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American has become the world's first FOURTH WORLD NATION.  Definition of a Fourth World Nation is a former First World country that is failing and has a very high level of official corruption at the highest levels of government, business and finance but not at the petty levels normally seen in Third World Nations.   

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

The Massacre Industry Strikes Again In Syria ~ link ~ The NATO/GCC-funded Jihadist terrorists and mercenaries in Syria and their Bilderberg-owned political representatives in the West are accusing the Syrian government of committing another massacre. Their latest false accusation is perfectly timed with a new round of UN talks.

The falsely labeled and NATO-controlled “Syrian opposition” is using deception, trickery, and terrorism even more than Mossad. It is a massacre industry, producing fictional atrocity stories to make Assad look bad and unresponsive to the will of the Syrian people.

Washington has come up with lie after lie to paint the rebels as poor innocent victims and government forces as barbarians on the march. But Washington’s inventiveness and cleverness cannot hide the reality of the situation from the Syrian people and the people of the world.

Syria: Criminal Propagandists - Killing Civilians as Part of a "Humanitarian Mandate" ~ link ~ Surely if nothing "activists" have so far said about latest so-called "massacre," in Tremseh, Syria can be verified, it is impossible to "blame" anyone for the alleged deaths that are said to have occurred. Nevertheless, the Associated Press, Reuters, AFP, and many other mainstays of the West's corporate-run media machine ran with titles such as, "UN blames regime forces for Syria massacre" (AP), "Syrian regime condemned for Tremseh massacre" (Reuters), "Syria crisis: Tremseh 'massacre'" (Guardian), and "Syria unrest: Kofi Annan shocked at Tremseh 'atrocities'" (BBC).

From the US State Department and outward through its tentacles across the corporate media, the so-called "Free Syrian Army" is continuously referred to interchangeably as "civilians" and "activists." In reality they are heavily armed, foreign-backed, and include amongst their ranks a sizable proportion of foreign fighters - betraying the very name Free "Syrian" Army. Even by "activist" accounts however, the recent "massacre" in Tremseh, Syria appears to be in fact a battle militants lost, with the vast majority of the deaths being armed fighters, not civilians. 

South Sudan is Hell: Tens of Thousands of Refugees, Starvation and War ~ link ~ The satanic War Whores love it.  They will not stop until the entire globe is at war and starving and dying.   Stirling     

The thirsty refugees pouring out of Sudan’s Blue Nile state are only a fragment of the vast human toll in Sudan, where hundreds of thousands of people are starving to death and fleeing their homes in war-torn lands whose names are unknown to most outsiders. The border district of Abyei has been razed and its population driven out, the famished Nuba Mountains are coughing out a steady stream of starving refugees and Blue Nile is a desolated war zone of abandoned villages.

These hot spots – known in diplomatic circles as the Three Areas – have pushed 270,000 refugees into South Sudan, tens of thousands into Ethiopia and untold others into neighboring Sudanese states to seek safety.

WMDs: Iran, Syria and the London Olympics ~ link

Israel admits that the Justification for Waging the 2006 War on Lebanon Was Fabricated ~ link ~ Normal MO for the Israelis ... lie, lie, and lie some more.   Stirling       

French author reveals Mossad activities ~ link
French writer Jacob Cohen has released a new book that reveals how the Israeli spy agency, Mossad manipulates ordinary Jews in France and recruits them as undercover agents.

The book, titled Dieu ne repasse pas à Bethléem (God won’t return to Bethlehem), deeply investigates Israel’s foothold in France, and is the first such publication in the country to reveal Mossad’s influence and activities inside France. The book makes mention of Sayanims or undercover agents working for Mossad, a Hebrew word not widely known in France.

Hundreds clash with riot police in Madrid - with video and photos ~ link ~ More and more people in Europe are fighting back against the evil Rothschild imposed austerity fascism.   Stirling     

Hundreds of protesters have clashed with riot police in Madrid over the new set of austerity measures. One person suffered a broken nose and three people were arrested. The protesters demonstrated on Friday evening outside the People's Party offices of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy before clashing with riot police, AP reports. Police used batons to prevent the crowds from getting too close to the Socialist Workers’ Party headquarters.

The austerity measures of the conservative government of Spain have raised fierce criticism from the working middle class that has been hit the most by the financial cuts. The administration has been subject to great international pressure over the state of country’s financial system and economy with its record 25 per cent unemployment rate.

Bohemian Grove: Orgy of Power for Global Elite - video ~ link 

Security fears help enrich financial super-elite - with videos ~ link ~ It is not so much the 1% that are the danger, but the .0001% of the human race that are evil to the core and use their wealth against the rest of us.   Stirling      

Greece: Troika turns up the heat ~ linkAs government officials pressed on with efforts to push through crucial structural reforms and identify ways of achieving 11.5 billion euros in savings demanded by the country’s international creditors for the next two years, top European Union officials indicated on Friday that Greece has virtually no room for maneuver beyond the strict orders of its lenders.

With a visit by top-ranking envoys from the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, known as the troika, expected on July 24, government officials are scrambling to take action and win round creditors before attempting to renegotiate the terms of the country’s debt deal and secure an extension to the fiscal adjustment period.

US Lawmakers "furious" over China-made Olympic uniforms ~ link ~ What total bullshit!  These wonderful congresscritters have not only allowed over 50,000 large US factories to be shipped overseas in the last handful of years, but have given the global corporations powerful tax incentives to do so.  Further, by embracing "globalism" they have failed to impose protective tariffs to protect American jobs.  Much the same has happened in western Europe.  The crying of 'Crocodile Tears' over the Olympic uniforms is pathetic!  If you live in America or most developed nations, look at your clothes and most items that you much was manufactured in your nations???  Thirty years ago I could go to about any American shopping mall and find 95+% of the merchandise 'Made in America' and less than 5% made overseas.  Now you cannot even find 5% that is 'Made in America'.   That is a Global Banking Cartel plot to destroy America and western Europe.  A plot that is working quite nicely due to the totally bought-and-paid-for political class, the globalists owned and Zionist ran mainstream news media and the stupidity of the masses.  These lawmakers have earned the 'dreaded Five BS Flag 
Award'.   Stirling    

Republicans and Democrats railed Thursday about the U.S. Olympic Committee's decision to dress the U.S. team in Chinese manufactured berets, blazers and pants while the American textile industry struggles economically with many U.S. workers desperate for jobs.

"I am so upset. I think the Olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. I think they should be embarrassed. I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., told reporters at a Capitol Hill news conference on taxes.

LIBOR: They all knew and no one acted ~ link ~ That is why America and many European countries are now FOURTH WORLD NATIONS instead of First World Nations.   Stirling       

Banking inquiry a Whitewash says MP ~ link ~ Government by and for the global banksters!  Stirling      

Two of the Commons' toughest financial inquisitors were excluded from the parliamentary inquiry into the Libor rate-fixing scandal yesterday, prompting claims of a "whitewash".

Neither the Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom, who worked for Barclays for more than a decade and was widely praised for her questioning of Bob Diamond, nor the Labour MP John Mann have been selected to sit on the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards. Their absence from the panel, which will begin its sessions this summer, was met with surprise and anger at Westminster.

27 Things that every American should know about the National Debt ~ link ~ The U.S. government has stolen $15,876,457,645,132.66 from future generations of Americans, and we continue to add well over a hundred million dollars to that total every single day day.  The 15 trillion dollar binge that we have been on over the past 30 years has fueled the greatest standard of living the world has ever seen, but this wonderful prosperity that we have been enjoying has been a lie.  It isn't real.  We have been living way above our means for so long that we do not have any idea of what "normal" actually is anymore.  But every debt addict hits "the wall" eventually, and the same thing is going to happen to us as a nation.  At some point the weight of our national debt is going to cause our financial system to implode, and every American will feel the pain of that collapse.  Under our current system, there is no mathematical way that this debt can ever be paid back.  The road that we are on will either lead to default or to hyperinflation.  We have piled up the biggest debt in the history of the world, and if there are future generations of Americans they will look back and curse us for what we did to them.  We like to think of ourselves as much wiser than previous generations of Americans, but the truth is that we have been so foolish that it is hard to put it into words.

Whenever I do an article about the national debt, Democrats leave comments blaming the Republicans and Republicans leave comments blaming the Democrats.

Well you know what?

Both parties are to blame.  Both of them get a failing grade.
If the Republicans really wanted to stop the federal government from running up all this debt they could have done it. If the Democrats really wanted to stop the federal government from running up all this debt they could have done it. So let's not pretend that one of the political parties is "the hero" in this little drama.

The damage has been done, and both parties will go down in history as being grossly negligent on fiscal issues during this period of American history. Sadly, neither party is showing any signs of changing their ways. Neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney is promising to eliminate the federal budget deficit in 2013.  They both talk about how the budget will be balanced "someday", but as we have seen so many times in the past, "someday" never comes.

I didn't mean to get all political in this article, but the truth is that the national debt threatens to destroy everything that previous generations have built, and our politicians continue to give us nothing but excuses.

The following are 27 things that every American should know about the national debt....

What real debt cancellation...looks like - Part II ~ link  ~  Bisphenol-A is a plastic coating can liner used in some canned foods. It is an estrogen mimicker known to cause cancer. It has been banned in many nations. The FDA forbade a soup manufacturer to advertise that their cans were BPA free. The FDA is acting in a way that would lead us to conclude that they are trying to kill us.

Fluoride has been known since 1893 to be a poison that destroys human enzymes.  Enzymes  are proteins that make repeated actions like the heart’s rhythmic beatings happen in the human body. You have 4,000  enzymes in your body.  EPA scientists have said that Fluoride causes breast and bone cancer. Yet it is promoted in America despite being banned in Japan and France. It was used by Joe Stalin in his concentration camps to subdue his prisoners.

Other things on the list most healthcare researchers have of items to be banned are MSG, aspartame, Genetically Modified Organisms, melamine  and chlorine. Lab mice fed GMO food are sterile in 3 generations. High fructose corn syrup in infant formula has got to go. It does not allow infant brains to develop as well as they should.

After we stop the government from poisoning us, the next step is to make the medical establishment and Big Pharma scientifically prove that what they prescribe to us actually works. I hope you did not think modern American medicine bore some relationship to science. A real scientist would test chemotherapy against other proposed treatments to determine which is best for the patient. Not so in America where the cancer doctors can easily turn up bills in excess of $500,000 for just one patient. Chemotherapy and radiation have been statistically proven to be worse than doing nothing.

Four reasons to be even less optimistic about the Global Financial System than you were last month ~ link ~ The cracks in the ice are getting bigger.  At this point it is really hard to have much confidence in the global financial system at all.  They told us that MF Global was an isolated incident.  Well, the horrific financial scandal over at PFGBest is essentially MF Global all over again.  They told us that we would not see a huge wave of municipal bankruptcies in the United States.  Well, three California cities have declared bankruptcy in less than a month.  They told us that we could have faith in the integrity of the global financial system.  Well, now we are finding out that global interest rates have been fixed by insiders for years.  They told us that Greece was an isolated problem and that none of the larger European nations would experience anything remotely similar.  Well, what is happening in Spain right now looks like an instant replay of exactly what happened in Greece.  So who are we supposed to believe?  Why does it seem like nearly everything that "the authorities" tell us turns out to be a lie?   What else haven't they been telling us?

The following are four reasons to be even less optimistic about the global financial system than you were last month....

Congress now trying to outlaw reporting on Government Corruption ~ link ~Just when you thought the United States government couldn’t sink any lower our beloved politicians in Washington have introduced legislation that will criminalize reporting on US government secrets.

What makes this new legislation shocking is that we have seen the US government repeatedly use the “State Secrets” and the “National InSecurity card to suspend the Constitution at will to commit a wide variety of heinous activities from torture and indefinite detention without trial to outright forced drugging of prisoners and even repeated assassination by the government, of people including  US citizens, which is now being done on the direction of the United States’ first even assassination czar.

Keeping that in mind the fact that lawmakers are now trying to go after reporters that “publish government secrets” unequivocally amounts to an outright ban of any and all reporting on government corruption PERIOD because at the end of the day the corrupt and illegal activities conducted by government officials are done in secret in the first place.

Re-Educating the Conspiracy Theorist: The Five Key Issues ~ link The mainstream media is a concentration camp of the mind. The bankster-hijacked U.S. government is planning to construct re-education camps in America to convert the population to globalism and corporatism. They are targeting conservatives and liberals alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Israeli-Firster, a born-again American, or a turban-wearing Jihadist, you are all the same pieces of trash in the eyes of your new globalist fascist overlords.

What kind of totalitarian propaganda should one expect in a new world order re-education camp? And from what intellectual angles will psyop officers target the minds of their victims in these death camps? This article will tackle both questions from the perspective of conspiracy theorists/people who care about facts and evidence

Insider: Obama mentors wanted 25 million Americans killed - with video ~ link ~ Alex talks with former FBI Weather Underground informant Larry Grathwohl who quoted Obama confidant and the former leader of the Weathermen as stating that those Americans who could not be re-educated in communist camps after the Revolution would be eliminated in Mao cultural revolution style.

12 Factors that are turning the Streets of America into a Living Hell ~ link ~ The United States once had safe, beautiful cities that were the envy of the entire world, but now many of them are degenerating into rotting, festering, crime-ridden hellholes.  All over the country there are communities where crime, drugs, gangs and human trafficking have gotten completely and totally out of control.  Once upon a time you could walk down the streets of most U.S. cities at night without much fear, but these days there are many large American cities where it would be absolutely crazy to wander around the streets at night unless you want to be mugged, shot or sexually assaulted.  If you end up at the wrong place at the wrong time you might end up being abducted by a human trafficker or have your face eaten off by a crazed drug addict high on bath salts.  With each passing day our cities degenerate just a little bit more, and life in many of our worst communities truly has become a living hell.  Sadly, this comes at a time when the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world by far.  We have tried to lock as many people away as possible and our communities are still turning into hellholes.  So where do we go from here?

The following are 12 factors that are turning the streets of America into a living hell....

They want to sterilize American women ~ link 

Doctors' basic errors are killing 1,000 UK patients a month ~ link ~ One of the largest drivers of this is Big Pharma with their highly dangerous drugs with large numbers of "side effects".  Modern western medicine has become the marketing end game for the pharmaceutical industry.  As old patents run out, and the greedy drive for high profits rule the day, Big Pharma turns out ever more exotic chemical compounds.  These have to be administered VERY CAREFULLY and WATCHED VERY CLOSELY to avoid serious "side effects" which often include death.  But to keep doctors wages high, the number of physicians is kept low.  An effect of that, is the necessity to 'churn' through your patient load as quickly as possible.  This ends up killing many many people in the developed nations where Big Pharma is the strongest in its control of the medical community.   Stirling    

Almost 12,000 patients are dying needlessly in NHS hospitals every year because of basic errors by medical staff, according to the largest and most detailed study into hospital deaths ever performed in the UK.

The researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and colleagues found something went wrong with the care of 13 per cent of the patients who died in hospitals. An error only caused death in 5.2 per cent of these – equivalent to 11,859 preventable deaths in hospitals in England. Helen Hogan, who led the study, said: "We found medical staff were not doing the basics well enough – monitoring blood pressure and kidney function, for example. They were also not assessing patients holistically early enough in their admission so they didn't miss any underlying condition. And they were not checking side-effects... before prescribing drugs."

Seaweed toothpaste stops tooth decay ~ link ~ Brushing and flossing doesn't always keep you out of the dentist's chair, a chair we all need to avoid. Amalgams inserted into cavities are loaded with toxic mercury that leaks into our bodies. Root canals have been discovered to be the root of some chronic illnesses. (Natural News, source below).

Of course, fluoride doesn't help prevent tooth decay. Instead, it contributes to bad physical and mental health and lowers I.Q. while diminishing will power. It's toxic and actually causes dental fluorosis, decaying tooth enamel that will put you back into that dental chair.

Romney narrows VP choices - Condi emerges as Frontrunner ~ link ~ I said a couple weeks ago that I though she might be the one.   She is black and would be perfect to attack racism charges for hard attacks on Obama by a ticket with her on it.  Further, she is a hard core Neocon and can be trusted to follow the satanic agenda that has held sway for the last several presidents.   Stirling      


Egypt's Presidential Election: The Brotherhood, Egypt's military and the US ~ link ~ Egypt's vote may have served the agenda of the defenders of Egypt's intolerable social order, including the U.S., at least for now. But for the Egyptian people, it will not bring or open up possibilities for any meaningful change. Instead it is but another maneuver to keep the chains of oppression firmly around their necks.

This vote—and the whole 16-month transition leading up to it, including the Egyptian military's June 13-17 assertion of decisive control of the state apparatus right before this latest vote, very clearly showed what elections under the rule of oppressors and U.S.-led democracy are—and are not—about. They demonstrate that elections don't decide state power—state power decides the overall terms and outcome of elections. The dominant classes never put the fundamental nature of society and how it's ruled up for a vote.

Instead, Egypt's rulers worked to use elections to channel peoples' hopes, dreams and activism into political dead-ends and to legitimize—or re-legitimize—the very system that's abused and tormented them. The June 16-17 presidential election was a perfect example: the people were given the "choice" between two outmoded, reactionary oppressors—one an Islamic fundamentalist, the other a representative of the blood-soaked, pro-U.S. Egyptian military—with both part of the current horrific status quo. Emancipation was not on the ballot.

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