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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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American has become the world's first FOURTH WORLD NATION.  Definition of a Fourth World Nation is a former First World country that is failing and has a very high level of official corruption at the highest levels of government, business and finance but not at the petty levels normally seen in Third World Nations.   

Deliberate BP Oil Disaster + Corexit = Death of Loop Current = Less heat in Thermohaline Circulation System = Loss of steering mechanism effect on atmospheric Jet Steam = global abnormal weather patters = drought and floods = starvation = more global death and chaos = part of the 'perfect conditions' to bring about the satanic global police-state New World Order  
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Pestilence, War, Famine, Death are riding our way! 

Ancient Scottish title of Baron for sale   ~ link

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

Third World War is very close.
Let's Game Play An Attack On Iran, Syria and Lebanon ~ link ~ Very good article, however, the real event is apt to be far more horrific!   Stirling   
Turks urged to avoid travel to Lebanon ~ link ~ Another bad sign!  Stirling    

MSM propaganda detracts from Obama and Netanyahu plans to attack Iran ~ link
Barak: We must make Iran decision NOW ~ link ~ I believe that the decision was made some time ago.  Stirling   

US holds 'serious' talks with Russia on Syria ~ link ~ If this reminds you of Europe just before 'the lights went out in the chanceries all over Europe' on the eve of the Great War (WWI), it should.   Stirling     

Russia prepared for possible global economic meltdown ~ link
Soros unloads all investments in major financial stocks - Invests over $130 million in gold ~ link ~ Actual physical gold, assuming you make sure the coins/etc. are solid real 100% gold, strikes me as the smart move now...but I am no expert.  Stirling    
In a harbinger of what may be coming our way in the Fall of 2012, billionaire financier George Soros has sold all of his equity positions in major financial stocks according to a 13-F report filed with the SEC for the quarter ending June 30, 2012.

Soros, who manages funds through various accounts in the US and the Cayman Islands, has reportedly unloaded over one million shares of stock in financial companies and banks that include Citigroup (420,000 shares), JP Morgan (701,400 shares) and Goldman Sachs (120,000 shares). The total value of the stock sales amounts to nearly $50 million.

European 'recession' deepens as unemployment climes ~ link ~ Four years after the most serious economic crisis in Europe since the Second World War, the continent is once again sliding deeply into recession. The latest figures from the European Union (EU) Eurostat agency reveal that between April and June of this year, the combined economies of the 17 states constituting the Eurozone declined by 0.2 percent compared to the first three months of 2012.

According to Eurostat’s so-called “flash estimate”, a similar decline was recorded across the 27 nations of the European Union. When compared to the same period last year, Eurozone GDP has shrunk by 0.4 percent. The new data on economic decline follow the release last month of figures revealing that unemployment in the Eurozone had reached a record level of 11.2 percent.
Jim Rogers: Neither US Presidential candidate will get us out of this mess ~ link ~ No kidding!  Both are part of the two-bit freak show that the globalists and Zionists have turned American democracy into.  They are both puppets for the Global Banking Cartel and the Netanyahu crazies in Israel.   Stirling     
Enter commodities guru Jim Rogers who thinks neither President Obama, nor Republican hopeful Mitt Romney can do much to help revive the American economy.

In an interview with The Fiscal Times, Rogers who thinks the global economy is headed for "financial Armageddon" and thinks the American debt problem is overwhelming, said people shouldn't expect the election to change much:

US troops to get new headgear for "Homeland Security Operations" ~ link ~ I knew it was a bad sign when they came up with this "Homeland" name.  That sounds like something the fascists or communists would use, not traditional Americans!  Stirling    

New DHS informant leaks a shocker ~ link ~ I have had a number of private reports on this topic.  I am not sure that I believe these reports...but who knows.  Just one more reason for Americans to stock up on guns, ammo, food, water, supplies.  Stirling   

“There’s a Russian, Chinese, Islamic military invasion coming to the U.S.A,” Wiles forcefully told his audience, Wednesday.

“For years, he said nothing until now.  He told them there’s talk inside Homeland Security offices that Russian Spetsnaz commandos are infiltrating into the U.S.A from Canada.  He said it’s been underway all summer, and he estimated the number of commandos at the present time inside the U.S.A to be in excess of 20,000.”    

Drought Disaster 2012 Status - with video ~ link ~ The drought disaster in the nation's Heartland continues to worsen, despite pockets of recent rainfall over the past week, according to the weekly U.S. Drought Monitor report released Thursday morning.

Overall, the total areal extent of the Lower 48 States in drought ticked downward to just under 62%.  However, the area in the worst drought category, so-called "exceptional" drought, ramped up to over 6% of the Lower 48 States. 

Food Inflation on the Rise ~ link ~ Drought, bad crop data, and rising grain prices around the globe have put food inflation on the front pages, raising alarm in many circles. Consumers are concerned, food producers are concerned, businesses are concerned, and governments are concerned. While food may not be a huge percentage of the daily budget for those in the developed world, it is in the lesser developed countries. Food inflation can erode the standard of living in the emerging economics rapidly and when food prices go up too much, governments fall.

10 H3N2v cases in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania ~ link 

H3N2v Ohio cases increase to 79 counties ~ link

10 more H3N2v Indiana and Ohio cases match novel West Virgina sub-clade ~ link   

Likely H3N2v in Ashland Kentucky without swine contact ~ link ~ Bad sign!  Stirling      

Corruption scandals rock Austrian politics ~ link
A series of corruption scandals involving leading politicians is currently dominating political life in Austria. Politicians from the former right-wing government coalition of the People’s Party (ÖVP) and Freedom Party (FPÖ) are accused of gross corruption and abuse of office. No less than five former ministers from the cabinet of 2000-2007 led by former chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel (ÖVP) are currently under investigation.

Last week the former interior minister Ernst Strasser (ÖVP) was indicted on charges of bribery--a charge that could lead to up to ten years in prison. In March last year it was revealed that two lobbyists masquerading as journalists from the British Sunday Times approached European Parliament deputies and offered them large sums of money in exchange for legislative changes. The affair was referred to as the “Cash for Laws” scandal. Strasser is alleged to have promised the pair that he would influence EU legislation. On video he can be seen agreeing to a €100,000 “consulting fee”.


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