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American has become the world's first FOURTH WORLD NATION.  Definition of a Fourth World Nation is a former First World country that is failing and has a very high level of official corruption at the highest levels of government, business and finance but not at the petty levels normally seen in Third World Nations.   

Deliberate BP Oil Disaster + Corexit = Death of Loop Current = Less heat in Thermohaline Circulation System = Loss of steering mechanism effect on atmospheric Jet Steam = global abnormal weather patters = drought and floods = starvation = more global death and chaos = part of the 'perfect conditions' to bring about the satanic global police-state New World Order  
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Pestilence, War, Famine, Death are riding our way! 

Ancient Scottish title of Baron for sale   ~ link

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

Third World War is very close.


Planned War on Iran and the General who said No ~ link ~ This is one that you should read in full at the link.  Very interesting! If you don't read anything else this this article in full at the link!!!  Stirling     

Today, General Dempsey, Chairman of America’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, the man who flew to Tel Aviv and informed Netanyahu that America wanted no part of his scheming against Iran was the subject of an assassination attempt in Afghanistan.

This wasn’t an act of terrorism or Taliban militants. It was a “mob hit” against someone who failed to kiss the feet of Netanyahu. His response was to unleash killers, not a fact for the public but a fact just the same, one the American military knows very well. Netanyahu has a problem with “hubris.”

The culprits, “militants,” managed to escape undetected from the most sophisticatedly defended real estate on earth, the perimeter of Bagam Air Force Base. Lucky for them they attacked at night, a time when America’s 5th generation night vision, ground radar and other detection systems were mysteriously disabled.

The rocket detection systems, early warning blimps with ground penetrating synthetic aperture radar and the continual coverage by UAV drones using infrared detection, $2 billion in technology on this one perimeter alone, cost the plane of America’s top military commander and wounds were sustained by two crew members.

Dempsey had just left Tel Aviv where he told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the following:

“I may not know about all of [Israel's] capabilities, but I think that it’s a fair characterization to say that they could delay but not destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities.”

Dempsey then told waiting reporters:

“We compare intelligence, we discuss regional implications, and we’ve admitted to each other that our clocks are turning at different rates, we have to understand the Israelis; they live with a constant suspicion with which we do not have to deal.”

There are those close to President Obama who don’t accept the attack on Dempsey at face value, with a public admission by the Taliban of complicity. Such statements, which would certainly cost dearly in reprisals by the US, are most often found on Internet sites lacking a credible connection to any Islamic source.

To some Americans, the attack appears to be a reprisal against Dempsey who, out of coincidence, cited the motive in his own appraisal of Israel’s judgment, their “constant suspicion.”

News agencies buried the failed attack, knowing Dempsey is hated by Netanyahu and respected by the Taliban as both “truthful and fair.”

Netanyahu longs for the days when General Myers held Dempsey’s job, under Bush (43), both flawed and narcissistic, predictable puppets, the perfect fodder for Netanyahu’s machinations. 
The carefully choreographed and very public attempt on the life of General Dempsey is a greeting card from the Adelson/Romney/Netanyahu camp.  

A critical part of understanding organized crime requires the study of its origins, particularly in America, during the 19th century.

While London, from the earliest days of what America had believed to be freedom from British rule, in actuality ran America’s economy, and was, itself, subjected to rule by continental bankers.

Britain, the colonizer of the world was, itself, no more than a client of the Bauer/Rothschild group who underwrote the British pound.

The real criminal groups running American politics developed from among the immigrant gangs that settled America’s cities. There were German, Irish, Italian and Jewish gangs. All that survive now are the remnants of the Mafia, the Jewish gangs who now run Washington and Wall Street and the new threats from Kosovo and Albania, the latest round of criminal immigration into America.

With the full cooperation of FBI Director Hoover, tasked with protecting America from criminal organizations, the government stood aside while every aspect of American life, every necessity from water to electricity to medicine, leaving nothing out, came under assault by criminal groups grown fat on profiteering from war, narcotics and, during the Prohibition years, the sale of illegal alcohol.

For decades, America’s media has been tasked with blaming all ills on Italian Americans and corrupt trade unions while America has been little but a colony of key European banking families who created wars, suppressed technologies, manipulated currencies, raised and crushed stock markets and national economies and, in the end, became as a hydra, the multi-headed beast of Greek mythology, ruling all.

What drew Adelson, Romney and even Putin to Israel at this critical time as the world sits on the brink of nuclear war over Syria is simple. We are again reminded of Putin’s visit to Israel.

No Israeli citizen was spoken to, no public concerns were addressed, no, a visit to Israel is a visit to the “safe haven” for worldwide organized crime that controls and manages the vast and endless wealth of the Russian continent as easily as it runs Britain or dances its Washingtonian puppets into discarding laws and traditions and becoming a surrogate bully, not for a nation but for an international criminal conspiracy.

The language of politics must be replaced with the language of crime as the solutions to what are misconstrued as political problems are and have long been responses to the depredations of criminal organizations. 

The mistake made by so many is to use principles of geopolitics to describe the world condition, the continual entropy, the centralization of wealth and the rapid deterioration of human rights as wars rage without end.

Even the educated classes, searching for patterns and rationales to explain how 2000 trillion dollars represented by “derivative debt” could encumber all the world’s currencies, a staggering amount created by an unseen hand through a process none have yet been able to describe.

Debt, or as it is known in criminal circles as “loan sharking,” is the business of the world. Controlling currencies was not enough, thus controlled governments, bribed, threatened, blackmailed and bought looked away while the wealth and hope of a hundred generations was stolen overnight, a few lines of text, a few entries on computers and generations of our progeny are changed, in that moment, from citizens of the world to “useless eaters,” as Henry Kissinger would describe them.

Armies may march, air forces may bomb, drones may attack but none of this is war or politics, nor has it been for centuries. This is where we went awry. We chose to play chess while our opponents simply put a pistol on the table and emptied our pockets.

America is living this today, as it looks on an upcoming election. The very few can escape the packaged news, scripted in Hollywood or Washington or Tel Aviv, our political life is a theatrical production, a comic tragedy without the Shakespearean irony.

This is a government that Sheldon Adelson, the man who believes he will be America’s real next president, believes he can take to war, a systematic conquest of the Middle East and Central Asia, done for the criminal elements some call Israel, done, quite simply, to prove the power of evil over good. 

China: Chemical weapons an 'excuse' for US to intervene in Syria ~ link ~ Syria is the backdoor to Iran and also the backdoor to a General Middle East War and to World War III/Armageddon.  Only satanic fools seek to open that door!   Stirling     
Chinese state media have accused US President Barack Obama of planning to use Syria's chemical weapons as an excuse for intervening militarily.

The state news agency, Xinhua, was responding to a warning from Mr Obama that Syria would be crossing a "red line" if it tried to use such weapons. "Once again, Western powers are digging deep for excuses to intervene militarily," it said.

Netanyahu's ex-Deputy PM: Israeli strike on Iran would be a disaster ~ link ~ Everyone can see this but dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu and a few key nuts on his cabinet.   Stirling    

Bibi's War - We don't have to fight it ~ link ~  We may not 'have to' but I suspect, in the end, that we will!  Stirling     

In Aleppo, shop keepers eke out living as fighting rages - video ~ link 
Russia is confident that Syria won't use chemical weapons ~ link ~ I am confident that they will IF they feel that Syria is about to be overrun by the West.   Stirling      

A ‘confidential dialogue’ with the Syrian government on the security of the arsenal has convinced Moscow that Damascus is capable of keeping weapons under control, a Russian paper reports.

Blasts rock Turkish SE province as military convoy passes ~ link

Report: West bribed Syrian officials to defect ~ link ~ That is what I said at the time.   Stirling   

GOP VP candidate Ryan's adviser calls on Congress to authorize war with Iran ~ link ~ These war whores will sell the entire nation and world to the devil for favor with the globalists and Netanyahu Zionists.  They will not care how many millions or billions die, just so they get more power and wealth!   Stirling    

Obama threatens to invade Syria ~link ~  There is NO REASON, having anything to do with American interests, American values, American needs, for the US to invade Syria...NONE!   Stirling      

Yesterday US and NATO officials discussed plans for a US military invasion of Syria to bring down Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, after US President Barack Obama announced that the US was contemplating a direct attack on Syria at a press conference Monday night.

A delegation led by Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Beth Jones discussed US military plans with Turkey. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that Defense Department and US intelligence officials met their Turkish counterparts “to share operational pictures, to talk about the effectiveness of what we’re doing now, and about what more we can do.”

Egypt's Christians organizing first protest against Muslim Brotherhood leadership ~ link ~ The August 24 demonstration will call for Egypt to remain a civil state and demand the separation of Islamic influences from state institutions. It is being planned as the first large-scale protest against the new government of Prime Minister Hisham Qandil, appointed by President Mohammed Morsi and sworn in on August 2.
“There is an attempt by the Brotherhood to take control of state institutions,” Fady Youssef, founder and deputy president of the Coalition of Coptic Egypt, told the Times of Israel. “The civil character of the state is under threat.”

China's new 35mm sniper rifle - photos? ~ link ~ A 35 mm sniper rifle...damn!   Stirling    

US and India set to ink $1.4 billion deal for 22 Apache helicopters ~ link ~ Wow...those are some VERY expensive attack helicopters!   Stirling     

India to unveil new joint Russian-Indian Fifth Generation Fighter by 2014 ~ link   

Irish Economy remains fragile ~ link ~ Notwithstanding the optimism of the financial and political elite after a successful auctioning of medium term government bonds last month, the first such sale since September 2010, Ireland will almost certainly require further bailout assistance to avoid state bankruptcy.

China to pour $240 billion into one city ~ link ~ While American and the West pours trillions into unnecessary wars for the banksters and tiny Israel!  Stirling     

In a bid to fight a relative slowdown in economy, China plans to pour $240 billion to boost basically autos, electronics and petrochemicals industries, in Chongqing, a southwestern metropole. The three-year plan is the fifth of such vast projects. These city initiatives might help drive an economic rebound, an economist says.




Hey America: Check out how 90% of us have gotten shafted over the past 30 years ~ link ~ With all of America's income gains now going to the richest 10% of Americans--and especially the richest 1%--the middle class is strapped.

And since the middle class provides most of the spending in the economy (rich people can only buy so many cars, houses, and vacations), this means that the growth of most companies has stalled.

Phobos - Mars' Mystery Moon may harbor proof of ancient life ~ link ~ I suspect that the Universe if full of life of many types.  I also suspect that currently the Earth is under a type of divine quarantine to other higher life forms.  We are simply too full of evil and war at the present to deal with.  Someday, we are apt to get to meet our 'neighbors', once we have learned how to live with one another and not to rebel against God.   Stirling    

Two Americans invented a stove that could help Billions of people ~ link ~ Also see ~  link ~ And this video ~ link  ~  Good story!   Stirling    


New proposed wording for Scottish independence referendum question ~ link ~  If London gives the Scottish Government too much trouble over the referendum, the Scottish Parliament might just ask the members of the ancient Scots Peerage to sit with the MSPs and thereby re-constitute and call out of its (early 18th Century) adjournment the fully sovereign ancient Scots Parliament, the Three Estates, and pass a independence bill subject to the voters approving it.  That would be a real 'game changer'!!!   Stirling      

Naked Prince Harry pictures from Las Vegas party published ~ link link ~ You can be sure that his grandmother, the Queen, 'will not be amused', nor will his father.  Prince Harry is a good guy but he needs a good woman to marry and settle down.  He would be a great Governor General for one of the more important Commonwealth nations.   Stirling   

The 2012 West Nile Outbreak is now the worst in US history ~ link ~ The 1118 cases of West Nile virus reported to the Center For Disease Prevention (CDC) so far in 2012 is the highest number of cases through the third week of August since the virus was first detected in 1999, the CDC reports. 

Of the 1118 cases reported in people, including 41 deaths, approximately 75 percent have been reported in 5 states – Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Dakota, and Oklahoma – with almost half of all cases being in Texas.

Reddit user wants a look at Obama's White House beer recipes ~ link  ~ President Obama‘s White House chefs have been hard at work for months perfecting several official homebrew recipies, including White House Honey Ale, White House Honey Blonde and White House Honey Porter.

The president’s a huge fan of the different beers, having called them “superb” and even taking them on the road during campaign tours. However, the White House has been tight-lipped about their beer recipes — flying in the face of the open-source homebrew tradition. All we know is that at least one of the beers uses honey from First Lady Michelle Obama’s bee garden.

Wolf hunt authorized in southern France ~ link ~
In the seven months to July 31st some 201 animals have died in a total of 85 wolf attacks in the Var, which is in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in the south-east corner of France.
The decision was taken after a recent acceleration in attacks, with a further 72 sheep taken in an attack on Friday.

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