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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

For Disabled Flyers, TSA adds insult to injury ~ link ~ Good One!  Take the time to read it all at the link.  The real purpose of the TSA is to get the American people use to police state fascism.  They are a sad sick joke that flies in the face of over 200 years of American freedom and values.   Stirling     
If you thought the TSA’s reputation as America’s worst federal agency couldn’t get any worse — and after its recent PR disasters, I wouldn’t blame you — you might want to think again.

Last week brought fresh evidence that our airport screeners are working even harder to be reviled by the public they’re assigned to protect.

Preparing for Civil War: chart shows that the Department of Homeland Security has bought Hundreds of Millions of Rounds of Amno since 2009 ~ link ~ When dear old wonderful George Bush set up the Department of Homeland Security (a name right out of fascism or communism) two key people deeply involved were former East German Secret Police and Soviet KGB Secret Police senior officers, who are also hard core Zionists.  The senior congressional oversight committees have been run by very hard core Israeli-first Zionists.  They are bringing their horrific communist police state security tactics and  apparatchiks to rule over the coming New World Order super-state and establishing it more and more right under our noses with our tax dollars.   Stirling      

This astonishing amount of purchased ammunition has lead many to speculate and believe that homeland security is actively preparing for what they believe will be a bloody and extremely violent American uprising and or civil war.

When you couple this large scale buildup of ammo with bulletproof checkpoints, law enforcement bulletins labeling everyday Americans as possible terrorists, and a series of videos that painted middle class Americans as the new Al Qaeda you can clearly see that at least portions of DHS are planning for some sort of violent confrontation with the American people.

How They Will Take Your Guns - Or Try To - with video  ~ link ~ Any people that allow themselves to be disarmed will face fascist slaughter.   Stirling    

Terrorized Chicago residents plead for police crackdown as gang wars murders soar ~ link ~ The Hegelian Dialectic - Problem/Reaction/'Solution' -  at work!   Stirling 
Residents of the mainly black South Side want stop-and-search tactics brought back as gang murders plague President Barack Obama's home city.

Reports of Syrian Massacre Discredited ~ link ~ Once again!  Stirling   

A purported massacre by the Syrian army near Hama on Thursday has turned out to be a battle between government forces and armed rebel militias, in another example of Western leaders hyping Syrian rebel propaganda.  
After the battle, online videos and news reports detailed the heavy casualties sustained by the rebel forces making it out to be a massacre of mostly unarmed opposition members by Syrian forces. Spokesmen for the opposition claimed the number of dead to be as high as 250, prompting Western leaders like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to express “outrage.”

New details of the incident, however, reveal the death count to have been much less, around 100. Almost all of those killed were men of military age who were armed and engaged in a battle with government forces.

The Impending Dangers of a Global Conflict: How to Prevent WWIII ~ link ~ The real trouble is that this is first and foremost a spiritual battle!  If you don't understand that you will propose all types of solutions that will not work.  Stirling      
China's Catastrophic Deleveraging Has Begun ~ link ~ There you have it: the unsustainable economic bubbles and collapsing demand are the root causes plaguing China's economy. PBOC's current maneuvers won't fix any of it. As I said previously,those alchemy recipes of central banking at best can serve to sustain the over-leveraged economy and avoid the systematic short-circuit of debt financing for now.

Other than that, there won't be much liquidity invested in capacity and job intensive projects since there's no much demand to go around and the economic return on credit will deteriorate. If these structural deficiencies aren't properly addressed by the central government, things will get worse, more frivolous rate cuts and RRR cuts and other central banking's gimmicks are sure to come but to no avail, the chain reaction will be accelerated, and China will face its end game: the dark side of a great deleveraging. 

The Federal Reserve admits that it is responsible for Half of US Stock Market gains ~ link ~ Confirming what I and others have said for years, that the markets are a total scam for insiders at everyone's expense.   They should be closed and a non-casino type system used to replace them.   Stirling     

Free-Market Analysis: One of the world's major central banking institutions has now admitted that the impact of monetary manipulation has pushed up American equity markets, the biggest in the world, by about 50 percent for at least the past ten years.

It will be instructive to see if all those who are so upset over the phony LIBOR scandal now react to this news with the same amount of indignation. Will Eliot Spitzer suggest that such manipulations constitute the scandal of the century? Will Rolling Stone take the lead in blasting this sort of market rigging? Will the British bureaucracy beat its collective breast?

What's that we hear? The sound of collective silence?

General Motors, General Electric: Guilty of Economic Treason? ~ link ~ It is the super-elites, and their agents, that are guilty of destroying the economy, of creating unnecessary wars that kill millions, and of more horrors than we can begin to imagine.   All of which is building, building to a crescendo that will result in the world Global Economic Depression in history and the greatest and most bloody war in history.   They - the super-elite global banksters - are Satan's agents.  But soon, after their WWIII destroys so very much, Christ Himself will return to make right the world and their days will be truly over.   Stirling      

Impossible Situations Will NOT Last ~ link ~ Please do take the time to read all of this excellent article at the link...Good One!  Stirling    

American wealth declined 40%  in the past 3 years. David DeGraw points out that American poverty rates are deceptively low because the occupation government calculates the money Americans spend healthcare by using figures from 1955. Half of all new jobs pay low wages. The wages of the average worker have declined more than $9,000 a year in  the last few years. 90% of Americans have declining incomes.  The average worker has increased productivity by 80% over the past 35 years. Despite this their wages have steadily declined while the wealth of the top 0.01% have increased 500%. The city of Scranton has cut the pay of their civil servants to the minimum wage.

US millionaire households have a total of $45.9 trillion of wealth if you include their deposits in the Cayman Islands. More if you count deposits held in Israel. The richest 400 Americans paid 30% of their income in taxes in 1995. They now pay 18%. Corporate taxes accounted for 27.3% of federal revenue in 1955 vs 8.9% in 2010. With only 4% of the world’s population, America has 25% of the world’s prison population. David DeGraw says 775,000 deaths in the US in 2000 could be attributed to poverty. That is easily over 1,400,000 today.
I have been telling people for years that the bankers want America to lose World War III. That is why they passed NAFTA and sent 12 million jobs overseas. America does no longer has the industrial capacity to fight a real war.

The bankers want you to lose WW III and to have riots destroying every city so you will die and will never be able to demand the return of the tens of trillions of dollars they stole from you.

Belfast riots leave 20 wounded - video ~ link 

Romney invested millions in Chinese firm that profited on US outsourcing ~ link ~ Both Romney and Obama are the wrong candidates to be running in a time of unpopular wars and massive Wall Street ripoffs and a Global Depression.  Romney is a poster board of the type of money junkie that has sold America and American citizens down the river; Obama is even worst.  But the globalists don't care, they own them both and the computer voting and vote counting systems used in most of America and control the outcome.  So as far as they are concerned the American Goy can go screw themselves!  Stirling   

Last month, Mitt Romney's campaign got into a dustup with the Washington Post after the newspaper reported that Bain Capital, the private equity firm the GOP presidential candidate founded, invested in several US companies that outsourced jobs to China and India. The campaign indignantly demanded a retraction, claiming that these businesses did not send jobs overseas while Romney was running Bain, and the Post stood by its investigation. Yet there is another aspect to the Romney-as-outsourcer controversy. According to government documents reviewed by Mother Jones, Romney, when he was in charge of Bain, invested heavily in a Chinese manufacturing company that depended on US outsourcing for its profits—and that explicitly stated that such outsourcing was crucial to its success.

This previously unreported deal runs counter to Romney's tough talk on the campaign trail regarding China. "We will not let China continue to steal jobs from the United States of America," Romney declared in February. But with this investment, Romney sought to make money off a foreign company that banked on American firms outsourcing manufacturing overseas.

Condi Rice's Ties to Spy Ring ~ link ~ Good One...take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling  

This broad claim bears examining, which is what we do here.  But first, one must understand the power of the National Security Council she headed and how access to membership meant full access to all classified data held by the United States.
Remember, each member carried, not only a Top Secret security clearance but an “SC” clearance as well, known as “Special Compartmentalized Intelligence.”
This is a higher rating that most are even aware of and awarded to only the most carefully vetted public servants, usually with a history of dedicated combat service. None of Rice’s staff were veterans. Almost all were Israeli citizens.

Drought threatens to darken Obama reelection prospects ~ link ~ A classic case of 'blowback'.  This time from the BP Oil Disaster and the Obama Administration allowing BP to sink the oil with Corexit and thereby kill the Loop Current which has had a profound effect on global weather patterns, including the US drought.   Stirling    

MAP: The Devastating Drought that's caused corn prices to surge by almost 40% in two months ~ link

Edwardian street style: Astonishing photos of women in London and Paris over a century ago ~ link


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Dear Lord Stirling,

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1st Witch
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2nd Witch
Paddock calls.

3rd Witch

Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
Hover through the fog and filthy air.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany