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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

The Role of the CIA-pampered Saudi Spymaster in Syria ~ link ~ According to published reports, this jerk may be dead, killed in a blast like the one he organized against the Syrians.  Stirling   
As time passes and the situation in Syria unravels, the satanic role of Prince Bandar bin Sultan in stoking up chaos in the crisis-ravaged country under the aegis of the Saudi monarchy becomes more crystallized and the thickening plot to overthrow the Syrian regime under the banner of a popular uprising starts to surface.
Barak tells Panetta that Israeli will decide on Iran ~ link ~ Barak reminds Panetta that America is 'Israel's Bitch' and nothing more to the high and mighty Israeli Government.   Stirling     

Defense Minister Ehud Barak has informed US Defense Secy Leon Panetta that Israel will make its own decisions on how to deal with Iran.

The two men discussed the issue at a special reception held at the Defense Ministry's Kirya military base in Tel Aviv on Wednesday before taking a tour of an Iron Dome installation in Ashkelon.

Washington Wired for War: Why Syria Could Spell World Catastrophe ~ link ~ This article uses World War I as an example of why capitalism is the reason behind world wars.  This overlooks totally the role of the trans-national Global Banking Cartel families.  The Rothschild family bankrolled the Prussians to be the dominate power in Germany (great book on this is 'BLOOD AND IRON: Bismarck, Bleichroder, and the Building of the German Empire' by Fritz Stern) and then used them to create the competition between powers that eventually led to WWI.  Further, the Global Banking Cartel was behind the arms race and geopolitical crises that set the stage for WWI, all the while making great profit therefrom.  To light the stark that actually began the ''Great War"/WWI, they sent Trotsky in to personally head the multiple assassination teams that killed the Austrian Archduke and his wife.  Trotsky, of course, later became the head of the Red Army and was in charge of the horrific Red Terror that killed so many in the former Russian Empire under Communism (all sponsored by the Global Banking Cartel).  Stirling        

When Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip fatally shot the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, archduke Franz Ferdinand, in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914, the assassination is seen as the event that ushered in the First World War. Within a month, the Great Powers of Europe would become embroiled in a four-year war owing to a web of alliances and treaties: Russia, France, Britain on the one hand; Germany, Italy, and the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires on the other. The US would eventually enter the maelstrom in April 1917 on the side of Britain and the Entente allies against the Central Powers.

The eventual death toll was between 10 and 16 million, making it one of the biggest cataclysms in human history. The war was, of course, not the consequence of a mere single act on that fateful day in Sarajevo. It was the culmination over many years of diplomatic and political skirmishing stemming from economic rivalry between the European capitalist powers. Although some later historians dispute the role of economics as the determinant, it is hard not to conclude as many others have done that the First World War was the classic outcome of imperialist rivalry.

The Drones Are Coming ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, the satanic monsters behind the New World Order intend to use massive numbers and types of drones, including micro (insect) sized ones, to terrorize the population that remains after WWIII.  This is a satanic evil dream that events, such as the Second Coming of Christ, will prevent.  Stirling      
For years, the United States has used drones to track foreign terrorists overseas and catch outlaws along the border. But now, thousands of drones are heading to the homeland. Drones are already used for certain purposes here in the United States, but the FAA will soon dramatically expand the use of drones to operate nationwide by the year 2015. It is estimated, by 2020, 30,000 of them will be flying in American skies. Who and what will all of these new eyes in the sky be looking at? No one really knows.  But whether we like it or not, the drones are coming.

Who will operate these drones, and what will be their mission? Could it be a suspicious government agent who thinks someone looks kind of funny? The EPA bureaucrat who wants to snoop on somebody’s farm and watch Bessie the cow graze in the pasture? Or a nosy neighbor who wants to make sure someone’s shutters are pretty and the flowers don’t violate the homeowners’ association rules? This is the kind of world that Americans could face as we enter this uncharted and unprecedented world of drone technology. Just because Big Brother can look into someone’s back yard with a drone doesn’t mean they should. That’s why we have the Fourth Amendment. Congress has the legal obligation to ensure that the Fourth Amendment rights of private citizens are protected in this new “drone world.” You see, the Fourth Amendment says that “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated…” The Founders wrote the Fourth Amendment to stop this kind of government intrusion into our lives.
Specialized Military Police to be Deployed in America ~ link ~ Hitler and Stalin would be so proud!  Stirling      
In Camp Pendleton, California, the Marine Corp have created a law-enforcement battalion (ELB) consisting of specialized military police officers (SMP) that will be deployed to assist in investigating crimes dealing with drug trafficking, train security and terrorism. The ELBs contain an estimated 500 SMPs and trained dogs. While capitalizing on their investigative and police training, they will take the role of current street cops while still remaining part of the Marine Corp.

Maj. Jan Durham, commander of the 1st Law Enforcement Battalion at Camp Pendleton states: “Over the past 11 years of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, some lessons learned painfully, there has been a growing appreciation and a demand for, on the part of the war-fighter, the unique skills and capabilities that MPs bring to the fight. We do enforce traffic laws and we do write reports and tickets, and that’s good, but we do so much more than that.”

Having been deployed overseas prior to their new placement, these SMPs will secure evidence and assist local police departments in building cases against predetermined criminal networks. They may even conduct raids in cities and add to the show of force that is now being used to intimidate the average citizen.

Insane amount of militarized police for peaceful protests in Anaheim - with video  ~ link ~ We are seeing the rise of the Police State in what was 'The Land of the Free'.  Stirling   

What began as a gathering of locals in response to what they believed was yet another incident in a string of police misconduct cases that have included 7 suspicious shootings with 5 deaths, has now morphed into a much larger mix of protesters after more than 10 days of marches. In our last update, we questioned if there might be provocateurs among the legitimate protesting public, especially since hacktivist collective Anonymous has become involved, and whether or not the escalating violence would justify full-blown militarization. Well, it appears we now have the answer to that question.

There has been a complete mainstream media blackout, despite the following video that shows what looks like a foreign occupation, with armored vehicles, and police with assault rifles. There are also photos of police with grenade launchers being employed in front of Disneyland. This is part of the trend for which the government's own documents suggest is preparation for widespread civil unrest in America; one where the police and military will work together to oppress Americans: it is the ultimate betrayal.

The Neoconservative War Criminals In Our Midst ~ link ~ And not a single one has been hauled before a Grand Jury, not a single one has been arrested and handcuffed, not a single one has faced criminal charges, not a single one has faced a jury for his/her crimes, not a single one has been convicted, not a single one has been executed or imprisoned!  Stirling    

The State Department has an office that hunts German war criminals. Bureaucracies being what they are, the office will exist into the next century when any surviving German prison guards will be 200 years old. From time to time the State Department claims to have found a lowly German soldier who was assigned as a prison camp guard. The ancient personage, who had lived in the US for the past 50 or 60 years without doing harm to anyone, is then merciless persecuted, usually on the basis of hearsay. I have never understood what the State Department thinks the alleged prison guard was supposed to have done--freed the prisoners, resign his position?--when Prussian aristocrats, high-ranking German Army generals and Field Marshall and national hero Erwin Rommel were murdered for trying to overthrow Hitler.

What the State Department needs is an office that rounds up American war criminals. They are in abundance and not hard to find. Indeed, recently 56 of them made themselves public by signing a letter to President Obama demanding that he send in the US Army to complete the destruction of Syria and its people that Washington has begun.

At the Nuremberg Trials of the defeated Germans after World War II, the US government established the principle that naked aggression--the American way in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen--is a war crime. Therefore, there is a very strong precedent for the State Department to round up those neoconservatives who are fomenting more war crimes. 

Breaking: Bird Flu "Engineered" and Spreading ~ link ~ We live in a time when the satanic and totally evil and insane global super-elite intends to kill off most of humanity.  While I am sure that they have "rational" reasons that they sight to one another for this madness, the reality is that nothing justifies a mass killing off of the human race via war, disease, and starvation.  It is not even justified in any sick way for the super-elite when viewed from their own 'self-interest' perspective.  If you have it all, why destroy your home planet and in the process likely destroy yourself?  The answer to this is that Satan blinds people, especially those who follow him the most, to the truth.  He was given only so much time from the Fall of Adam and Eve to effect humans with his evil.  His time is almost up and he knows this and desires to wipe out the human race because he has not managed to wipe out the name of God or of His Christ.  And because he loves nothing better than the blood orgy of murder and hate that we call war and wants the biggest such blood orgy in human history for his enjoyment.  Fortunately, we have the last book of the Christian Bible to guide us in these End Times.  We know that much terrible things are happening and will happen.  But we also know that soon Satan will be dropped into the 'Bottomless Pit' for a thousand years ... a thousand years that he will not be allowed to influence events here.  And that we will see the Return of Jesus Christ and a totally New Earth, that will be free of the evil, sins, war, death, etc. that this one has been full of.  So don't disrepair, really totally great things are coming.   Stirling    

Gunderson: I'm sure that authorities in US are detecting contamination from Fukushima in fish on West Coast and are not telling people - video ~ link 

Drought devastates American crops ~ link ~ Two thirds of the continental United States is now suffering from the most widespread drought since the 1950s.
And the drought in America's breadbasket is intensifying at an unprecedented rate, driving concern food prices could soar if crops in the world's key producer are decimated.
The latest U.S. Drought Monitor reported a nearly threefold increase in areas of extreme drought in the course of a single week in the nine Midwestern states where three quarters of the country's corn and soybean crops are produced.
Was India's Worst Black Out in Human History Triggered by a Solar Flare? ~ link ~ Is a "Solar Flare" partially responsible for India and Pakistan's massive power outage?  Could it have been a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) since most of Pakistan, along with northern India, also suffered long blackouts?  Given that rains had arrived, temperature was down in north India so there was less requirement for a power overdraw.  For example, the temperature in New Delhi on 31st July was 25.4 degrees Celsius, more than ten degrees below what it had been during the peak of the summer heat.  If electricity overuse was the sole cause of the power failure, because of too many people drawing power, this would have happened before now.

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