the beginning of something in the developed world that we will see a lot of in the months to come.   Stirling     

Less than two weeks ago, the French government declared Amiens among 15 impoverished zones to receive more money and security, but many people remain frustrated at what they see as official indifference to their situations. Unemployment skews higher in northern France and among the country's youth.

At the height of the confrontation, 150 officers — both local and federal riot police — faced off against young men who fired buckshot and fireworks at them, skirmishing through the neighborhood in the city about 75 miles (120 kilometers) north of Paris. There were no arrests.

Chinese companies pull out of US stock markets ~ link ~ Do they see the 'mother of all stock market crashes coming'?    Stirling    


Senior Merkel ally sends stark warning to Greece ~ link ~ "You will starve your people according to the dictates of the ruling Global Banking Cartel or else".  Stirling    

A senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's party issued a stark warning to Greece on Monday, saying Germany would not hesitate to veto further aid to the country if there were any signs it was not meeting the conditions of its bailout.

The comments, by the deputy parliamentary leader of Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) Michael Fuchs, are a sign that frustration with Greece among ruling party lawmakers is nearing the breaking point.

The NWO Agenda would move forward with this one simple act ~ link I have an eerie feeling that the elite control freaks are preparing something big to make all of their sinister dreams come true in one shot. We know they want war with Iran, control over the Internet, and economic collapse on their own terms. So what would be the one act that could make all this happen?

There is one event that can bring all of this about: a false flag cyber attack on Western banking institutions that they can pin on Iran.

World Crumbles As Thug Bankers Rule - video ~ link 

MF Global: Beta Test for bank holiday and martial law ~ link ~ Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: On the heals of the Department of Justice’s determination of no wrongdoing in the case of Goldman Sachs’ contribution to the kickoff of the financial meltdown in 2008, writer and researcher Susanne Posel tells the SGT Report that the bizarre overnight bankruptcy of MF Global of Oct. 31, 2011, was a beta test for the final, grand theft planned by the banking cartel.  Nearly 10 months later, no charges have been levied against the mastermind of the theft of $1.2 billion, former CEO of Goldman Sachs Jon Corzine.  No charges appear to be forthcoming, either.

The Corzine incident was a beta test implemented by the banking cartel to measure the extent of public and Congressional reaction to overt theft of customer funds, according to Posel.

National Weather Service follows DHS in HUGH AMMO PURCHASE ~ link ~ You can't make this stuff up!  What is the National Weather Service even doing with guns???  Or is this a hidden purchase for some 'secret' US government force/s using the Weather Service as a Front?   Stirling   

Why would the National Weather Service need to purchase large quantities of powerful ammo? That’s the question many are asking after the federal agency followed in the footsteps of the Department of Homeland Security in putting out a solicitation for 46,000 rounds of hollow point bullets.  

'Black Box' standards coming for cars ~ linkThese 'black boxes' are meant to be spy devices on every new car that the government can access allowing them to tell where you have been, if you violated the speed limit and when/where all these 'offenses' took place, etc.  The 'Land of the Free' has become the 'Land of the Enslaved Sheeple'!!!  Stirling 

Some mainstream doctors say supporting the 2'nd Amendment is a Mental Disorder ~ link ~ The men who founded America would strongly disagree with this quack view.   Stirling     

Fast and Furious Bombshell Explodes ~ linkAccording to a high-ranking Mexican drug cartel operative, who is currently in U.S. custody, there are some things that the American people are not being told about Fast and Furious. We obviously knew something was not being told behind the scenes because of Barack Obama issuing executive privilege and Holder being in contempt of Congress for failing to comply. But this makes even the sleepiest of people perk up their ears and pay attention.

Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, known as the Sinaloa Cartel’s “logistics coordinator,” has brought allegations that the gunwalking operation had nothing to do with tracking guns and everything to do with supplying them. According to Zambada-Niebla it was part of an elaborate agreement between the U.S. and Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel to take down rival cartels. 

A full blown militarized Disneyland - video ~ link 

FBI raids homes of Occupy activists ~ link ~ Hitler and Stalin would be so proud!   Stirling    

Trapwire: Big Brother now monitors your every move - with video  ~ link ~ The latest Wikileaks data-dump reveals that the government now has the ability to grab video from far-flung surveillance cameras located in stores, casinos and other businesses around the country. It uses sophisticated facial recognition software to identify people of interest captured by the ubiquitous cameras numbering in the millions.

The software, Trapwire, is a significant breakthrough for the surveillance state. It was uncovered by security researcher Justin Ferguson. He delved into the massive pile of emails hacked from Stratfor – regarded as a shadow CIA – on Christmas of 2011. In response to Ferguson’s discovery and the Trapwire revelation, Wikileaks was recently hit with a large scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

Making Scotland the Green Energy Capital of Europe - Interview with Alex Salmond ~ link ~ We were fortunate enough to have some time with Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond where we discussed a broad range of topics from Scotland’s ambitious renewable energy targets and North Sea oil & gas to Scottish independence and Donald Trump.

Scottish Independence issue triggers new row ~ link ~ If the London central UK government tries to stop or sabotage the vote, the Scottish Parliament can call in the Scots Peers and re-convene the ancient fully sovereign Scots Parliament, the Three Estates, and they can declare Independence subject to a confirmation vote by the people!   Stirling      

However, a spokesman for Crawford said after the talks that despite having a “constructive” meeting, they have reached “no final conclusion” on the timetable.

"No final conclusions were reached today on a timetable, further work needs to be done, and therefore we look forward to continuing the discussions,” the spokesman said.

He also stressed that the agreement to seek the Privy Council’s approval does not mean that the SNP is allowing London to decide on the matter.

"As we have always said, we have absolutely no objection to a section 30 order in regard to the referendum, with no Westminster strings attached - which could be agreed very shortly,” the spokesman said.

"The terms and timing of the referendum must be decided in Scotland, by the Scottish Parliament, not imposed by Westminster, and the [British] Prime Minister has already conceded the autumn 2014 timescale," he added. 

Key test is set for sustained hypersonic flight with video  ~ link ~ The X-51A Wave Rider is a most interesting test bed.  Stirling    

Since test pilot Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in 1947, engineers and scientists have dreamed of ever-faster aircraft. Now, they face one of their toughest challenges yet: sustaining hypersonic flight — going five times the speed of sound or more — for more than a few minutes.

In a nondescript hangar at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert, a team of aerospace engineers has been putting the finishing touches on a lightning-quick experimental aircraft designed to fly above the Pacific Ocean at 3,600 mph. A passenger aircraft traveling at that speed could fly from Los Angeles to New York in 46 minutes.

US military hybrid airship makes stunning first flight - with photos and videos ~ link ~ Cool aviation technology.  Stirling    

The Great American Culture of Cover-Up ~ link ~ We have seen many cover-ups and scandals throughout the history of our nation. Barely twelve years into this, the 21st century, there are three major cover-ups that add to our national shame: 9/11, Iraq invasion and the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal. Each time, those at the very top of power failed, or chose to fail, to follow the narrow path of truth. Truth is this funny thing because the more you either stretch it or silence it, eventually, like that puppy that runs away… it always returns. It may take months or years, or even a generation or two, but it will come back!

The American Diet and the Industrial Food Complex - video  ~ link 

The Dangers of Tap Water and How to Protect Yourself - video ~ link  

Your guide to eating alkaline ~ link  ~ One of the keys to maintaining optimal health is discovering the correct way to eat food in order to maximize your alkaline potential, and in turn prevent chronic disease from developing in your body. But in order to do this, you have to first learn which foods are alkaline-forming, and which are acid-forming, as well as how to eat them in balance.

The continuous onslaught of chemicals, additives, and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) throughout the common food supply, not to mention modern society's heavy reliance on processed, nutrient-stripped foods, is no doubt taking a huge toll on human health. Most people also eat copious amounts of food that promote acidity, which in turn makes them more prone to disease.

How the Food Industry is deceiving you - Part 1 - video ~ link  

Combat the rise of superbugs and infectious diseases with  Lavender ~ link ~ Since antiquity, lavender has been remarkably effective against life-threatening illness and infection. Today, lavender is garnering attention as a safe alternative to risky chemical disinfectants, dangerous antibiotics and hazardous antiviral medications. As an added health protecting benefit, lavender naturally stimulates the immune system to guard against invading bacteria and viruses.

When the great epidemics of plague were sweeping through Europe during the Middle Ages and into the 17th century, a mysterious phenomena was taking place: tannery workers who used the essential oil of lavender in production and those who worked in lavender fields were escaping the illness unscathed. Unknown at the time, lavender boosts immunity and is a powerful bactericide.

Justice for 110-year-old war widow as she gets her dead husband's WWI veteran's benefits raised from $36 to $1,000 per month ~ linkSomeday soon, we will have a world that will not have wars, depressions, and mass criminal activity.  Stirling   

Extraordinary footage unearth after 70 years shows prisoners and Nazi guards inside Colditz Castle Prison ~ link ~ A kinsman of mine, the late Michael Alexander of London, was imprisoned there during WWII.  Michael was an interesting person, that I was privileged to know.  He served in both the SAS and SBS in WWII.  A lawyer in Scotland, that I also know, once (well before I claimed the Earldom) tried to get him to claim it.  He declined knowing that it would have been a decade or decades long profit enterprise for the lawyer.  Since I was already an expert on Scots Peerage Law, I made the Claim by Right to the Earldom and it still took me twenty some years.  See my book, Cash for Peerages: The Smoking Gun ~ link ~ Stirling       

16 Things you didn't know about sleep ~ link 

Gobekli Tepe yields groundbreaking insights ~ link ~
The excavation of Göbekli Tepe gave Schmidt insight into “one of the most fascinating Neolithic sites in the world;” a hub of sorts in the ancient world where different populations met to “engage in complex rites.”
About 15 kilometers from the Turkish city of Sanhurfa, Schmidt and a team gained access with permission from the Turkish government.

Jazz on the Tube - Remembering Von Freeman - music video ~ link  

The Secret of Nikola Tesla - Rare feature film - video ~ link  ~ Tesla by himself radically changed the world.  However, a large part of what he invented is among that part of human endeavors that is rightly described as 'Suppressed Technology'...kept from the human race the by crooked evil super-elites in order to control us.   Stirling    

Geology Rocks: New photos from Mars ~ link  


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