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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
Aurora's Police Chief was Giuliani's Head of NYPD Intelligence ~ link ~ From one (9/11) False Flag to another...things are beginning to make sense as to what happened in the Aurora Massacre now...Usual suspects and all.   Stirling     
"What are the odds:
- "Gun Ban Bloomberg's" former head of NYC police Intelligence, Dan Oates, is chief of police for little Aurora Colorado.
- Chief Oates has a perfect gun ban shooting in his town. His town out of all the towns in the country.
- The shooting happens just before voting on ratification of a UN gun ban treaty.
- The alarm on the fire door didn't work and the shooter was able to re-enter that way.
- Reportedly there were 6 armed policemen at the main entrance for crowd control, yet nothing is said about them or how they responded."
Colorado Shooting: We have been lied to - Proof - with video  ~ link ~ It is getting harder for the Usual Suspects to successfully do False Flag Ops as people are catching on.  However, so many people still just suck in whatever the mainstream news media says.  Stirling     
AURORA — The following is a timeline of actual events that took place just after the mass shooting was reported to 911 in a Colorado theatre during a midnight showing of the new Batman film: 

Turkey sets up secret base near border to equip  mercenaries in Syria ~ linkTurkey has set up a secret base near the Syrian border to send military and communications supplies to armed groups fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
According to a Qatari source, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are sending weapons and communications equipment for Syrian rebels via the base, which is located in the southern Turkish city of Adana, about one hundred kilometers from Syria’s border, Reuters reported on Friday.
"Three governments are supplying weapons: Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia," said the unnamed Doha-based source.

"It's the Turks who are militarily controlling it (the base). Turkey is the main coordinator/facilitator. Think of a triangle, with Turkey at the top and Saudi Arabia and Qatar at the bottom," the source said adding that Qatar has a key role in directing operations at the base with Qatari military intelligence and state security officials involved.

A sinister development: Saudi Arabia reaches for nukes ~ link ~ Actually, I believe that Saudi Arabia has had a small number of Pakistani produced nuclear warheads and Chinese manufactured IRBMs (intermediate range ballistic missile) from years.  They supplied much of the money for the Pakistan nuclear program and China supplied the rest and a large part of the nuclear technology.  Many years ago they purchased Chinese IRBMs and later upgraded them.  Stirling       
There is a sinister development. It is reported that Saudi Arabia - a feudal and unstable state - is trying to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan. It is almost certain that the Saudis paid for Pakistan’s nuclear bomb thirty years ago. Now it’s payback time.  

US prepping for Air Strikes on Syria, while British forces secretly cross border ~ link

Europe is sleepwalking toward imminent disaster warns top economists ~ link ~ A disaster long-planned at great effort and expense by the Global Banking Cartel as a key part of its End Game Strategy for their New World Order global slave state.  Stirling     

The euro has completely broken down as a workable system and faces collapse with “incalculable economic losses and human suffering” unless there is a drastic change of course, according to a group of leading economists. 


Spanish Activists Seek Arrest of Banksters ~ link ~ YES!

As Spanish protesters continue to rally outside the headquarters of financial institution Bankia in Madrid, a proactive group within the movement have taken their point further and filed an official criminal complaint against the former management of the bank .

Like many other nations around the world the Spanish people face crippling austerity due to the bailing out of the corrupt global financial system, which collectively crashed the world’s economy due to reckless lending and fraudulent investments. Bankia, which was bailed out and partially nationalised like Britain’s RBS, was a causative factor in Spain’s spiraling debt crisis, and in order to loosen the immediate burden the Spanish Government are to accept a massive EU bailout package, which will be the responsibility of the people to pay back through cuts, taxes and privatization.

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fsa,They got Kornet missiles now!!!!
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