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American has become the world's first FOURTH WORLD NATION.  Definition of a Fourth World Nation is a former First World country that is failing and has a very high level of official corruption at the highest levels of government, business and finance but not at the petty levels normally seen in Third World Nations.   

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I am putting the war warning/etc signs back up.  They take a lot of room but events continue to unfold in the most dangerous way.  Stirling   


Two additional US Navy Supercarrier battle groups and dozens of mini-subs rushed to Straight of Hormuz ~ link ~ Keep in mind that each supercarrier is part of a battle group that normally includes up to five guided missile cruisers and destroyers, sometimes with additional guided missile frigates, one or two large support ships, and one to two 'hunter-killer' nuclear powered submarines.  These are very powerful battle fleets.  Additionally, the US Navy has several assault carriers in the area with escort ships. When all five nuclear carriers (including the French Charles de Gaulle) are in the area, plus the US Navy will have at least one supercarrier in the Mediterranean Sea, it will mean that half of the world's nuclear powered carriers are in the war zone.   Stirling     
As Russia and NATO continued to boost their military strength in the eastern Mediterranean, debkafile's military sources report substantial US reinforcements, led by the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier, are being rushed to the Persian Gulf opposite Iran, with dozens of unmanned underwater craft for destroying mines.
The USS John C. Stennis arrives in August, raising the number of American aircraft carriers in waters off Iran to four including the USS Enterprise and the USS Abraham Lincoln, with the French Charles de Gaulle due soon to make up a fifth.

Syria is to Russia what Israel is to America ~ link ~ The Russians are now 'putting their money where their mouth is'.   That is they are stepping in with serious firepower to defend Syria.  Russian naval infantry troops and high-tech destroyers with advanced region-wide air defense systems are part of the Russian mix.  Keep in mind that if Russian troops and/or aircraft and/or warships are attacked by NATO forces, it means WORLD WAR III.  Stirling    
As if the Syrian crisis is not bad enough already, the decision by Russia's macho-man president Vladimir Putin's to dispatch a flotilla of warships and amphibious landing vessels to Syria is hardly likely to ease the tensions.  

Confrontation with Russia: US's Georgian Strategy Prepares for "Total Defense"   ~ link ~ Who authorized these insane satanic jerks to get the 315 million American people into the Third World War???  Stirling      
Georgia is a privileged American military partner in every category.

Washington has invested a disproportionate amount of wealth and efforts to build its military outpost in the Caucasus and doesn’t intend to lose it in a war the current regime provokes with its neighbors or through internal democratic transformation that rids the nation and its people of U.S.-controlled overlords.

In April Georgi Gugava, political secretary of the opposition Labor Party, decried the fact that there has been an intensification of “military rhetoric” and “advertising of reserves and new military hardware” on Georgian state-controlled television channels. He warned that “Saakashvili is preparing for a war” and is planning to “launch a provocation” in order to “involve the Russian army” in a conflict.

In the above regard, the path from total defense to total mobilization and from that to total war can be short one.

Opposition to Iran War Gaining Momentum ~ link ~
While Israeli leaders have historically demonstrated that they are insane and reckless enough to commit such a malicious and lethal blunder as launching a military strike on Iran, the international opposition to war against Iran is progressively gaining momentum.

Several prominent academicians, peace activists, artists, journalists and even Nobel Prize laureates have stood shoulder by shoulder with the international organizations to voice their dismay and alarm at the renewed war rhetoric of Israel against Iran and its possible plans for launching a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities following the unsuccessful conclusion of nuclear talks between Iran and the representatives of six world powers in Moscow. Israel has perpetually been at the forefront of defying Iran's peaceful nuclear program while according to the Federation of American Scientists, possesses up to 200 nuclear warheads itself. So far, the UN nuclear watchdog has failed to present hard evidence proving that Iran's nuclear program has deviated toward military purposes; however, under the pressure of Israel, the United States and their European cronies, the United Nations Security Council has imposed four rounds of sanctions on Iran and the EU has recently implemented its comprehensive oil embargo against Iran on which its member states had reached an agreement in January this year. 

US moving unmanned submersibles to Persian Gulf to oppose Iran ~ link ~ The Navy is rushing dozens of unmanned underwater craft to the Persian Gulf to help detect and destroy mines in a major military buildup aimed at preventing Iran from closing the strategic Strait of Hormuz in the event of a crisis, U.S. officials said.

The tiny SeaFox submersibles each carry an underwater television camera, homing sonar and an explosive charge. The Navy bought them in May after an urgent request by Marine Gen. James Mattis, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East.

Spain announces massive cuts amid intensifying protests ~ link ~ Prime minister Mariano Rajoy announced the latest round in massive austerity cuts to Spain's public spending on Wednesday as police fired rubber bullets at protesters during growing demonstrations in Madrid.
The $79.85 billion austerity package is designed to meet conditions imposed by the European Union in exchange for the $122.9 billion bailout package for Spain's failing banks, and will include cuts to unemployment benefits and civil service pay.

World Health Organization fails in its effort to Defend Mercury in Vaccines before United Nations ~ link ~ If you still had some residual belief that the WHO was one of the 'good guys' this should end that fallacy for you for all time.   Stirling       
Bowing to pressure from the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD, Inc.) and other organizations, the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed its 2004 guidelines on eliminating, reducing, and replacing Thimerosal in vaccines to public health officials worldwide.

WHO made its disclosure before the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) where it met unprecedented resistance to its defense of the use of neurotoxic mercury in vaccines. “This is a huge development,” says CoMeD’s Vice President, David Geier, while speaking at UNEP’s INC4 meeting.

INC4 met June 27-July 2 in Uruguay, to negotiate a global treaty on mercury. CoMeD and other nongovernmental organizations who participated strongly opposed the use of mercury in human medicines. More importantly, entire continents and many individual nations expressed their desire for mercury-free vaccines.

Loopholes and Offshore Tax Havens behind Romney's fortune - video ~ link 

The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla - video ~ link  

Pentagon's "Nano-Second Electrical Pulse Gun" Will Blast You Unconscious ~ linkImagine a stun gun that doesn’t just drop you to the floor, but renders you unconscious for several minutes. This tech is called a “nano-second electrical pulse,” and the Pentagon believes it could be used in a gun that would hit targets with high voltages of electricity for an amazingly short amount of time – we’re talking billionths of seconds here. That would make the enemy an easy capture.

But today’s stun guns are already linked to dozens, if not hundreds, of abusive incidents. What happens if they become even more powerful?

Spying on Americans: Police Scanner Devices Everywhere ~ link ~ Hitler and Stalin would be proud but NOT our Founding Fathers or all our fallen troops from all our wars who fought for our freedoms!  Stirling    

World wheat crop worsens, while US cornbelt burns up ~ linkMore effects from the death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico and its effect on global weather patterns.   Stirling    

More food crop damage is reported in the latest world survey reports on the prospects for major grains. On July 2, the International Grains Council, based in London (representing participating governments), dropped its estimate for annual world wheat output, to 665 million metric tons, down from a hoped-for 671 mmt, and way below the prior season's 695 mmt.

The Eurasian Wheatbelt faces a lowered harvest. The crop in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakstan has been hit by a sequence of bad weather: winterkill freeze, a Spring drought, then heavy rainfall. The Russian Agriculture Ministry reported that, as of the end of June, Russia's harvest is now forecast for 46-to-49 million metric tons, down from 57 mmt expected earlier, and last season's 56.2 mmt. Accordingly, its wheat-for-export is down to 16-18 mmt, down from a hoped-for 20 mmt. (Last year, exports reached 28 mmt).

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