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American has become the world's first FOURTH WORLD NATION.  Definition of a Fourth World Nation is a former First World country that is failing and has a very high level of official corruption at the highest levels of government, business and finance but not at the petty levels normally seen in Third World Nations.   

Deliberate BP Oil Disaster + Corexit = Death of Loop Current = Less heat in Thermohaline Circulation System = Loss of steering mechanism effect on atmospheric Jet Steam = global abnormal weather patters = drought and floods = starvation = more global death and chaos = part of the 'perfect conditions' to bring about the satanic global police-state New World Order

Ancient Scottish title of Baron for sale   ~ link

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

Third World War is very close.

Luciferian Technocrats Rule the New World Order ~ link ~ As I have been saying for a very long time, you cannot begin to understand what is really happening in the World today unless you understand the Spiritual Dimension.   Stirling    
Yet much of inquiry and research into the complexity of the NWO investigates the diverse, but associated and connected, branches of the organization that prepares for total domination. Is there a head to this beast or are all the arms and legs mere factions vying for more influence? One way to look at all the cabals is put forth by Al Cronkrite in Stop The Tyranny Of World Government. He poses a celestial issue and provides a salvation answer.

“Are we the victims of a conspiracy? Yes, we are. Were our Founders victims of nefarious influences from Europe? Yes, they were. Are Talmudist Jews seeking to destroy Christian America? Yes, they are. Is Judaism at war with Christianity? Yes, it is. Has our government been bought and paid for by forces that seek to weaken it and meld it into world tyranny. Yes, it has. Is “Illuminati” an apt description of this world’s encompassing evil? Yes, it is. Do bankers like David Rockefeller and the European Rothschild families conspire for world domination? Yes, they do. Can we indict the Vatican for contributing to the world’s evils? Yes, we can.

President Obama is not the problem. The government is not the problem. The Council of Foreign Relations is not the problem. The Rockefeller and Rothschild families are not the problem. The Jews are not the problem. The Vatican is not the problem. The Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the Illuminati, and the other power center groups are not the problem. The problem is that we have forsaken the Creator of the Universe and replaced Him with humanist groups that are attempting to rule His creation. The problem is our relationship with the sovereign God Who created the world and everything in it.”

US plans to act against Syria, bypassing UN ~ link ~ 2012 the Year of Armageddon!   Stirling    

IDF: Syria's chemical warheads target Israel - Obama warns Assad against "tragic mistake" ~ link ~ Another development Monday portending the further exacerbation of the Syrian crisis was the announcement by Aeroflot that it was suspending flights to Damascus in two weeks “for economic reasons.”
It looks as though Moscow foresees a further downturn in the Syrian conflict and estimates that by early August intensified air force activity in Syrian skies will reach a dangerous level.

Will Syria use chemical weapons against foreigners? ~ link ~ Will the United States or Great Britain or France or Russia or China use their WMD on foreigners?  The answer is yes in the right circumstances.  That is called MAD...mutually assured destruction...when you have a potential enemy with a MAD counter-force against you...unless you are insane and suicidal, you will want to avoid a war...but that is NOT what Israel or NATO are doing!!!    Stirling      

Syria could use chemical weapons if attacked ~ link ~ What else is new???   Stirling     

Syria will not use chemical weapons on its own people - with video ~ link Syria has said it will not use chemical weapons against its own people, but would do so against an external attack.

Acknowledging their existence for the first time, Damascus said the weapons, stored and secured by the armed forces, would never be used "inside Syria".

Washington's Plan B for Syria ~ link ~ Unnamed US officials said: "You’ll notice in the last couple of months, the opposition has been strengthened. Now we’re ready to accelerate that."

According to hawkish, pro-Israeli Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) member Andrew Tabler:  "We're looking at the controlled demolition of the Assad regime."  He left unsaid that official Washington policy includes all options. They include full-scale war.

For Israel the Winds of War are blowing aside all other issues ~ link ~ There's no doubt that Israel is facing a complex reality, with more varied and serious threats than we've seen before.

The endless debate over attacking Iran notwithstanding, in recent days Israel's attention has been primarily focused on what's going on in the northern arena. 

China approves military garrison for disputed islands ~ link ~ More movement on establishing this area/issue as a future War Theater for WWIII!   Stirling    

China has approved the formal establishment of a military garrison on disputed South China Sea islands, state media reports.

The command will be based in Sansha city on Woody Island in the Paracels; a city formed in June to govern the area.

The Arab Spring story in a nutshell: Fake springs, post-modern coup d'etat ~ link 

25 Reasons why we need to Preserve our 2'nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms ~ link ~ Thomas Jefferson, himself a liberal in the truest sense of the definition, stated,"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."  

The New York Times admits that virtually every major news organization allows the news to be censored by government officials ~ link ~ Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed, but Hitler and Stalin would be 'understanding'.   Stirling     

In one of the most shocking articles that the New York Times has ever put out, a New York Times reporter has openly admitted that virtually every major mainstream news organization allows government bureaucrats and campaign officials to censor their stories.  For example, almost every major news organization in the country has agreed to submit virtually all quotes from anyone involved in the Obama campaign or the Romney campaign to gatekeepers for "quote approval" before they will be published.  If the gatekeeper in the Obama campaign does not want a certain quote to get out, the American people will not see it, and the same thing applies to the Romney campaign.  The goal is to keep the campaigns as "on message" as possible and to avoid gaffes at all cost.  But this kind of thing is not just happening with political campaigns.  According to the New York Times, "quote approval" has become "commonplace throughout Washington".  In other words, if you see a quote in the newspaper from someone in the federal government then it is safe to say that a gatekeeper has almost certainly reviewed that quote and has approved it.  This is another sign that "the free and independent media" in this country is a joke.  What we get from the mainstream media is a very highly filtered form of propaganda, and that is one reason why Americans are turning away from the mainstream media in droves.  People want the truth, and more Americans than ever realize that they are not getting it from the mainstream media.

The following quote comes from the recent article in the New York Times mentioned above and it is absolutely jaw dropping....

Chaos erupts after Anaheim Police open fire on unarmed crowd including women and children ~ link ~ Also see: Police try to buy videos from witnesses after releasing attack dogs on families and firing rubber bullets ~ linkThe video below marks a new low in police conduct. The final horrific incident on display allegedly was sparked by the suspicious killing of a man who witnesses say did nothing more than turn to run from police.

After "an unruly crowd" -- as the reporter below conveniently states -- gathered to ask questions and express anger at what was perceived to be a senseless killing, the officers further proved that those who were gathered had valid concerns about their local police force. In response, police quickly opened fire with rubber bullets, and even set a dog loose on a woman with a baby stroller. The woman was able to grab her baby before the dog arrived, but she was slightly injured, while a man can be seen in the video having his arm bitten.

The Dark Knight: A History of Government Sponsored Terror  - video ~ link  

Con Job: Mass Shootings and Pattern Recognition ~ link ~ Take the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling    

Suspected shooter Holmes obviously drugged during court appearance - with video ~ link Was James Holmes also an unwilling participant and is he being drugged to prevent him from declaring his innocence or revealing other information at odds with the official narrative?

New Jersey Senator Lautenberg ready to re-introduce gun control bill ~ link ~ It is beyond shameful that so many Jewish Senators and Congressmen are so pro-gun control.  Hitler could not have killed so many Jews if he had not had strong gun control.   Stirling     

The Power Elite's historical outline - Part 4 ~ link 

55 Percent of Americans believe that the government will take care of them if disaster strikes ~ link ~ Yep, that's about the percentage who have their 'heads up their asses' about everything that is going on in the world today.  These folks are about to have a very rude awaking soon.   Stirling     

If a major emergency happened in the United States, do you have faith that the government would take care of you?  Amazingly, even after all of the examples to the contrary that we have seen in recent years, a solid majority of all Americans actually believe that the government will be there for them when things hit the fan.  According to a new survey conducted by the Adelphi University Center for Health Innovation, 55 percent of Americans believe that the authorities will come to their rescue when disaster strikes.  Sadly, most Americans still view the government as a "nanny state" that has both the capability and the willingness to take care of them from the cradle to the grave.  Most Americans still have faith that the government will come through for them when they need it the most.  But all we have to do is look back at what happened during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to realize what a crock of baloney that is.  Hurricane Katrina was a disaster that was limited to a relatively small geographic area, and yet we all saw how the response of the federal government was a complete and utter failure.  So what is going to happen someday if there is a nationwide disaster that stretches on for months or even years?  Do you really believe that the federal government will be there for you?

Banks, Global Elites confirmed to Hold $32 TRILLION in Offshore Accounts ~ link ~ Major banks and the financial global elite are now confirmed to have as much as $32 trillion in hidden assets stashed away in offshore accounts that are subject to little or no taxation. As a result, around $280 billion is estimated to be lost in tax revenues. In other words, the multi-trillion dollar banks and elite families are avoiding any taxation while forcing United States citizens to foot the bill. Amazingly, the $32 trillion stashed away represents the overall GDP of the United States and Japan combined.

12 Signs that Spain is Shifting Gears from Recession to Depression ~ link ~ Where have we seen this before?  Bond yields soar above the 7 percent danger level.  Check.  The stock market crashes to new lows.  Check.  Industrial activity plummets like a rock and the economy contracts.  Check.  The unemployment rate skyrockets to more than 20 percent.  Check.  The bursting of a massive real estate bubble pushes the banking system to the brink of implosion.  Check.  Broke local governments beg the broke national government for bailouts.  Check.  The international community pressures the national government to implement deep austerity measures which will slow down the economy even more and hordes of violent protesters take to the streets.  Check.  All of this happened in Greece, it is happening right now in Spain, and mark my words it will eventually happen in the United States.  Every debt bubble eventually bursts, and right now Spain is experiencing a level of economic pain that very, very few people saw coming.  The recession in Spain is rapidly becoming a full-blown economic depression, and at this point there is no hope and no light at the end of the tunnel.
The bad news for the global economy is that Spain is much larger than Greece.  According to the United Nations, the Greek economy is the 32nd largest economy in the world.  The Spanish economy, on the other hand, is the 4th largest economy in the eurozone and the 12th largest economy on the entire planet.  It is nearly five times the size of the Greek economy.

Financial markets all over the globe are very nervous right now because if the Spanish government ends up asking for a full-blown bailout it could spell the end for the eurozone.  There simply is not enough money to do the same kind of thing for Spain that is being done for Greece.

Of course European officials are going to do their best to keep the eurozone from collapsing, but what they have completely failed to do is to keep these countries from falling into depression.

As I have written about previously, Greece has already been in an economic depression for some time.

I warned that Spain, Italy, Portugal and a bunch of other European nations were going down the exact same path.
Now we are watching a virtual replay of what happened in Greece take place in Spain.

Unfortunately, the global financial system may not be able to handle a complete implosion of the Spanish economy.
The following are 12 signs that Spain is shifting gears from recession to depression....

Spain bans short-selling of shares as markets fall ~ link ~ Bad sign, really bad sign!   Stirling      

Things that make you go 'Hmmm' - Such as the Fiscal Cliff ~ linkThe effect on the USA of its casually wandering over the Fiscal Cliff will be catastrophic; adding approximately $607bln to the US deficit which in turn would sap anywhere up to 4% (according to the CBO) or possibly even 5% (if Chairman Bernanke—in full-on ‘scare Congress’ mode—is to be believed) from US GDP and send the country crashing into outright recession (or further into recession depending on how things continue to deteriorate in the coming months). “That we cannot have” was the opinion of Erskine Bowles who, along with former Sen. Alan Simpson, devised a debt reduction plan last year to prevent this doomsday scenario.

Bowles was just warming up, however: 

Spain and Italy ban short selling to calm volatile markets as debt crisis spawns global sell-off ~ link ~ Things are beginning to get 'very interesting' on many fronts globally.   Stirling      

'Beware of a Sudden Confidence Breakdown' ~ link ~ When the House of Cards starts to fall...look out!  Stirling        

Failing to Break Up the Big Banks is Destroying America ~ link ~  Not just America, the entire World!  Stirling    

US drought could trigger repeat of Global Food Crisis ~ link ~ Actually, it could be much worse this time around.   Stirling     

America's drought threatens a recurrence of the 2008 global food crisis, when soaring prices set off riots and unrest to parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, food experts warn.

Corn prices reached an all-time high on Friday, as the drought expanded across America, trading at $8.24 a bushel on the Chicago exchange. Soybeans were also trading at record levels.

Evidence Contradicts Whooping Cough Pro-Vaccine Propaganda ~ linkDo yourself a big favor, never trust the bastards that run Big Pharma!  Stirling    

Seeds of Destruction: Hijacking of the World's Food System ~ linkBirds and bees are something most of us take for granted as part of nature. The expression “teaching about the birds and the bees” to explain the process of human reproduction to young people is not an accidental expression. Bees and birds contribute to the essence of life on our planet. A study by the US Department of Agriculture estimated that “...perhaps one-third of our total diet is dependent, directly or indirectly, upon insect-pollinated plants.”
The honey bee, Apis mellifera, is the most important pollinator of agricultural crops. Honey bees pollinate over 70 out of 100 crops that in turn provide 90% of the world's food. They pollinate most fruits and vegetables -- including apples, oranges, strawberries, onions and carrots.[2] But while managed honey bee populations have increased over the last 50 years, bee colony populations have decreased significantly in many European and North American nations. Simultaneously, crops that are dependent on insects for pollination have increased. The phenomenon has received the curious designation of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), implying it could be caused by any number of factors. Serious recent scientific studies however point to a major cause: use of new highly toxic systemic pesticides in agriculture since about 2004.

If governments in the EU, USA and other countries fail to impose a total ban on certain chemical insecticides, not only could bees become a thing of the past. The human species could face staggering new challenges merely to survive. The immediate threat comes from the widespread proliferation of commercial insecticides containing the highly-toxic chemical with the improbable name, neonicotinoids. Neonicotinoids are a group of insecticides chemically similar to nicotine. They act on the central nervous system of insects. But also on bees and  small song birds. Recent evidence suggests they could also affect human brain development in newborn.


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