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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist. 

The size of the coming global war will equal the size of the global debt, and the global debt is the largest in human history.  

Ancient British title for sale   ~ link

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Going Rogue: America's Unconventional Warfare in the Middle East ~ link ~ Any type of warfare or policy that leads to a Third World War with 21st Century Weapons of Mass Destruction can only be described as totally evil and demonic in nature.   Stirling   
Moscow Warns West of 'Big War' in Syria ~ link ~ The term 'Big' used here is simply somewhat different in context when used by Russians.  They are referring to something of great importance, of great violence, of great magnitude.  In other words, once again, they are warning "the West" (USA/UK/France/NATO/Israel/GCC) to back down and not cross the line into WWIII.   Stirling         

Moscow lashed out on Thursday at the Western position on Syria, saying it could aggravate the situation to the point of war.

“Their [Western] position is most likely to exacerbate the situation, lead to further violence and ultimately a very big war,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Blockade of the Strait of Hormuz - Iran's Options ~ link ~ Although American-led Western allies are flexing their muscles by sending battle ships to the Persian Gulf, Washington’s own war game exercise, The Millennium Challenge 2002 with a price tag of $250 million, underscored America’s inability to defeat Iran.  Oblivious to the lesson of its own making, by sending more warships to the Persian Gulf, the United States is inching towards a full scale conflict.   The inherent danger from the naval buildup is that unlike the Cuban Missile Crisis, the forces in the Persian Gulf are not confined to two leaders who would be able to communicate to stop a run-away situation.   Nor would the consequences of such a potential conflict be limited to the region.    
Given that 17 million barrels of oil a day, or 35% of the world’s seaborne oil exports go through the Strait of Hormuz, incidents in the Strait would be fatal for the world economy.   While only 1.1 millions barrels per day goes to the United States, a significant amount of this oil is destined for Europe.  Surely, one must ask why the United States demands that its “European allies” act contrary to their own national interest, pay a higher price for oil by boycotting Iranian oil and running the risk of Iran blocking the passage of other oil-tankers destined for them?  

The 'Israeli Regime': The Hand That Spur's Iran Sanctions ~ link ~ The illegal oil embargoes against Iran have begun to take effect; a precocious smile of satisfaction breaks upon the ugly face of Zionism; and the US once again proves its lapdog fidelity to the Israeli regime.

That's not all, though. Israel craves for more and Washington has no choice but to cater to the wanton demands of a decadent colonizing regime. 

Israel will turn to ashes within seconds says senior Iranian cleric ~ link ~ The Iranians at a very senior level are deeply worried or they would not be making these type of threats.  They have a global strategic MAD (mutually assured destruction) Counter-Force  with North America and Europe based on Advanced Biological Warfare and with Israel and their GCC enemies and western bases in the Middle East based on the massive numbers (150,000 or more) of guided missiles and rockets that Iran and its allies have with advanced conventional (fuel air explosive) warheads and chemical and radiological warheads.  That this seems to have no effect on the nuts in the Netanyahu government or the globalists is reflective of the fact that Satan blinds his minions.   Stirling      

China heads for a 'Hard Landing' ~ link ~ The Chinese leaders may welcome a global war as a diversion.  Remember they could lose 300 million or so and still have a billion people left over.   Stirling  

Some parts of the more developed eastern seaboard may already be starting to suffer from the same sort of boom to bust dynamics that has engulfed advanced economies. Excessive credit expansion, over development, and an overheated property market – all these things are now coming home to roost. The standard view is that the Chinese authorities are well placed to counter the growing list of negatives, but I wonder.

The banking system is shot through with unrecognised bad debt, once buoyant Western export markets are in ragged retreat, and just how much more investment can the Chinese economy take before knocking up against already manifest levels of industrial overcapacity? Even in a centrally directed economy, it's not possible to sweep these problems under the carpet for ever. The chances of a hard landing already look quite high.

80% of the World's Industrial Activity is Now Contracting ~ link ~ Those who are truthful call that a global depression...the political class still refers to it as a 'recovery'.   Stirling     

Tomorrow's NFP may or may not beat expectations, following some modestly better than expected employment-related data points (then again last month NFP was again supposed to come in solidly above 100K only to cross below the critical threshold), but keep one thing in mind: with the average June seasonal adjustment being a deduction of over 1 million jobs, several tens of thousands in marginal absolute job numbers + or - will be nothing but statistical noise. Furthermore, with seasonality playing such a huge role tomorrow, it is quite likely that merely the ongoing seasonal giveback will result in June being yet another subpar month. And that does not even take into account the quality assessment of the job number, which if recent trends are any indication, will be another record in part-time jobs at the expense of full-time jobs. Yet no matter where the NFP data ends up, the following chart from David Rosenberg puts a few thousand job into perspective, showing that regardless of how many part-time jobs the US service industry has added, there is a far greater problem currently developing in the world: "We now have 80% of the world posting a contraction in industrial activity." This is the second worst since the great financial crisis and only matched by last fall, when in response Europe launched a $1.3 trillion LTRO and the Fed commenced Operation Twist. Now except the occasional rate drop out of the PBOC or modest QE expansion out of the BOE (not to mention the Bank of Kenya's rate cut earlier), there is no real, unsterilized flow of money coming from central bank CTRL-P macros to stabilize the global economy. Which leaves open the question: just where will the latest spark to rekindle global growth come from? And no, 10 hours a week waitressing jobs in Topeka just won't cut it.


Smart money is extremely worried about what lies ahead ~ link  

Portugal court rules that public sector pay cut is unconstitutional ~ link ~ Portugal's Constitutional Court has struck down a key part of the government's deficit-cutting programme.

It ruled that the government's plan to limit extra holiday and Christmas pay for public sector workers was unconstitutional.

Are Banks Raiding "Allocated" Gold Accounts? ~ link ~ If you "own" gold but do not have physical possession of it, and are sure that it is solid gold, YOU ARE SCREWED!   Stirling     

Buy a JP Morgan Get-Out-of-Jail Business Card ~ link ~ Jamie Dimon:Wow. What a mind you’ve got. First you invented Credit Default Swaps. Think how much money the banks made selling hundreds of trillions in CDS we will never have to pay off because we gave Obama and Romney a mere billion dollars each so the taxpayers will pick up our losses. Then you borrow hundreds of billion at 0% interest from Bernanke, drop it all  into commodities and run up food and gasoline prices all over the world. And now this. Stealing money from our depositors. What will you think of next?

Is Wal-Mart Destroying America? ~ link ~ Yes. 
America absolutely loves Wal-Mart.  100 million customers visit Wal-Mart every single week in this country.  But is Wal-Mart good for America?  That is a question that most people never stop and ask.  Most of us love shopping in big, clean stores that are packed with super cheap merchandise, but the truth is that Wal-Mart is destroying America in a lot of ways.  As you will see below, Wal-Mart has destroyed tens of thousands of small businesses and countless manufacturing jobs over the past couple of decades.  Wal-Mart has become a gigantic retail behemoth that sells five times more stuff than any other retailer in the United States.  Unfortunately, about 85 percent of all the stuff sold at Wal-Mart is made overseas.  What that is costing the U.S. economy in terms of lost jobs and lost revenue is incalculable.  But Wal-Mart is a perfect example of where our economic system is headed.  Our economy is becoming completely and totally dominated by highly centralized monolithic predator corporations that ruthlessly crush all competition and that will stoop to just about anything in order to cut costs.  In the future, will we all be working for gigantic communal entities that funnel all of the wealth and economic rewards to a very tiny elite?  That sounds very much like how communist China works, and red-blooded Americans should want no part of that.  America is supposed to be about free enterprise and competition and working together to build up this country, and Wal-Mart is destroying all of that.

The following are 20 facts about Wal-Mart that will absolutely shock you....

70 Reasons To Mourn For America ~ link Every single year, Americans take the day off on July 4th and they celebrate everything that is good about America.  We tend to be very proud of our achievements and we generally are not shy about talking about them.  For example, today CNN is running a piece entitled "100 great things about America".  And you know what?  There are a lot of great things about this country.  I am not afraid to say that I love America.  In many ways it has been a great light for the rest of the world since it was founded.  However, things have changed.  The United States has greatly fallen from where it once was.  The truth is that America is rotting and decaying in thousands of different ways.  We need to repent and go back to doing the things that once made this country great.  The road that we are currently on is a path that leads to national suicide.  So to be honest now is not really the time for happy celebrations.  Rather, now is the time for weeping, mourning and deep reflection.  We need to turn from our profligate ways and we need to return to the fundamental principles that the early Americans understood so well.  As a nation we need to look into the mirror and understand just how bad our decline has been.  We are a complete and total mess, and it is time to admit that.

The following are 70 reasons to mourn for America....


Retired Three Star General: The things done in every Marxist insurgency are being done in America today - with video ~ link ~ Earlier this year, a former senior Pentagon official who has battled Marxism around the globe released a video warning that Barack Obama is following in the footsteps of Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin and others who have led communist revolutions in their nations.

Retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, a decorated former Delta Force commander, U.S. deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence and Purple Heart recipient, explained in the video a six-step plan used by revolutionaries to bring about Marxism elsewhere and drew parallels to Obama’s actions in the U.S.

NRC Official: 90% chance that containment vessels used at Fukushima would 'burst' from fuel melting down ~ link 

Drought Sets New 21st Century Benchmark ~ link ~
The analysis, compiled by the National Drought Mitigation Center, shows 55.96% of the 48 states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) in some stage of drought, breaking the previous high of 54.79% set on August 26, 2003.  Last week's report showed 51.13% of the country in drought.

The Weather Channel estimates that 205 million Americans in the Lower 48 – two-thirds of the population – is either in a drought area or an "abnormally dry" area in the Drought Monitor analysis.

Searing Sun and Drought Shrivel Corn in American Midwest ~ link ~ I have seen droughts before but I have never seen it this bad...many farmers are going to lose ALL of their corn crops!  This will mean that millions in the poorer nations will face starvation in the months to come!  Stirling      
Already, some farmers in Illinois and Missouri have given up on parched and stunted fields, mowing them over. National experts say parts of five corn-growing states, including Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, are experiencing severe or extreme drought conditions. And in at least nine states, conditions in one-fifth to one-half of cornfields have been deemed poor or very poor, federal authorities reported this week, a notable shift from the high expectations of just a month ago. 

What Happens If Record Heat And Crippling Drought Cause Widespread Crop Failures Throughout The U.S? ~ link ~ It is too early to panic, but if there is not a major change in the weather very soon we could be looking at widespread crop failures throughout the United States this summer.

Record heat and crippling drought are absolutely devastating crops from coast to coast. Unfortunately, this unprecedented heat wave just continues to keep going and record high temperatures continue to scorch much of the central United States.

In fact, more than 2,000 record high temperatures have been matched or broken in the past week alone. Not only that, but the lack of rainfall nationally has caused drought conditions from coast to coast. If temperatures continue to stay this high and we don't start seeing more rain, farmers and ranchers all over the nation are going to be absolutely devastated. So what happens if we do see widespread crop failures throughout the United States? That is a question that is frightening to think about.

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