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Diplomacy failing, West faces tough Syria choices ~ link ~ This is classic propaganda.  First off it does not address the issue of why does the 'West' face "tough choices"...why in fact is it any business of the 'West'?  Further, the reality is that the fighting is mostly being done by foreign mercenaries paid for by the 'West', equipped by the 'West', organized by the 'West', led by the 'West', guided by intelligence from the 'West'.  It does not address the question of why, when America and allied nations, are already involved in a large number of wars anyone in their right mind would want to get into yet another war!!!  The mainstream news media, owned by the globalists and managed by the Zionists, does not want you to think or ask reasonable questions, even such basic life important questions as, "is this going to get us all in World War III, something that may will kill me and my family?".   Stirling      

Syria vs NATO: A breakdown of forces ~ link ~ Another strong propaganda piece.  They "forgot" a few things.  Such as the fact that Iran has Advanced Biological Warfare that can kill maybe one-third to one-half of the human race.  That Pakistan, a nuclear power, has said that if Iran is attacked they will come to its aid.  That the combination of guided missiles and unguided rockets with fuel air explosives and chemical and radiological warheads ...some 150,00 of them...could wipe Israel and most enemy nations populations off the map, if Iran/Syria/Hezbollah are attacked.  That Russia and China have repeatably said that they will not allow Syria and Iran to be attacked, that this could mean WWIII. Among other things, the writers/publishers of this article forgot quite a few things.  When you see such propaganda, you know they are prepping the sheeple for yet another war based on lies.    Stirling      

Washington's Road To Iran Goes Through Syria ~ link ~ I have been saying this for a long time now.  Stirling     

A few words need to be said about Kofi Annan’s role in the process, which uncovered one more tactical approach in the “regime” change business of America. Compared to the “bad cop” behavior of the US administration, the silken-voiced elegantly-attired originally Kenyan diplomat served as a perfect peace-loving “good cop” figure.

In February 2012, just as the Syrian government was about to neutralize the armed insurrection within its country by terrorists illegally armed and trained by America and its allies, Annan comes up with a “6-point peace plan” that required government troops to “immediately” return to their barracks while the terrorists had to only “commit to stop the fighting.” In fact, Annan’s plan gave time to arm and train insurgents, to build up their terrorist capabilities, while gearing up western public support to war.
US immediate goal in destabilizing Syria is to move forward the front against Iran. In this direction, operations in Syria are proceeding in tandem with gearing-up of Azerbaijan on Iran’s northern border. 

Israeli Air Force strikes Hizbullah in Southern Lebanon ~ link ~  Israel has begun the softening up process ahead of the main attack on Syria/Iran/Hizbullah-Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza.  It is not an accident that they began with telecommunications lines.   Stirling     

“The enemy detonated an explosive device remotely against a telecommunication line in Zrariyeh” village, the Hizbullah television station reported.

The IAF aircraft reportedly struck a site used by the Hizbullah near the town of Zira in southern Lebanon.

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