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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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American has become the world's first FOURTH WORLD NATION.  Definition of a Fourth World Nation is a former First World country that is failing and has a very high level of official corruption at the highest levels of government, business and finance but not at the petty levels normally seen in Third World Nations.   

Ancient British title for sale   ~ link

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Kofi Annan and Assad agree on new political approach ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~  The 'devil is in the details', or in this case the devil is the globalists/Netanyahu Zionist/GCC foreign opposition.   There is a chance something good will happen here but just a small chance...Pray for Peace folks.   Stirling     
Bloody lies and Western lies: What's really going on in Syria ~ link ~ Good One...take the time to read it all at the link if you can.   Stirling    
Everything you’ve heard about Syria is a lie says Ankhar Kochneva, a Russian journalist who has seen first hand the realities of the Syrian civil war. Kochneva told RT she has proof a Western invasion of Syria will be launched by summer’s end.

Israel perturbed by Obama's outreach to new Egyptian President ~ link ~ This is a classic example of the unmitigated gall of the tiny minority of Americans who are Jewish, who DEMAND that the American Administration follow their instructions on dealing with foreign powers in the Middle East.   Who the hell do they think they are!  If Italian Americans or Greek Americans or whatever did the same, demand this or that and then use extensive donations, blackmail, bribery to create a lock on American national politics to ensure that the American nation would act as "their bitch" (and lose thousands of American troops lives and trillions of dollars in the process), all hell would be raised.  Stirling      
Israeli government and military leaders were taken aback by the news of US President Barack Obama’s invitation to the new Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi to visit Washington in September - in breach of the president's assurances to US Jewish leaders at the White House last month, debkafile’s exclusive Washington and Jerusalem sources report. His key assurance was that Mursi would not be invited to the White House and Obama would not maintain direct telephone contact with him until he met certain conditions, the foremost of which concerned a public and unambiguous commitment to Egypt’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel.

They American Jewish delegation was assured that President Mursi would be required to devote a section of his earliest speech on foreign affairs to the specific affirmation of his profound commitment to the peace pact with Israel. The unspecific pledge to uphold Cairo’s international accords he made upon his election on June 24 would not satisfy the US president, the American Jewish delegation was promised. Indeed the new Egyptian president would also be required to table the peace pact with Israel in the new Egyptian parliament for ratification.

Gaming an Iran War: How Washington Plans for Aggression as Part of a Reelection Campaign ~ link ~
Pentagon Official Joins President’s Reelection Campaign
The mainstream media is biased and wrong on Syria ~ link ~ Friday, we read in the New York Times and elsewhere about one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s most important supporters and allies having defected. The impression one gets is that Assad’s government is in a state of collapse— and this gives credibility to those pushing for Assad to turn over power.

But what the media are not mentioning is that Brigadier General Manaf Tlass did not defect directly from the Assad inner circle. He had already fallen into disfavor early in the uprising and lost his command in May 2011—14 months ago. If you had that additional piece of information, you would interpret the news reports in a totally different way.

When a piece of evidence that contradicts the overall impression is absent from the reportage, the reportage itself is almost worthless.

Russia will not deliver fighter jets to Syria ~ link ~ Also see: Russia halts arms shipments to Syria ~ link ~ I am not convinced that these reports are not exaggerated, but time will tell.  Russia is making a big push for the Kofi Annan efforts and Geneva Agreement to work...this could be a part of that effort.   Stirling     

Syria prepares for possible invasion ~ linkSyria is conducting military manoeuvres simulating an invasion, in response to escalating threats from Washington and its regional allies.

The large-scale exercise, which began Saturday, is based upon a response to external aggression and includes both air and ground forces and the firing of live missiles.

Israeli panel recommends legalizing settler outposts ~ link ~ This is the type of crap that keeps the Middle East in a near war setting, year after year, decade after decade.   The Israelis stealing more and more land from the Arabs and treating them like sub-humans.   Stirling      

A government-appointed committee proposed on Monday granting official status to dozens of unauthorized settler outposts in the West Bank and challenged the world view that Israeli settlement there is illegal.

The non-binding legal opinion, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had sought, could be used by the right-wing leader to address criticism at home and abroad of his declared plans to build more homes for Jews on land Palestinians want for a state.

70 Conservative MPs intend to rebel against the coalition government's House of Lords "reform" motion ~ link ~ Good!   The proposed legislation is terrible.  Often the only thing that saves Britain from certain terrible bills is the fact than so many people in the House of Lords are free from the control of the Political Class (which, in turn, is controlled by the globalists and Zionists).  The so-called "reform" of the Lords is always pushed based on 19th Century class warfare but in reality, it is the unelected Peers who have the ability and courage to stand up for Britain and the British people instead of the special/corrupt interests.  Stirling         

Three Ways the Rich and Powerful Have Cheated Young Americans ~ link ~ Wow, great article, do take the time to read it at the link.   Stirling    

My own generation faced the Vietnam War. We were at risk of getting drafted, and then maimed or killed in an unwinnable battle against imagined evils.

Today's young people are being drafted into an economic war that they don't understand. It's a slowly waged, diabolical war that substitutes debt and underemployment for missing limbs and psychological disorders. The soldiers are college-age men and women who can't find jobs or pay tuition, and who are seduced into submission by the promise of eventual rewards. The Vietnamese jungle has turned into Wall Street.
For those of us who weren't particularly good activists in the 60s, age has widened our perspective, and the lack of opportunities for our children has given us a second chance to protest, to help make it clear how the leaders of my generation have abandoned the people they no longer need.

Young America, here's why you should be angry:

LIBOR Scandal latest sign of financial system's rotten core - with video ~ link ~ During the 2008 financial crisis, the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) was a key barometer of the failing health of the banking sector. When LIBOR spiked in late summer 2008, it was a clear sign banks weren't willing to lend to other banks and the term "counter-party risk" became part of the vernacular.
LIBOR is the rate at which banks will lend to other banks and a critical component to the inner-workings of the global financial system. As with the 10-year Treasury note and fed funds rate, literally trillions of dollars of other financial instruments -- including corporate loans and mortgage rates -- are pegged to LIBOR, making it one of most important financial indicators in the world, if not the most important.
Fast-forward to today and the events of 2008 still resonate.

The real story behind low and negative interest rates - Are Big Banks pushing Credit Unions out of business ~ link ~ All hail the Big Banks...government by and for the banksters!   Stirling     

Poll: Eurozone crisis to worsen with Greek bailout package ~ link 

14 Reasons Why the Tyrants and Oligarchs are in Danger of Becoming Extinct by their Own Hands ~ link ~ This is a great article, do take the time to view it.   Stirling      
Revolt against vaccines leads to mass exodus from Texas Collages ~ link ~ The students are saying two things here: (1) The state does not own them and their bodies...they determine what goes in their bodies; (2) They do not trust Big Pharma and vaccines.   They are totally right on both counts.  More power to them.   Stirling      

Infowars has talked to a whistleblower in a senior position at Austin Community College who has divulged that enrollment numbers are collapsing due to students refusing to comply with vaccinations they are told are mandatory in order to take classes.

The ACC administrator told Alex Jones that some 10,000 students have refused to enroll because of their refusal to take inoculations. Although waivers for religious or personal objections are available, the ACC source said students were being given the impression that the inoculations are compulsory.

Indeed, college authorities are lying to students by telling them they will be refused enrolment if they don’t take the shots, according to the source. This has led to a staggering 15 per cent decline in students enrolling since January and forced ACC to cancel 500 classes over the next semester alone.

Woman stuns researchers by overcoming cancer with Turmeric Spice ~ link ~ If you or someone you know has cancer, do NOT count on the doctors to save you.  Do extensive research and get 'outside the box'.  Check into super-foods and Rife treatments (based on the work of the late Dr. Royal Raymond Rife).  Stirling    

While expensive cancer drugs linked to premature death and mega-tumors are pushed by many mainstream doctors as the only option outside of chemotherapy, a growing number of informed individuals are consistently opting to instead utilize natural methods that are known to conquer cancer cells and effectively negate the disease — without harsh side effects.

One such person, Vicky Stewart of Britain, chose such a path when she refused mainstream medical cancer treatments and instead began consuming powerful turmeric spice.

Obama's missing year at Colombia found??? ~ link ~ Obama is a total fraud.   His mother and his father are people other than that claimed.  All the childhood photos of him and him with his family have been photoshopped!  He was not born in America and therefor is NOT constitutionally eligible to hold the office of President.  He is a total Front Man for the Zionists and globalists...they own him, they made him, he is their puppet and he and they know it.  It is beyond shocking that this state of affairs has been allowed to happen in shows just how far gone we are, we as a proud and free nation.   

Two separate database reports from the National Student Clearinghouse have contradicted President Obama’s claim he attended Columbia University for two years. The reports have added to the intrigue generated by Obama’s unwillingness to discuss his time at the Ivy League institution, his refusal to release educational records, and the fact that many political science students and faculty there in the early 1980s say they don’t remember him.
Swirling amid the black hole of information are a host of theories about Obama’s whereabouts – particularly during the 1981-1982 school year – including speculation he was working for the CIA in Pakistan.

Egypt court challenges Mursi's reopening of Parliament ~ link ~ This is going to get more interesting.  Stirling    

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi's order to reconvene parliament has been rejected by the highest court, which says its ruling that led to the assembly's dissolution is binding.
The speaker of the dissolved house has already responded to Mr Mursi's decree, calling on MPs to meet on Tuesday.
Army units outside parliament have left and some MPs have gone in.

The decision by Mr Mursi, whose Muslim Brotherhood has most seats, sets up a potential showdown with the military.

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