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American has become the world's first FOURTH WORLD NATION.  Definition of a Fourth World Nation is a former First World country that is failing and has a very high level of official corruption at the highest levels of government, business and finance but not at the petty levels normally seen in Third World Nations.   

Deliberate BP Oil Disaster + Corexit = Death of Loop Current = Less heat in Thermohaline Circulation System = Loss of steering mechanism effect on atmospheric Jet Steam = global abnormal weather patters = drought and floods = starvation = more global death and chaos = part of the 'perfect conditions' to bring about the satanic global police-state New World Order  

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Latest Satellite Surface Current Forecast for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link

Latest Satellite Sea Surface Temperature for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link  

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

Third World War is very close.

Global weather patterns continue to be very strange.  Now the ice cap on Greenland has melted.  What is happening is that the deliberate BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and the continuing leaking of oil therefrom and the continuing usage of Corexit to sink the oil, continues to kill the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico.  This in turn has a profound effect on the Thermohaline Circulation System including the Gulf Stream, which normally (for thousands of years) acts as a steering mechanism on the atmospheric Jet Stream.  This mechanism is no longer working normally and the Jet Stream is acting very abnormally causing global climate changes.  This is all part of a globalist Population Reduction and Chaos program that is now really beginning to have profound effects with severe crop damages globally.   Stirling    

Latest Satellite Surface Current Forecast for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link

Latest Satellite Sea Surface Temperature for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link  

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

Deep fried Black Swan goes global as drought spreads from US to Asia and now to Southern Europe ~ link ~ The US drought, which as previously noted, is the worst in decades, has already caused corn prices to hit a record, and soy to soar. And as we first reported last week, and subsequently Bloomberg also caught, Asia could well be next to suffer soaring food prices next as "the monsoon season, which is critical for that country’s agricultural production, is 22% below normal conditions for the year." In fact, if there is one thing preventing the PBOC from engaging in full blown easing, it is precisely the threat that just as it floods the market with excess CNY, that the supply of food will collapse causing widespread riots and chaos a la Arab Spring 2011. And now, just to make sure that the threat of full out global food crisis is complete, and the deep fried black swan has truly gone global, we find that a heat wave in Southern Europe is causing the corn crops to wither in a region that is responsible for 16% of global exports. 

America's infrastructure buckling from climate change ~ link Extreme heat is buckling highways across the U.S. High temperatures, solar activity, and derecho storms threaten power grids. Temperatures in ponds, used to cool nuclear plants, are getting too high to cool down reactors.

We are facing global climate anomaly says meteorologist - with video ~ link

Anchorage: Record Cold Wave breaks 13 low temperature records ~ link Low temperature readings at Juneau's airport broke a 66-year-old record for July 12 on Thursday morning, with the temperature falling to 38 degrees. The prior record, set in 1946, was 40 degrees.

The lowest new low, according to the weather service, was 36 degrees, and was recorded at two other Juneau-area reporting stations, and Hyder. 

Australia: Big Freeze ~ link ~ PERTH and much of the state endured another chilly night, with numerous regional centres recording below-freezing temperatures. 

The big chill follows the coldest night for two years when Perth got down to 0.4C and Jandakot recorded -1.6C.  
Farmers throughout the Wheatbelt are becoming increasingly desperate for rain and metropolitan catchment dams are experiencing near-record low run-offs. 

Greenhouse in Greenland: 97% of ice surface shows melting ~ link ~Almost all of Greenland’s ice shield melted at the surface this month, says NASA. The event, unseen at such a scale in more than 30 years of satellite observations, has puzzled scientists. Naturally, some of the island’s ice is expected to melt during the summer, but this year’s observations from three NASA satellites have shown something unusual – the melting occurred in a flash and over a widespread area. Even Greenland's coldest and highest place, Summit Station, showed signs of melting.

Son Nghiem of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California was analyzing radar data from a satellite when he noticed that most of Greenland appeared to have undergone surface melting on July 12. “This was so extraordinary that at first I questioned the result: was this real or was it due to a data error?” NASA cited his words on its website.  In a matter of only four days, starting on July 8, the affected area had spread from 40 per cent of the ice shield to a staggering 97 per cent. This by far exceeds the maximum registered level of 55 per cent. “When we see melt in places that we haven't seen before, at least in a long period of time, it makes you sit up and ask what's happening?” AP quoted the agency’s chief scientist Waleed Abdalati as saying. “It's a big signal, the meaning of which we're going to sort out for years to come.”


No proof of scalar warfare causing global climate crisis says physicist - with video - This is from 2012 ~ link  

We are facing global climate anomaly says meteorologist - with video  - This is from 2010 ~ link 

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