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American has become the world's first FOURTH WORLD NATION.  Definition of a Fourth World Nation is a former First World country that is failing and has a very high level of official corruption at the highest levels of government, business and finance but not at the petty levels normally seen in Third World Nations.   

Deliberate BP Oil Disaster + Corexit = Death of Loop Current = Less heat in Thermohaline Circulation System = Loss of steering mechanism effect on atmospheric Jet Steam = global abnormal weather patters = drought and floods = starvation = more global death and chaos = part of the 'perfect conditions' to bring about the satanic global police-state New World Order

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

Third World War is very close.

Barak orders Israeli military to prepare for Syrian Invasion  ~ link ~ They have also canceled all military leaves in the Norther Command (on the Syrian border).  Stirling     

In an interview with Israeli Channel 10 today Defense Minister Ehud Barak confirmed that he has ordered the military to prepare for a full-scale invasion of neighboring Syria, with the goal of seizing weapons from the Syrian military, currently embroiled in a civil war.

Barak sought to justify the move, saying that it was possible Syria might transfer “anti-aircraft missiles” or even chemical weapons to Hezbollah, a militant faction operating out of neighboring Lebanon.

Israel to attack Syria if Damascus give Hezbollah weapons says Israeli Defense Minister Burak ~ link ~ And, of course, we can trust you to be fully 100% truthful to us when you say they are giving these weapons to Hezbollah.  Sure...right...'in a pig's eye' bastards would rather lie than tell the truth any day!   Stirling     

A War Israel is Just Begging for an Excuse to Start ~ link ~ Good one...take the time to read it all at the link.    Stirling      

Just hours after the attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defence Minister Ehud Barak were quick to announce that Iran and the Hezbollah were behind the attack. In fact, it didn’t take the Israeli PM more than two hours to blame another country for committing an act of war on Israeli citizens in a third country’s territory. Of course, Netanyahu didn’t provide any evidence to support his thesis. In fact, even today, three days after the attack, no clear leads suggesting any Iranian or Hezbollah's connection are available.

I obviously do not have access to Netanyahu or Barak’s minds, but Israel has certainly by now made it clear that its desperation to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, even if such an attack would escalate into a global nuclear conflict. In order to grasp such morbidity we have to bear in mind that collective self-annihilation is inherent to Israeli culture. As it happens, the story of Masada and Samson, both heroic suicidal narratives, are cherished in Israel. Yet, as much as Netanyahu and Barak are keen to launch a world war, it is far from being clear whether the Israeli masses are quite as keen to sacrifice themselves on the Jewish national altar.

I guess that both Barak and Netanyahu’s rush to blame Iran must be seen as an indication of their clear eagerness to attack the country. By now, the two Israeli leaders have managed to rid themselves of any significant voices against such an attack. The former head of Mossad Meir Dagan and IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Askenazi, both of whom opposed military action against Iran, are now excluded from any decision-making process. Veteran Major-General Shaul Mofaz, the leader of the Kadima party, who also opposed an attack on Iran, left Netanyahu’s coalition last week. It seems as if no one within the Israeli cabinet is there to stop Barak and Netanyahu’s genocidal enthusiasms.

Olympic False Flag or Total Diversion by Brigadier General Friend (Ret.) ~ link ~ This is one that i strongly urge you to read in full at the link, please!  Stirling   

American military analyst: Israel pushing for World War III   ~ link ~  GOOD ONE ... read it all at the link!  Stirling     

“We are watching a plan take shape, one devised in Tel Aviv, making use of ‘assets’ around the world, meant to culminate in orchestrated ‘false-flag’ terror attacks which Israeli influence in the media, vast influence, can use to create an atmosphere enabling an attack on Iran by the United States,” Gordon Duff said in an article published on Press TV website.

The analyst noted that during all these years Iran has not only been the target of spite and malice of Israel, the US or NATO, but also Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Referring to recent botched attempt on the life of the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton during her visit to Israel and subsequent attack on a bus in Bulgaria carrying Israeli tourists, the author said such terror attacks were in fact planned by Israel in order to incriminate Iran and incite the world’s public opinion against it.
“Washington insiders believe the Clinton assassination try was partially caused by over-reaction to these tales of Clinton’s imaginary Muslim spy organization and the current ‘meltdown’ in Israeli politics. Violence and assassination inside Israel is now and has always been ‘the norm’.”

Duff added that had Clinton “been killed, Iran would have been immediately blamed, a ‘Hezbollah’ attack, the same claim Israel is making about the attack in Bulgaria earlier in the week.”
The analyst added that the situation in the Persian Gulf denotes that although there is no rationale for Iran to wish for any confrontation, the stage is set by Israel and the US in such a way that such a confrontation would be inevitable.
“As the Persian Gulf awaits a new American carrier battle group based around the massive USS Stennis and the region begins to fill with military buildup…the probability of an ‘incident’ leading to a major war increases exponentially.”
“Israel believes an attack on Iran can provide “cover” for them to help put things “right,” regain control…. We now only have to wait for something else to be sacrificed, a club filled with Americans in Bahrain [or] an American ship hitting a mine,” Duff stated.
The analyst concluded by saying, “When too many things happen during a critical but short period of time, the term ‘coincidence’ is used less and the term ‘orchestrated’, at least by those who are trained to recognize ‘patterns’ is the operable assumption.”

The Secret Battle for Syria ~ link The media whores have been lying and lying and lying in their narratives. Framing a patently false narrative. Presenting fraudulent videos. The media whores and presstitutes obfuscated. The played fast and loose with the facts. They have blood on their hands. 

Putin warns against bypassing UN Security Council Syria Veto ~ link ~ Russia has even more nuclear warhead than America just might, just maybe, somehow, kind of, might make sense to take his multiple war warnings seriously!!!   Stirling      

Syrian Army restores security in capital ~ link ~ That's one that you won't hear from the globalist/Zionist controlled mainstream news media.  Stirling      

Mossad agents run false flag terror operations in Bulgaria and other states ~ link ~ On July 18, 2012, attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria took the lives of 5 Israeli nationals, a Bulgarian, and the mysterious suicide bomber. It is reported that the suspect, a young Caucasian, had a fake Michigan driver’s license. According to Israeli Haaretz , a top Bulgarian official warned that it would be a “mistake” to blame a specific country or organization for the attack. However, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had other ideas.  

Israel likely author of Bulgarian False Flag Operation says analyst ~ link ~ “Even before the dust had settled and the victims were laid to rest, the Israelis and their global media assets were blaming Iran for the attack in Burgas, Bulgaria,” Dr. Kevin Barrett wrote in an article published on Press TV Website.

“History shows that whenever authorities blame a convenient scapegoat before the evidence is in, the attack in question is almost certainly a false-flag event.”

False-flag terror operations seek to cast blame on the designated scapegoat as quickly as possible. Why? Because most people are heavily influenced by first impressions. If the first report we hear tells us that the North Vietnamese attacked a US ship, that JFK was shot by a Communist named Oswald, that Osama Bin Laden and 19 young Arabs orchestrated the events of 9/11, or that Iran was behind the Bulgarian bus bombing, people are likely to continue to believe that initial report, even if subsequent evidence conclusively disproves it.
Barrett says another reason for the “rush to judgment” is that public anger quickly fades after the incident; therefore a quick media hype blaming the scapegoat is necessary to take the most advantage of the “wave of useful indignation” that the event provokes.

Barrett concludes that “Iranian intelligence is very professional. Yes, they may someday find a way to take revenge against Israel for the ongoing wave of murders and terrorism against Iranian civilians and scientists - as would any other intelligence agency in their place - but hokey plots like the Saudi Ambassador fiasco, or going after a busload of Israeli tourists, just isn't their style. And the last thing Iran wants right now is to give Israel and its American vassal the excuse to launch a war.”

Burgas bus bombing: Does Iran really need to attack Israeli tourists?  ~ link ~ Of course not.  In fact, if Iran wants to do a response to all the crap that Israel and NATO and the GCC states have been doing to it, they are far more likely to hit at the leaders themselves than a bunch of retired Israelis on a vacation trip.  This is a classic Israeli False Flag Op designed to paint Israel as the 'victim' of a senseless attack on defenseless civilians and to provoke an emotional response in the West.  It's an old scam, but one that is getting way overdone by the evil jerks responsible for them.  It reminds me of the old fable of the "Boy who cried wolf".  Stirling      

Israel likely behind Bulgaria False Flag ~ link ~ Israel’s history is odious. State terror is policy. It’s a dagger pointed at humanity’s heart. False flags and targeted assassinations are specialties.

Mossad and Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) have notorious terrorist histories. Bet on either organization’s dirty hands behind the latest Bulgaria attack.
Fingers point the wrong way. Israel blames Iran for its own crimes.

Unindicted war criminal Netanyahu said “Israel will respond forcefully to Iranian terror.” At issue is a Bulgarian Sarafovo airport bomb attack. It’s located in Burgas. It’s a popular Black Sea resort destination. Israeli tourists and others were killed.

Israel's Aggressive Wars: Why Don't We Put An End To Them? ~ link ~ The Israelis are being very useful to the Global Banking Cartel families in their quest for total world domination and creating World War III.  

A Nun from Damascus: "We have no trust in these so-called 'revolutionaries'." ~ link ~ Suo Yola, one of the Franciscan women religious who every day help the families of refugees, told Fides: "We are doing our best to help the displaced families. People cry and hope for better times. The cost of living is very high, there are no medicines, the impact of the embargo that we suffer is all on the civilian population and on the poorest. We hope and pray that this suffering will end soon. We have no trust in these so-called 'revolutionaries'. Who are the revolutionaries who harm the people? They have corrupted all, Christians and Muslims, many families who have lost everything. "

"In these armed actions and in this suffering - the nun continues - religion has nothing to do with it. With Muslims we have always lived side by side and we will continue to do so. The Syrian government has hitherto been secular, has guaranteed security and stability to Syria . Today we have only chaos, insecurity, and suffering. And what will happen tomorrow? But we know, as Christians, that God protects us and our hope is alive. And as Christians, we know for certain: we will never abandon Syria."

Syrian troops retake Sayyida Zuinab neighborhood from foreign mercenaries ~ link Syrian troops have regained control of most parts of the Damascus neighborhood of Sayyida Zainab after government forces launched an all-out offensive against the armed rebels in the capital, Press TV reports.

Syrian security forces dealt heavy blows to anti-government rebels who rushed to areas close to the Sayyida Zainab neighborhood after coming under attack in various parts of the capital.

Troops are fighting with the militants now to completely clear the mainly Shia Muslim neighborhood of the rebels. 

Syrian "activists" claim fierce fighting in Aleppo ~ link ~ Syrian troops clashed with rebels opposed to President Bashar al-Assad across the country on Saturday, a day after the extension of a troubled UN observer mission. Aleppo saw heavy fighting and Damascus was tense after a regime counter-offensive. 

Large number of terrorists killed or arrested in Damascus, heavy losses inflicted upon terrorists in Horms and Ibleb ~ link ~ Units from the Armed Forces on Wednesday chased down terrorists who infiltrated into al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus and killed and arrested a large number of them. The military units also chased down terrorists who terrorized some families in the neighborhoods of al-Qaboun and Tishreen and forced them to leave their homes.

The Syrian Army units confronted an armed terrorist group in al-Hajar al-Aswad, Damascus countryside. The group attacked civilians, forced them to leave their homes and tried to break off streets. The Army units also clashed with another armed terrorist group in al-Sbeineh, Damascus countryside.

Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway? - video ~ link 

The Syrian Conflict is NOT Sectarian - video ~ link 

"Friends of Syria" to meet in the Netherlands to proceed with Globalist Plans ~ link The so-called "Friends of Syria" themselves embody Syria's real problem 

On a yet unknown date in September, the Netherlands will host the next and fourth meeting of the so-called "Friends of Syria" group, a coalition of Western and Arab countries which support the armed terrorists who seek to replace president Assad's government with a puppet regime. The Dutch Foreign Ministry announced the meeting on Friday, adding its purpose will be "a further improvement of the sanctions against the Syrian regime."

"Heavy pressure on Syria is now more necessary than ever", declared Dutch FM Rosenthal in a statement on the Foreign Ministry’s website.


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What about the alleged report in The Israeli Times that Ahmadinejad publicly claimed responsibility for the tour bus bombing in Bulgaria? Or so I’ve heard at least. Does that have any other basis than the author’s imagination, or perhaps an order from the Israeli leadership?

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