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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist. 

The size of the coming global war will equal the size of the global debt, and the global debt is the largest in human history.  

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Turkey in multiple scrambles of F-16 warplanes - In response to Syrian helicopters flying inside of Syria ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~   This does several things: (1) It is an exercise to test the response (electronic and otherwise) of the Syrian defense forces to flights of enemy aircraft coming their way; (2) It is designed to wear down the Syrian side, to get them to become use to such flights so that when a real airstrike happens they will not respond quickly to it; (3) It keeps the tension raised and the Turkish armed forces sharp.  This is what a air force does shortly before the outbreak of hostilities.   Stirling      

Turkey's armed forces command said on Sunday it had scrambled a total of six F-16 fighter jets in three separate incidents responding to Syrian military helicopters approaching the border on Saturday, but there was no violation of Turkish airspace. It said in a statement four of the jets had scrambled from Incirlik air base in southern Turkey in response to Syrian helicopters flying south of the Turkish province of Hatay, and two more F-16s took off from a base in Batman after Syrian helicopters were spotted close to the border south of the Turkish province of Mardin.

Senior Iranian commander: 'Wrong move could cause Israel annihilation' ~ link ~ That is true, however, it is also true that if Israel is annihilated she will first "take out" Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Gaza, and many other areas including perhaps a number of European capitals.  That is why such a set of circumstances is call 'MAD'...mutually assured destruction.  When you have both sides having a MAD counter-force any sane rational person would want to, under all cases, avoid war.  The Netanyahu government and the globalists don't seem to think this way, however, and that is truly scary!   Stirling        

A senior Iranian commander says the Zionist regime of Israel will be obliterated if it makes the mistake of launching a military attack against the Islamic Republic.

“If the [Zionist regime of Israel] makes a [wrong] move, they will give us an excuse to wipe them off the [face of the] planet,” Commander of the Aerospace Division of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh said Sunday.

Hajizadeh said Israel knows that its military is no match for the Islamic Republic’s prowess, or else it would not have hesitated to attack Iran.

He asked how can Israel attack Iran when it was defeated by Hezbollah, which is a small group compared to the Islamic Republic, in the 33-Day War.

Hajizadeh said if Israel wants to attack Iran, it should seek the complicity of Washington, but the US will not “submit to cooperating with this regime” as its bases are within the range of Iranian weapons and missiles.

He further announced that Iran plans to unveil, in the near future, a new ballistic missile with a range of 300 kilometers and capable of traveling at more than three times the speed of sound.

The projectile has the capacity of targeting defense shields and radar systems and can hit Israel’s anti-missile system known as the Iron Dome, Hajizadeh said.

The Iranian officials have also promised a crushing response to any military strike against the country, warning that any such measure could result in a war that would spread beyond the Middle East. 

Iran: We will introduce missile against Iron Dome ~ link ~ As the EU's oil sanctions against Iran take effect, the Islamic Republic's Revolutionary Guards announced Sunday that they will hold a three-day surface-to-surface missile exercise, targeting bases modeled after those of foreign armies.

The IRNA agency said Sunday the maneuvers, dubbed "Great Profit 7," would begin Monday in Iran's central desert and last three days.

Russian specialists involved in Syrian interception of Turkish RF-4E sources say ~ link ~ And you can bet that NATO specialists were involved in watching all this unfold.  That is why the incursion took place in the first place, to see/record the operational procedures and the radio/radar traffic from the event.   Stirling    

Obama offers Netanyahu stealth fighters ~ link ~ The list of defense-related and other gifts the U.S. administration is willing to offer to Israel in exchange for three months of construction freeze in the settlements raises suspicions that someone has gone mad. An additional extension of the freeze, which he has previously rejected out of hand, may spell a political and ideological headache for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - but the offer by U.S. President Barack Obama is very enticing. The addition of 20 F-35s to the package discussed two months ago tips the balance very clearly. From Israel's point of view, it is an offer that cannot be refused.

How the Israel Lobby erodes US sovereignty ~ link ~ It is not a case of 'the tail wagging the dog' but of 'the tip of the tail wagging the dog'.   The Jewish people make up less than 2% of the American population and many of these have serious objections to the policies of Israel.  But AIPAC and others have a death lock on the American Congress/Administration/Supreme Court and that is unacceptable for a Free People!  They have gotten us into numerous wars for a Greater Israel, that have cost thousands of America lives, millions of foreigners lives, and so far have cost the increasing desperate American taxpayer some $3 TRILLION.     Stirling   

Who runs the madhouse? ~ link ~ The real rulers of America and most of the world are the super-elite member of the Global Banking Cartel families, however, the Zionists are a close second and in any case the interests of the ever war like expansionist Zionists serve the interest of the global banksters who profit off of war and desire a Third World War to establish their satanic New World Order.   Stirling  
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the REAL President of America — the man who runs the American Madhouse with the help of AIPAC and America’ s  Zionist organizations . . .

Turkish journalist attacks Erdogan for Ankara stance on Syria ~ link ~ Erdogan is a bought-and-paid for whore for the globalists and will manage to get a lot of his people killed fighting what was until recently a very friendly neighbor.    Stirling      

In an article published in Turkish daily Cumhuriyet on Saturday, Sukran Soner wrote that the Turkish government’s stance on the developments in Syria is concerning.

She added that the camps built for the Syrian refugees inside Turkey have been set up to function as a military base for the Syrian opposition, from which weapons are transferred to armed groups inside Syria.

The criticism comes as Ankara has ordered the deployment of troops and military equipment on its border with Syria after Syria downed a Turkish F4 Phantom warplane. Damascus has said that the aircraft was shot down, while violating the country’s airspace.

Turkey: Syria standoff triggers domestic political row ~ link ~ “[Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu] criticized his [country’s] government rather than the dictator regime in Syria. Is such a thing possible? Are you from the Baath Party of Syria or the Republican People’s Party [CHP] of Turkey? Which one are you?,” asked Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is his address to his Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) congress in Erzurum, in the eastern Anatolia.

Erdoğan was referencing Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the head of the CHP, who had slammed the government’s foreign policy and argued that the downing of the jet was a result of this policy.

Romania: US escalates missile brinkmanship against Russia ~ link ~ Doing the global banksters bidding to jump start WWIII with Russia and China.   Stirling    

He explained Russia's concerns regarding the militarization of space: "Obviously, long-term space stations will be created not only for civilian but, perhaps, for military purposes. Today it is impossible to draw the line between civilian and military space (programs)."

The deployment of interceptor missiles in Romania and Poland will mark the beginning and not the end of U.S. and NATO plans for an international - and beyond, to space - missile system for potential first-strike use against Russia and other nations, a system that can prove the greatest threat to humanity since the end of the Cold War.


Iran to test fire long-range missiles in desert war game ~ link ~ linkIran, Syria and allied forces have done the militarily smart thing by mass manufacturing long-range guided missiles to hit Israel and other enemies.   The cost of a anti-missile system, and of each anti-missile missile, is always much higher than the cost of the offensive missiles.  Which means that whatever shield Israel and America puts up, no matter what the cost, can be overwhelmed and at a far lower cost.  With Advanced Conventional (fuel air explosive) and WMD (radiological, chemical, advanced biological) warheads, a large number of incoming missiles will destroy a small nation like Israel and its people and infrastructure.  That is why so very many of Israel's top retired intelligence chiefs are strongly against Netanyahu and his crazy drive to war.    Stirling        

Iran has already tested a Shahab-3 missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) that can reach Israel and southern Europe.

Gen. Hajizadeh also said Iran has produced an anti-radar missile called "Arm" that can hit any source of radar. He said the weapon could "damage" missile shields in Turkey and Gulf countries. 

(Per the above story "Iran to test fire...") Video message to the enemies of Syria - video ~ link 

Israel fears Hezbollah will blockade sea in future war ~ link ~  That should be the least of Israel's worries about what Hezbollah may do in the coming war.  Stirling    

89% of Republicans think Iran nuclear attack on Israel likely; 63% think Iraq had WMD ~ link ~ This is 'thinking'!   I see that the Murdock FOX News is serving its globalist and Zionist masters well.   Stirling    

"Lazy Greeks' myth, red herring in explaining crisis - video ~ link 
Ireland dumps E-voting machines that America still uses ~ link ~ I know a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, who began warning of the total fraud of computer based voting and vote counting twenty some years ago.  But most people are simply too inside the box to realize that the political class has figured out a way to make voting a total sham.  Democracy with computer based voting and vote counting is an oxymoron!   Stirling       

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