Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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Holy Shroud of Turin

At Last Minute By Israeli Lt. General Benny Gantz 

The strangest of events took place today in Israel.  The senior serving military officer, IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. General Benny Gantz and the Head of the Political and Security Division of the Israeli Defense Ministry, Amos Gilead, both publicly challenged the President, the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister on the vital issue of Syrian Weapons of Mass Destruction ~ link .  

This was literally a last minute successful (for the time being) effort to prevent a all-out General Middle East War that is certain, according to senior political and military officials in Russia and China, to become the Third World War.  

The so-called Syrian 'rebels' had just announced that Syria had moved its chemical and biological warheads to airfields to be loaded on warplanes to bomb Israel.  This announcement was clearly intended to give cover to and compel an Israeli attack on Syria.  

General Gantz made it clear that this was NOT the case and that all non-conventional Syrian weapons are under the firm control of President Assad, that there is no need to panic.

This follows an extraordinary several days in which Peres, Netanyahu, Barak, Obama and Clinton had all issued the most serious warnings about the massive Syrian chemical arsenal; that any efforts to move them or to give them to Hezbollah or to deploy them would mean war. 

Mainstream news media outlets had covered the story extensively and had deliberately 'spun' a statement from the Assad Government, that chemical weapons would never be used against the Syrian people, into a threat against Israel.

This is literally a case of the clock being One Second before Midnight, when the senior political officer in the Israeli Defense Ministry and the top Israeli general broke ranks to stop World War III. 

However, this is NOT OVER.  The political players remain in power, the Global Banking Cartel remains the driving force for a new global war as the House of Cards global financial system is beginning to collapse and they "need" a new global war to cover up their massive multi-trillion dollar rip-offs and to help them bring about their long-sought satanic global police state, the New World Order.    

We 'dodged the bullet' today, but there are many more bullets out there as the most powerful forces on Earth continue to maneuver events towards global war.

(Tim Alexander, Rt. Hon. The Earl of Stirling)

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Anonymous said...

debka? allow me to quote - all wars are fought with deceit... so i hope you are right but i sence there is more to it then what debka seems eager to announce. Keep in mind debka is one of the sources that have mossad written all over it. You said so your self. So if thats the case that would mean that shin bet and mossad are at odds with each other?

Even more, the zionist elements are loudly exposed and that could lead to desperate measures, inside israel.
...a flashback.

"I don't believe in either the prime minister or the defense minister. I don't believe in a leadership that makes decisions based on messianic feelings," he added.

politicians fishing or not. the gap is there. An it will remain there. For the safety of israel it would seem on one hand and on the other.. surprise, for the safety of israel. So who is really thinking of the safety of the israeli people? Netanyahu? i dont know who is doing what but they share a cause but not the the way to achieve it?

I thank you for this great blog!

Anonymous said...

The Strait of Gibraltar today passed the second and most Russian flotilla sailing in the western Mediterranean bound for Syria. The fleet consists of the destroyer Admiral Chabanenko Udaloy class II and three Class Ropucha LANDING ships of the fleet in the North Atlantic and the Yaroslav Mudry frigate class Neustrashimy the Baltic fleet and two tugs.

The most impressive of all is that the news that the Russian flotilla of the northern Atlantic, entered the Mediterranean came from the Russian Ministry of Defense, which is unusual for the Russian data.


Anonymous said...

[b]What's in store for Syria[/b]

The NATO / Israeli / GCC alliance does not have “regime change” in mind for Syria. Regime change was never possible nor desirable in the first place. Given the realities on the ground, no alliance-installed puppet government could ever hope to maintain power and stability in Syria.

For Libya, Somalia, Syria, and soon Iran, "regime change" means the destruction of central government, i.e. the removal of any possibility of a regime.

The alliance goal is to reduce Syria to a wasteland, as the alliance did to Libya and to Somalia. The purpose of terrorist violence is to steadily cast Syria’s people back a century or two, until Syria is once more a blighted land of primitive nomadic militias. No unified government will rise in the future to challenge the imperialists.

That is the key: no unified government.


The main export product of the 'free' West: WAR.