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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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Breaking News: Israeli soldiers - small unit - cross into Lebanon's border area ~ link ~ Israeli soldiers have once again crossed into Lebanon in clear violation of the country's sovereignty and a UN Security Council resolution.

According to reports, an Israeli foot patrol crossed the UN-drawn Blue Line and entered Lebanese soil on Wednesday and stayed in the area for hours. 

Wars have unpredictable and dangerous Collateral Effects ~ link ~ Yes they do, but try telling that to the War Whores/politicians and the Lukid/Netanyahu Zionists and Globalists that they serve.  They are blind to the dangers to the entire world and to themselves.   That is how Satan works, he blinds people to the truth.   Stirling     
In 1953, the United States and Britain overthrew the democratically elected leader Mohammad Mossadegh, who threatened Western oil interests, and replaced him with the autocratic shah. Instead of worrying about Iran’s economic development, the shah used his oil profits to buy huge quantities of American weapons. Such neglect of his people got him overthrown by radical Islamists in the late 1970s. Iraq’s Sunni ruler, Saddam Hussein, was threatened by Iran’s new Shi’ite revolutionary government and believed it to be weak. Saddam invaded Iran in 1980 and was helped by the United States and other Western powers, who were also threatened by the Islamist Iran. With such Western assistance, Iraq won the war in 1988 and became the dominant power in the region. Saddam then invaded neighboring Kuwait, leading to two wars with the United States, including a U.S. invasion and costly war against recalcitrant guerrillas. In the process, the United States shattered the Iraqi government and army, thereby severely weakening the only force balancing Iran in the region. Thus, U.S. policy over a 60-year period built up a future foe, made it hostile, and then inadvertently strengthened it. In addition, in the absence of a strong leader, Iraq, an artificial country containing three major quarreling ethno-sectarian groups, may yet fall back into civil war.

Russia sends warships to the Mediterranean ~ link ~ We are no longer just dealing with Syria and Iran and Lebanon, doing the dirty work for tiny hyper-racist Israel.  Now we are taking on a Major Power with even more deliverable nuclear warheads then we have.  Additionally, China is clearly on Syria's side and Iran's side, and they have LOTS of nukes as well.  Just how smart is this???   Stirling        
A flotilla of Russian Navy ships set sail Tuesday for the Mediterranean, where Russia maintains a small base at Tartus, Syria. A destroyer and three landing ships left the Arctic port of Severomorsk. A second destroyer left Russia’s base at Sevastopol, Ukraine. And Interfax reported that more warships from the Baltic Fleet, based in St. Petersburg, are preparing to join the flotilla. The warships set sail the day after Russia’s President Vladimir Putin accused the West of “missile bomb democracy.” In a key policy speech to top Russian diplomats gathered in Moscow, he accused the West of using deception to gain political advantage. “This can be seen from the so-called humanitarian operations, from exports of the ‘missile-bomb’ democracy, and intervention in internal conflicts, including those bred by the ‘Arab spring’,” said the president. 
Russia building war armada in Mediterranean ~ link ~ They do NOT intend to allow the West to take over Syria or Iran and are clearly putting 'their money where their mouth is' by placing a significant naval force off shore of Syria.  This is a force that has a real punch and any attack on same could begin a global war...World War III...Armageddon!   Stirling       
Pentagon admits lethality and effectiveness of Iran's missile systems ~ link Over a quarter of a century ago, I outlined to a senior Israeli general, over lunch in Long Beach, how Saddam could have used his Scud type missiles in a then-future war.  I scared the general.  Now it appears that the Iranians are doing what I said, years ago, was possible.  One example: if you use FAE (fuel air explosive) sub-munitions on guided missiles and fire a large number of these missiles at a city or other major target using a grid system, you can lay down a FAE 'brew' over a large area and obtain PSI blast levels equal to a tactical nuclear warhead without using any nuclear material.  Further, if you disperse the sub-munitions early in the flight, you make the interdiction of the missile's war package almost impossible.  You can disperse and store the missiles in secret, build them in secret, and row them out in secret to quickly fire them with only the actual firing being picked up by space sensors.  We actually do not know how many missiles Syria and Iran and their Hezbollah forces really have.  They could have several times what we believe them to have, if they have played a careful game.   Stirling    
The Pentagon has admitted that the “lethality and effectiveness” of Iran's missile systems has improved and Tehran would present a “formidable force” while defending its territory.
According to a June 29 report by the Pentagon, “Iran has boosted the lethality and effectiveness of existing systems by improving accuracy and developing new submunition payloads” that “extend the destructive power over a wider area than a solid warhead,” Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.
The report, signed by US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, was presented to the four US congressional defense committees last week to comply with a 2010 directive to provide an annual classified and unclassified assessment of Iran’s military power.

It noted that improvements in Iran's missile capability are occurring in parallel with regular ballistic-missile training that “continues throughout the country” and the addition of “new ships and submarines.” 
Early in July, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) test fired domestically-produced missiles during a three-day military drill codenamed The Great Prophet 7.

The tested missiles included Shahab (Meteor) 1, 2, 3, Khalij Fars (Persian Gulf), Tondar (Lightning), Fateh (Victor) and Zelzal (Quake) as well as Qiam (Uprising).
NATO and Russian naval and air buildups in East Mediterranean Sea - More French units going to Gulf ~ link debkafile’s military sources report that this is the first simultaneous, coordinated Syrian-Iranian military maneuver for drilling action against an advancing enemy. It is synchronized from a joint headquarters established for the purpose in Damascus.
While these coordinated maneuvers are being presented as designed to fend off foreign intervention in the Syrian conflict, our sources report that they are in fact preparing for a potential US attack on Iran’s nuclear program, which is now expected in Gulf and European military quarters to take place in October, three months hence.

Saudi Arabia is Israel's last hope ~ link ~ A recent report by Tel Aviv University says Saudi Arabia is the last hope and defense line for Israel and describes the Saudis as Tel Aviv’s last chance to protect its political interests in the Arab world.
The report said most of Israel’s allies in the region have collapsed and cannot play a significant role in the Arab world.

It added that Saudi arabia is the only country that stands against the Islamic Republic of Iran and thus it is Tel Aviv’s last line of defense against Tehran.

The report noted that the Al Saud family is very important to Israel because Saudi arabia is very actively working in countries such as Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon to reduce Iran's influence in those countries.

In a paragraph entitled "Preparing for the final battle: the struggle for the survival of the House of Saud," the report added that Israel, Saudi Arabia and less effective countries such as Jordan and Persian Gulf littoral states are trying to reduce the resulting instability.

The report said that because of the challenges in the Saudi royal family, Iran may obtain the ability to abolish a known regional system. Also, there are fears of strategy shifts resulting from a generational change in the leadership of the Al Saud dynasty.

last March, a senior Egyptian cleric accused Saudi arabia and Qatar of meddling in the internal affairs of other Muslim nations, calling the two states “Israel’s servants.”

Sheikh Mohammad Alaedin Madhi said the two countries were implementing an Israeli-US plan in Syria.

He also criticized the Saudi-owned television network Al-Arabiya and the Qatar-owned broadcaster Al-Jazeera for "serving Israeli interests." 

China: New carrier - New war scenarios ~ link ~ China's as yet unnamed aircraft carrier will soon begin another round of sea trials before its planned commissioning in August. It has yet to conduct a full range of flight operations and its fixed-wing air component remains largely in the prototype and testing phase.

It will be several months, if not years, before it can fulfill many of the key roles attributed to a modern aircraft carrier and will not achieve full operational capability, including a complete fixed-wing and helicopter equipped air wing, nor full integration into fleet operations before 2016-2017.

Commissioning of the carrier nonetheless will mark a major milestone in China's progress towards becoming a major ocean-going naval power. The carrier will significantly improve the fleet's air defenses and broad ocean strike capabilities, but its full strategic significance cannot be understood without examining its role within China's increasingly aggressive posture in the South China Sea and complex fleet force structure.

Hands Off Tuvalu! ~ link No country is safe from the power of the Israel lobby — no, not even tiny Tuvalu, a nation consisting of nine minuscule islets in the middle of the Pacific Ocean totaling ten square miles. Rep. Howard Berman, former chairman of the House Foreign Affairs committee and longtime Democratic party power broker, is threatening the Tuvaluans with economic sanctions because they are allowing Iranian ships to register under the Tuvaluan flag. “This has the effect of assisting the Iranian regime in evading US and EU sanctions and generating additional revenues for its nuclear weapons program,” said the bullying Berman in a letter to Tuvalu’s Prime Minister Willy Telavi. The reflagging is “sanctionable activity,” Berman continued, and “given the close and co-operative relationship that our two governments now enjoy, it would be unfortunate if this action were permitted to stand.” A very thinly-veiled threat — but to do what? What will be the consequences if Tuvalu gives Berman the answer he so richly deserves?

Spanish police clash with miners opposing austerity measures ~ link ~ Coal miners tend to be a tough lot.  They risk their lives daily for a living and they are not afraid to rise up against oppressive BS when necessary.   Stirling     
Police fired rubber bullets to disperse protesters in central Madrid on Wednesday.

At least 23 demonstrators have been injured during the clashes.

The miners are angry with a 63 percent cut in subsidies to coal mining companies, major contributors to the Spanish energy market.
Earlier in the day tens of thousands of Spaniards joined miners to express opposition to the austerity measures. 

San Bernardino is the Third California City To Go Bankrupt in Two Weeks! ~ link ~ For many years now, trends start in California and then spread throughout America.   This is the next stage in the planned destruction of the United States of America.  Stirling     

As recently as last month, no city in California had opted for bankruptcy since 2008, and no U.S. city of more than 200,000 people had ever chosen bankruptcy.

The past two weeks have changed all that, in a big way, as the fiscal struggles faced by so many American cities became too much for some to bear.

Rothschild, Soros and Rockefeller want your firearms ~ link ~ The response motto should be: You can have my bullet at a time!   Stirling    

UN arms treaty could put US gun owners in foreign sights   ~ link 

Northwest heat endangers crops ~ link
The report does not take into account blistering heat from this month, with 2,116 high-temperature marks either broken or tied between July 2 and July 8 in communities nationwide. But it does incorporate the warmest March recorded as well as extreme heat in June, which also helped make the first six months of 2012 the warmest recorded of any January-June stretch.

"There are a lot of things going on that have been very unusual over the last several months," said Dev Niyogi, earth and atmospheric sciences professor at Purdue University.
In the last half of June, 170 all-time temperature records were matched or smashed in cities across the lower 48 states. The U.S. State Climate Extremes Committee also is reviewing whether 113-degree temperatures in South Carolina and 112-degree recordings in Georgia qualify as all-time records in those two states.

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