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Holy Shroud of Turin

Saudi spy chief Prince Bandar assassinated ~ link ~ The Syrians show that they know how to hit back hard, striking at the heart of the Saudi royals.  Stirling    
The Paris-based Voltaire Network confirmed the death of 63-year-old Prince Bandar on its website on Monday, citing unofficial sources.

The international non-profit organization, which publishes a free website (voltairenet.org) in eight languages, said that Prince Bandar was killed because of his role in the July 18 deadly bombing in Damascus.

The bombing killed at least four high-profile Syrian security officials, including Defense Minister Dawoud Rajiha and his deputy Assef Shawkat who is also President Assad's brother-in-law.

However, there has been no confirmation or denial neither from Saudi officials nor from the Syrian government yet.

Bandar, who was Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States from 1983 to 2005, was named the kingdom’s Secretary General of the National Security Council in 2005. On 19 July 2012, he was appointed Director General of the Saudi Intelligence Agency by King Abdullah.

Many said his promotion was a reward for the role he played in organizing the attack in Damascus, the organization reported.

HRH Prince Bandar bin Sultan eliminated by Syria in retaliation for Damascus bombing ~ link ~ Prince Bandar had just been appointed head of Saudi intelligence on July 24: a promotion which was interpreted as a reward for having organized the attack in Damascus on July 18. The Saudi services, with logistical support from the CIA, had managed to blow up the headquarters of the Syrian National Security during a Crisis Cell meeting: Generals Assef Chaoukat, Daoud Rajha and Hassan Tourkmani were killed instantly. General Amin Hicham Ikhtiar died soon after from his wounds. This operation, called "Damascus Volcano" was the signal for the attack on the capital by a swarm of mercenaries, mainly coming from Jordan.

Prince Bandar was himself the target of a bomb attack on July 26, and subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

Syria: Foreign mercenaries are committing horrific crimes against civilians - with video ~ link ~ NATO citizens, your tax dollars at work!   Stirling      
The Syrian government says the rebel armed groups backed and funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are committing “horrific crimes” against civilians in the capital, Damascus, and the city of Aleppo. 

The Syrian government has regained control over all parts of the capital, and is now trying to clear the country's largest city, Aleppo, of the rebels.

The syrian military forces have cleared more areas in the city of Aleppo with reports of renewed heavy fighting between Syrian security forces and the armed rebel groups in the city.

According to an editorial in the pan-Arab newspaper, al-Quds al-Arab, Riyadh has been exerting pressure on Amman to join the anti-Syria war by cutting off its financial aid to the country since March 2011. The pressure came after Jordan’s refusal to support the armed opposition groups fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad. 
As US plots to install client regime, sectarian and ethnic conflicts deepen in Syria ~ link ~ Last week, CNN reported an increased presence of foreign opposition fighters, particularly from Libya, in and around Aleppo. The US cable news channel’s correspondent in Syria, Ivan Watson, in a report to the “Amanpour” program on Friday, stated that foreign militants were being drawn to the Syrian conflict, “because they see this as a jihad … as a fight for Sunni Muslims.”

The United States and its allies are escalating their intervention in Syria despite growing concerns over the character of the Islamist forces they are supporting. Having stoked the conflict in Syria to the point of civil war, Washington now faces the prospect of an ethno-sectarian break-up of the country and the spread of fighting throughout the region.
Ex-CIA analyst: Israel and US are faking intelligence to attack Iran ~ link ~ Standard operating mode!  Stirling      
Germany participates in War Preparations against Syria ~ link ~ Not something the German people want, but like most nations in the world today, the people don't really control things...the Global Banking Cartel (and their bought-and-paid-for political whores) does.   Stirling     
American author: UN Sec.-Gen. Ki-Moon's anti-Syria stance threatening UN's existence - with video ~ link 
US Secretary of Defense threatens Syria and Iran in his Middle East tour ~ link ~  War Whore in a hurry to get most of the world's people killed off in a new world war with 21st Century weapons of mass destruction.   Stirling         
Beginning his week-long Middle East tour in Tunis yesterday, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called for regime change in Syria and threatened Iran with sanctions and war.

Panetta’s trip aims to deepen the US military’s ties to the Islamist regimes that have come to power after the mass working class uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, while pursuing Washington’s deepening military intervention throughout the region.

New report: Rising child poverty in America ~ link ~ The richest nation on Earth can afford countless wars for Israel, can bailout the banksters to many many trillions but cannot take care of its children!!!  Stirling     

Bankers found to have rigged LIBOR rate could face jail ~ link ~ Operative word "could".   Stirling    

David Green QC, director of the SFO, said existing legislation could be used to bring criminal actions against banks implicated in the Libor rigging scandal.

Mr Green did not specify the precise charges that could be brought but it is possible bankers found guilty of manipulation could receive prison sentences of up to 10 years. 

How Chinese children are taken away from their families and brutalized into Olympians ~ link ~ Any country doing such things should be banned from the Olympics.   Stirling      
Chinese regime indicts wife of fallen party leader ~ link ~ The official Xinhua news agency announced last Friday that Gu Kailai, the wife of purged Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Politburo member, Bo Xilai, has been indicted for the murder of their British business partner Neil Heywood.

The formal charging of Gu indicates that the CCP leadership is seeking to end the damaging factional rifts in the regime that were exposed by the allegations against Bo and his wife ahead of the party congress later this year. The congress is particularly important as a new generation of leaders is due to be installed.

Signs of a North Korean power shift ~ link ~ Seven months after the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, some signs have emerged of a shift within the Stalinist regime under his son and successor, Kim Jong-un, to implement pro-market restructuring along Chinese lines.

The abrupt removal of Vice Marshal Ri Yong-ho as head of the General Staff on July 15 has been interpreted by some analysts as a move by Kim Jong-un and his uncle Jang Song-thaek to tighten their grip over the country’s powerful military. Kim Jong-un was elevated to the rank of marshal, effectively giving him overall control of the military.

Terrified patients flee hospitals in wake of Ebola outbreak ~ link ~ Government officials and a World Health Organisation representative confirmed the Ebola outbreak at a news conference in Kampala on Saturday.
“Laboratory investigations done at the Uganda Virus Research Institute . . . have confirmed that the strange disease reported in Kibaale is indeed Ebola haemorrhagic fever,” they said in a joint statement.Health officials said at least 20 people had been infected and of those 14 had died.

There is no treatment or vaccine against Ebola, which is transmitted by close personal contact and, depending on the strain, can kill up to 90 per cent of those who contract the virus.

14 Now dead from Ebola outbreak in Uganda ~ link ~
Uganda's Ministry of Health is advising residents to avoid eating dead animals especially monkeys, after declaring an outbreak of the highly infectious Ebola virus that has killed 14 people. Declared Saturday, the outbreak is centered in the Kibaale district in western Uganda. Nine of the 14 deaths occurred in a single household in Nyanswiga village. The deceased include a clinical officer who attended to a patient, and her four month-old child.

The Uganda Virus Research Institute in Entebbe confirms that the strange disease in the district was Ebola hemorrhagic fever virus, Sudan strain. 

Leading Biologist: Having seen the evidence I don't touch fizzy drinks anymore - Frankly they're evil ~ link ~ Biological scientist Dr Hans-Peter Kubis, who's just led a study into what soft drinks do to our bodies, has reached some shocking conclusions. When you read what he discovered, you may well choose never to touch the fizzy stuff again.

Another day in Arizona - Another massive dust storm ~ link 
Western North America faces 21st Century 'Mega-Drought' ~ link ~ The climate's "new normal" for most of the coming century will parallel the long-term drought that hit western North America from 2000 to 2004 - the most severe drought in 800 years - scientists report in a study published Sunday. 
It is not clear whether or not the current drought in the West and Midwest, now being called one of the worst since the Dust Bowl, is related to these same forces, Law said. This study did not address that, and there are some climate mechanisms in western North America that affect that region more than other parts of the country.

But in the West, this multi-year drought was unlike anything seen in many centuries, based on tree ring data. The last two periods with drought events of similar severity were in the Middle Ages, from 977-981 and 1146-1151. The 2000-04 drought affected precipitation, soil moisture, river levels, crops, forests and grasslands. 

Drought and wild fires destroy Russian harvest ~ link ~ The BP Oil Disaster triggered global harvest crisis continues to expand.  Remember the 'Four Horseman of the Apocalypse' are Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.   Stirling   

Parts of Europe wrestle with high temperatures ~ link Some parts, such as the United Kingdom have lost crops due to too cool weather and too much rain.  Stirling     

Little Rock, AR, USA hits third highest temperature ever recorded 111F (44C) ~ linkBut the mainstream news media will never make the connection to the BP Oil Disaster caused death of the Loop Current and its effect on the Thermohaline Circulation System and its further effect on the atmospheric Jet Stream!  Deliberate BP Oil Disaster + Corexit = Death of Loop Current = Less heat in Thermohaline Circulation System = Loss of steering mechanism effect on atmospheric Jet Steam = global abnormal weather patters = drought and floods = starvation = more global death and chaos = part of the 'perfect conditions' to bring about the satanic global police-state New World Order     Stirling      See also:
Latest Satellite Surface Current Forecast for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link

Storms cause widespread power failures across Pakistan ~ link ~ Revelation 16:10  Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness. His subjects ground their teeth in anguish.
India hit by second power grid collapse in two days - 670 Million people without power ~ link ~ Revelation 16:10


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FSA savagely executes Berri family leader along with his men


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Dear Lord Stirling,

I have found this alarming article on Debka-file:


" On July 27, just before Friday prayers, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei summoned top Iranian military chiefs for what he called “their last war council.”
“We’ll be at war within weeks,” he told the gathering, debkafile’s exclusive Iranian and intelligence sources disclose.

Present were Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi, Khamenei’s military adviser General Yahya Rahim-Safavi, Armed Forces Chief Major General Seyed Hassan Firuzabadi, Revolutionary Guards Corps commander General Mohammad Ali Jafari and Al Qods Brigades chief General Qassem Soleimani. The commanders of the air force, the navy and ground forces were also there.

Each of the participants was tapped to report on the readiness of his branch or sector for shouldering its contingency mission.".......

Watch the ides of August.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany